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Posted 4/5/08 , edited 4/5/08
okay the way this manga is going it seems like zero is out of the picture complety! it seems like zero's sotry have ended after THAT women's death but is that all there is to zero??? NO! course not cause lately i have just came to a realization:
remember wat the hunter lady said in the end of ch. 38? "it's a good thing we don't have to worry about the other twin ichiru anymore but zero might be a problem. why did THAT man raise him?"
"who knows maybe out of bordem"
"anyway doesn't matter but things with zero will get out of hand i think it's best to lock him up for now"
you would think that zero being right now isn't exactly a threat to anyone but i feel like there's something deeper to zero than wat is who is THAT man? n plus after drinking blood from yuki (who we have no clue wat so speacial about her execpt she's a pure blood) and drinking blood from kaname...wat would these 2 bloods do in zero's body? wat will become the result? u gotta think deeper to get this story! everone thinks that zero's secret and twist is all over n now kaname is like the main thing but NOOOO there stil more to zero i can tell u this much!
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