Korean Ver. Of Hana Yori Dango ~
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Posted 4/5/08
Hii ! So This is a forum topic about the upcoming KOREAN version of Hana Yori Dango !!
For me , personally, I can't wiat for it to come out !! IT is scheduled to be released in later 2008. It sounds soo cool ! Heres the list of the cast .. well they are narrowing it down..
Well, with regards to the Korean F4, the production team revealed, “We will be choosing based on their similarities with the anime characters. We won’t be choosing based on how popular or how well-known they are.” The Korean version of Hanayori Dango is set at 24 episodes, each clocking in at 70 minutes and will be shown on television in the latter part of 2008.

The following are early picks by fans since the news broke:

Makino Tsukushi/杉菜
1. Yoon Eun Hye
2. Goo Hye Sun
3. Sung Yuri
4. Moon Geun Young
5. Go Ah Ra
6. Kim Ok Bin
7. Lee Yeon Hee
8. Park Min Young
9. Jeon Ryeo Won
10. Lee Ha Na
11. Han Ji Min

Doumyouji Tsukasa/道明寺
1. Jo In Sung
2. Kang Dong Won
3. Lee Dong Gun
4. Jang Hyuk
5. Hyun Bin
6. Joo Ji Hoon
7. Lee Dong Gook

Hanazawa Rui/花\x{6cfd}\x{7c7b}
1. Im Joo Hwan
2. Choi Si Won
3. Jang Geun Seuk
4. Kim Hee Chul
5. Kim Kibum
6. Han Kyung
7. Lee Hong Gi

I wish that a girl from SNSD wold be in it !! Lols.. I hope Yoon Eun Hye gets the part.. or Lee Ha Na. << she seems like a 'Tsukushi' Lols. What do you think?? Lets hope that Super Junior gets the part!! or hyun Bin... Heheh. (i hope KiBUM gets a part !! :D
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Posted 4/5/08
I don't think eunhye would believable in that part. They need to stop casting older women into highschool girl parts. Park Chakyung looks like 30 in I am Sam, but somehow she still manages to be in highschool. I hate to say it, but they should just cast mandu as tsukushi and call it a day.
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Posted 4/5/08
well,..its nice,.. i think this thread should be in a drama category...
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Posted 4/5/08
That's just pathetic and sad, I mean, there's already the anime of Hana Yori Dango, the Japanese drama, the Taiwan drama, and now they're going to make a Korean drama?

Geez talk about lack of imagination. Can't they come up with something original?

>and yeah wrong section.
Posted 4/5/08
theres already threads like this in the drama section already.

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Posted 4/5/08
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