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Posted 4/5/08
Jungle wa Itsumo Neuro nochi Goo Deluxe :

Loituma: Neuro's Polka:

Yako AMV:

??? Only yuri-ish Neuro parody you'll ever see on YouTube:

Code Neuro:

Neuro Onegai Heaven:

??? Whatever it is, it's messed-up funny.

Mugen Neuro: He's in it at some point.

Sayounara, Neuro-Sensei:

Makai no Sweet Angel Neuro:

Parody that's been done to death:

??? I think it's from the same show as above.

Boku Neurolliro!

AMV, I "think" it's in Japanese?:

Neuro Seiyuu "trying" to sing Hara Hare Yukai:

Neuro Maiden:

Random Neuro Parodies:

iManga Mixed Parody:

Speedpaint Neuro:

Neuron & Yakoon:

Neuro of Versailles (drool):

??? Short but cute:

Blood + Neuro:

Alineuro Project:

Little Neuro: Hanameru Sensation:

Neuropop Neuropop Ooh Neuro Neropop (sexy breakdance >.<):

???: Chronic Love:

Horrid Motekke Sailor Neuro karaoke (gibblies):

Another Japanese AMV:

Cardcaptor Yako:

??? Realistic-ish:

Motekke! Neuro Fuku:

Neuro iManga: (The sound is off-track, but it's still spiffy)

Vocaloid2:Nougami Neuro:
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Posted 4/6/08
Awesome list, I've watched about half. Rose of Versailles one is amazing!! And Patalliro one naturally
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