Naruto Summonings
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Naruto Summonings

In the anime and manga series, Naruto, summons are powerful entities conjured up by the user to aid them in battle or to perform a technique that the summoner cannot perform as easily by themselves.
Typically called forth with Summoning Technique, or any number of variations therein, the user gives a bit of their own blood and chakra to summon a creature. The amount of chakra required to summon the creature is directly proportionate to its size, such as Gamabunta a Kage-level feat, but the amount of blood required is only a few drops regardless of the summon. Summons have their own abilities that they can use by themselves or in conjunction with the summoner. Some summons are so powerful that they may even challenge the summoner, or will demand something in order to contribute to the battle. Summons tend to be unique between individuals or groups of individuals, as they must sign a contract with the creature in order to summon it. This also makes it impossible for anyone who hasn't signed the contract to summon the same creature.

Chameleon-like Creature:

Not much is known about this summon except that it is a chameleon-like creature with a snake for a tail and is capable of turning invisible. This summon is gigantic in size, and easily the size of one of Orochimaru's giant snakes.


Not much is known about this summon except that Pein has summoned a crustacean capable of expelling large amounts of water. This summon is gigantic in size, and easily the size of one of Orochimaru's giant snakes.


The Doki ("Angry Demons") are three demons summoned by Tayuya. Their eyes, ears, and mouths are all covered, though they can hear just fine regardless. Tayuya uses her flute and Demon Flute: Illusionary Warriors Manipulating Melody to control them. All three are incredibly strong and rather fast despite their size. In addition, they can open their mouths to release a many-mouthed, snake-like creature that consists almost entirely of spiritual energy, making them impossible to hit. These "spirit snakes" are attracted to physical energy, and absorb it on contact, allowing them to weaken an opponent.


Enma is the personal summon of the Third Hokage and king of the monkeys. He possesses great physical strength and fighting ability, as seen when he fights off both the First and Second Hokages. In addition, Enma is capable of transforming himself into a large staff (a Ru Yi Bang or nyoi-b�) that is as hard as adamantine, which he can elongate at will. He can also produce various body parts, such as eyes or arms, from the staff. Additionally, Enma can still move in the staff form, allowing him to return to the Third Hokage. Enma can even clone himself in his staff form, turning him into any number of smaller staffs that Enma uses for Adamantine Prison Wall.
Enma is fiercely loyal to Sarutobi, though he doesn't always approve of his actions. Sarutobi's actions in regards to Orochimaru is something Enma keeps reminding Sarutobi of. Enma would have preferred to kill him the first time. Enma is seen in a flashback of Orochimaru's defection, urging Sarutobi to kill Orochimaru, thus his current attitude. He's also quick to anger, as seen when he simply tries to strangle Orochimaru after Orochimaru injures Sarutobi.
Enma's first appearance was his summoning during the battle with Orochimaru to even the odds against the resurrected First and Second Hokages, now Orochimaru's minions due to his Summoning: Impure World Resurrection. With Enma on hand, Sarutobi was able to hold his own until he realized that his resurrected opponents would never die. Therefore, Sarutobi decided to seal both their souls and Orochimaru's, ending their threats forever. As Sarutobi attempted to seal Orochimaru's soul, Orochimaru tried to plunge his Kusanagi sword through Sarutobi's chest. At the same time, he restricted Enma with some of his snakes. As a result, Enma was only able to catch the sword after it had impaled Sarutobi. He held it back until Sarutobi sealed Orochimaru's arms, at which point he pulls out the sword before vanishing, claiming that Sarutobi died a "true shinobi warrior" and a "great third Hokage."


Gama is a mid-level toad that first appears when Jiraiya is introduced. It is first summoned to tongue-whip Ebisu (because Ebisu annoyed Jiraiya) at the hot springs. Later on, it's summoned once again to give the contract scroll for the Gama family to Naruto. Its last summoning was to deflect Kisame's attack on Naruto Uzumaki. In this instance, it appears in samurai armor. Whether or not these are entirely different toads is unclear, but all look basically the same, differing only in size.


Gamabunta is the boss of the toads that are summoned. He is huge (about 100 meters high) and is summoned for battles with the biggest of enemies. His sons are Gamakichi and Gamatatsu. Naruto can only summon him with his demon fox chakra. Without it, Naruto can only call upon some of Gamabunta's smallest children. Gamabunta is first seen in the premiere of the series, where he and the Fourth Hokage face off against the demon fox. He is not given a speaking role until he is first summoned by Naruto in the month long training session with Jiraiya. Jiraiya pushed him over a cliff in order to induce life-threatening fear in Naruto so that the demon fox chakra could come out, but never expected Naruto to summon Gamabunta. Given that Gamabunta wasn't happy about appearing at the bottom of a canyon, Jiraiya quickly fled.
Gamabunta is a grumpy and highly apathetic character. He doesn't like to take orders from anyone, unless the summoner is highly talented and earns his respect. Jiraiya, Naruto and the Fourth Hokage are three of the few people that he has allowed to ride on top of his head without question (although Jiraiya admits that he can't completely control Gamabunta, and Naruto had to struggle for Gamabunta to accept him). He uses some Japanese words that only a yakuza gangster would use, but he is portrayed as an ultimately powerful and positive force. He is fiercely protective of his kin and he hates to be underestimated by anyone, both of which take precedence over his normal apathy. Often, it is one or a combination of these two factors that entices him to fight. Overall, despite his grumpy exterior, he shows respect towards Naruto as if he were a son. He even explained to Jiraiya that he's aware of Naruto's talents and potential. He and Jiraiya seem to be good friends and, as implied in the series, drinking buddies, despite Jiraiya's admitted lack of control over Gamabunta. However, he will scold him on occasion.


Gamaken is a giant toad that was summoned by Jiraiya during his fight with Pein. He wields a spiked double edged weapon and what seems to be a shield. He also seems to be wearing the same robe as Gamabunta. He is constantly commenting on how stupid and weak he is.


Gamakichi is one of Gamabunta's children. He was first summoned by Naruto because Naruto couldn't focus his chakra during the beginning of the battle with Gaara. However, he is intelligent enough (more so than Gamatatsu) to be aware of the situation around him and realize when it's time to flee. He was accidentally summoned again by Jiraiya while he was fighting with Orochimaru because Tsunade had secretly fed Jiraiya a chakra-disrupting potion. He was summoned again by Jiraiya for a scouting mission during the Orochimaru's Lair arc, as well as by Naruto during the Noroimusha and Sea Country arcs.


Gamatatsu is the weak, inexperienced, younger brother of Gamakichi, and another son of Gamabunta. He was summoned for the first time by Naruto while he was fighting with Orochimaru because he was unable to call on his Demon fox chakra. Gamatatsu fixates on snacks after a comment made by Gamakichi that made him think he'd get one. Gamatatsu was also summoned by Naruto during the events of the Bird Country and the Noroimusha arcs. Gamatatsu accidentally stumbled upon the black kites that the Noroimusha was using to appear as if he was floating like a ghost in the middle of the night. His overall personality is extremely dense, and he often has to be dragged away from danger by Gamakichi, who is always summoned before Gamatatsu.

Unnamed Toad:

During the attack on Konoha, Jiraiya summoned a giant, orange-brownish toad with two hiltless katana strapped onto its back in a crisscross manner (although it has never been seen wielding them) using a jutsu called Summoning: Food Cart Destroyer Technique. Jiraiya mentions it being a snake hunter. It also appears in a filler arc where Jiraiya, Naruto, and Sakura explore Orochimaru's former lair. It is slightly smaller than Gamabunta. Another unnamed toad is seen at the end of the Sasuke Retrieval arc when Jiraiya arrives at the hospital to talk to Naruto.

Toad Sennin Ma:

When pushed to the limit of his abilities, Jiraya can summon these two elder toads onto his shoulders to enter a form called "Sage Mode." Despite Jiraya being an elder himself, he speaks to them quite respectfully, while they refer to him as "Jiraya-chan."
In battle, they are quite formidable. Ma is shown to possess an elastic tongue and to be capable of breathing fire, Combined with Jiraya's ability to spit oil, these abilities create a huge inferno, though it's capabilities are unknown, because the attack had never successfully struck the target. Also, they seem to be very intelligent, as they quickly determine a weakness in the Rinnegan. The two toads are also capable of very powerful genjutsu, by means of singing. This ability cancels out Jiraya's lack of aptitude for genjutsu, making the combination that much stronger.

Toad Sennin Pa:

When pushed to the limit of his abilities, Jiraya can summon these two elder toads onto his shoulders to enter a form called "Sage Mode." Despite Jiraya being an elder himself, he speaks to them quite respectfully, while they refer to him as "Jiraya-chan."
In battle, they are quite formidable. Pa can create huge gusts of wind as well as firing jets of water so concentrated and so fast that they can cut through solid stone. Combined with Jiraya's ability to spit oil, these abilities create a huge inferno, though it's capabilities are unknown, because the attack had never successfully struck the target. Also, they seem to be very intelligent, as they quickly determine a weakness in the Rinnegan

Gennou's Bird:

This giant bird summon was seen twice during Gennou's battle of wits with the Konoha Eleven. At first, it drops all of the plans Gennou had stolen on Konoha, leaving Choji and Naruto to pick them up. Later, Gennou summons it as a last resort, fixing exploding tags to its feet and ordering it to fly into the Hokage monument. Choji, Hinata, and Naruto defeat it before it can accomplish its mission.


Kamatari is a human-sized, seemingly one eyed, weasel holding a sickle with which it can cause a lot of destruction in a short amount of time. Its sickle is almost as big as itself. This mysterious weasel has only been seen twice for a few seconds after its summoning. After it starts moving, it can't be seen by the unaided human eye. It was summoned by Temari with Summoning: Quick Beheading Dance, after which it sliced down an entire forest which Tayuya was trying to hide in. The resulting collapse also had the secondary result of killing Tayuya with falling debris.


Katsuyu is the slug queen summoned by Tsunade. Compared to Gamabunta and Manda, the summons of Jiraiya and Orochimaru, respectively, Katsuyu is quiet and more subservient to her master. She has the ability to create mini-clones of herself, as well as separate and reassemble into a large number of clones. She can also spit acid that can melt through rock.
She is summoned again in a filler episode to mess with a pair of outsiders impersonating Might Guy and Rock Lee. In this instance, she had a cold and the two impersonators, along with a clueless Naruto, were forced to help out.


Kyodaigumo is a giant spider and the personal summon of Kidomaru. It has the ability to lay a seemingly infinite number of spider eggs that hatch in under a minute. The hatched spiders are roughly the size of a small dog. Kyodaigumo can also explode into webbing if hit.


Ninkame is a large red tortoise and Might Guy's personal summon. Ninkame watches over Rock Lee when Guy isn't around. He hasn't been seen since his first appearance in the series, but he is seen on the front cover of Volume 10. Ninkame is one of the few instances which indicates that Guy can use ninjutsu in the series (Ninkame is summoned off-screen, so Guy's not actually seen using ninjutsu). Ironically, Ninkame can be seen as a sort of antithesis of Guy - Guy is a devout believer in the power of youth and is shown moving at incredible speeds, whereas Ninkame, being a tortoise, can be associated with old age and incredibly slow speed.


The Ninken are eight ninja dogs that Kakashi summons. All of the Ninken have a face-shaped design on their backs called a Henohenomoheji, which is the sound made when all the characters in the face are put together. Appropriately enough, children use this design as the face for their scarecrows, which is kakashi in Japanese. The dogs themselves also seem to resemble other characters in the series, with two closely resembling Naruto and Gaara.
They are mostly used for tracking purposes, such as when Kakashi needed to find Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki during the Sasuke Retrieval arc. He can summon them separately, as he does so with Pakkun, or all together. He can also summon them for special purposes, like he does with his
Summoning: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique. With this technique, the dogs can actually travel through the ground, emerging when they find their target. This was used to track down Zabuza Momochi and immobilize him in the mist while he was battling Kakashi.


Pakkun is a petite pug and the smallest of Kakashi's Ninken. Pakkun is seemingly the most intelligent of the ninken, and has the ability to speak. In the anime, he reveals that he uses Floral Green shampoo (Minty Rainforest Mist Shampoo with extra body in the English dub), which is also used by Sakura Haruno (Sakura is comically traumatized at the thought of using the same shampoo as a dog). When first summoned to lead Sakura, Naruto, and Shikamaru to Sasuke, Shikamaru refuses and Pakkun tells him if he completes this mission he will let him touch the pads on his feet. He claims they are really soft and supple. This offering is a reference to modern Japanese culture, in which a dog's paw is considered its cutest aspect; the idea of a animal's paw being "cute," however, applies mainly to puppies and kittens.


These filler arc summons were used by one of the three shinobi who took over the Greenery country. After imprisoning his enemies in a water globe, the ninja summoned piranhas into the water to eat his opponent alive. He also had a vest-wearing shark summon. Both require water to survive, so the ninja had to draw in water from his surroundings to keep them summoned.


Shiromari is a chameleon summon that takes the form of a castle. It was summoned over fifty years prior to Naruto's visit to the castle with Hinata Hyuga and Kiba Inuzuka in the The Cursed Haunted Castle filler arc. As a last resort, the dying lord of the castle summoned Shiromari and had it devour anyone who approached. The lord died before he could release the summoning, and thus it remained bound to the contract scroll used to summon it. From then on, it devoured anyone who came close. During a mission to find a group of missing people, Hinata, Kiba, and Naruto stumble upon this summon. After being swallowed by it, they realize just what it is. While attempting to find the contract scroll that is keeping it summoned, the spirit of the castle lord appeared and led them to it, because the lord felt sorry for the creature spending fifty years guarding his castle, and wanted to set it free. The summoned creature is very loyal to his summoner, having protected his summoner's castle for so long. Naruto destroyed the scroll to disperse the summon. The anime does not show Shiromari's form, but instead, a picture.


The Kyodaija are giant snakes, often summoned by Orochimaru during battle. There are many different kinds of Kyodaija. For instance, the three Kyodaija that were summoned during the invasion of Konoha had marks on their skin similar to the Cursed Seal of Heaven, while the ones summoned by Orochimaru in the Forest of Death had no such marks. Anko Mitarashi also summoned a blue-colored snake of similar size during the Sea Country filler arc to protect Naruto, Shino, and Ino from a cave-in. The four took shelter within its mouth as it broke free of the cave.


Manda is Orochimaru's largest and most powerful summoned snake. He demands one hundred human sacrifices ready for him for after his help in combat. Should he not receive his sacrifices, or if the person who summoned him isn't Orochimaru himself, Manda would not hesitate to kill his summoner. On top of that, it is only Orochimaru's power that he respects, not Orochimaru himself – Kabuto Yakushi believed that Manda would have turned on (or at least abandon) Orochimaru had he learned that the latter couldn't use jutsu at the time. Some of his greatest abilities include his unbelievable speed, and the fact that he is able to shed his skin as a use of a Body Replacement Technique. He has a very poor disposition, and he clearly doesn't like either Gamabunta or Katsuyu, and only savors killing both of them. After Jiraiya and Tsunade teamed up to fight him, which resulted in Tsunade sealing Manda's mouth shut with Gamabunta's sword, Manda disclosed to Orochimaru and Kabuto that he would most definitely eat them the next time he is summoned.

Suzumebachi's Giant Queen Bee:

In the Bikochu arc of the anime, Suzumebachi of the Kamizuru clan had the ability to summon a giant queen bee. In addition to being able to move quickly despite its size, it could also cocoon people in wax. Naruto defeated it with his Spiraling Sphere.


Umibozu is the boss of the sea. It was used by Amachi to terrorize the Sea Country in the Sea Country arc. Umibozu itself is nothing more than water that has been gathered and held together by chakra, making it virtually indestructible unless it is completely evaporated. It was defeated by Naruto Uzumaki and Gamabunta.

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