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Posted 4/5/08

Just a few days ago, Ast1 threatened to “overthrow” Super Junior but when they had the chance to, the DSP boys quickly lowered their tails and started to praise the Super Junior Flattered by Ast1’s empty words, the SuJu boys offered to buy dinner.

Source: Popseoul
Posted 4/5/08
Super Junior China is now called Super Junior M.
Members include: Donghae, Hangeng, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Siwon, Henry, Jumyuk(ZhouMi)
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Posted 5/8/08
Guys we've made a petition that SuJu will come to the Philippines, so please sign this petition. Whether your in the Philippines or not, please help us SuJu fans of the Philippines to work this petition out.

If this link has expired, please tell me. So please help us in this petition and please help in spreading this news and the given link.

Thank you for your time, and Thank you for reading...I hope to have good responses from all of you....^_^

- By : saihara_ryuzaki
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Posted 5/16/08
Pictures of the Boys and SUJU

Here are some pictures from today:

The Balloons have arrived.
Will be giving out free OFFICIAL DBSK, SUJU, and of course or loving SNSD balloons at the 2008 Hollywood Bowl.
They just came in the mail, fresh from Korea, fresh from SM.

Originally, we had a korean fan, go to SM, and ask for them to ship us ONLY SNSD pink heart balloons, but they offered to send free SNSD balloons, as long as we take their DBSK & SUJU balloons, as well and paid for shipping, which we did, cause it was overnight, and cost like 120 dollars. And so for the sake of being such huge SNSD supporters, we did just that, we ordered the balloons.

So now we're left with a crapload of Blue & Red Official Balloons. So here's your chance to be like the korean fans and wave official balloons during the concert. Matt/SCBet will post later about how they will be distributed. But for sure they will be at the SOSHIFIED MEET UP LOCATION :

The best part is that SM thanked Soshified, for supporting the girls, even though we're overseas fans.

Woot, fighting SNSD, we hope that everyone shows the girls the same amount that we're showing the other artists support, this is their first US performance, and we want to make it memorable and make sure they feel at home, even if they're in a foreign country.

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