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hi guys, i have searched for this, but couldn't find the thread again, hence i have to ask again. Quite a few months ao, someone on crunchy told me that you can change the size of the video you are watching by adding something on the link bar (www... and so on). I have lost that message, and if anyone has it, can they please post it here again??? It would be much appreciated!
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Sorry I don't know.
Go to the help thread darling.
Good luck!
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Only choices you have is:

Small, Large & Full.

To get full just right click on the video.
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I recall what you're talking about, but I'm not sure where that script is, either.

However, I remember all that that script does is reposition the video player to the center of the browser. It was forgotten once the full-screen option was made available, and last I heard, the script doesn't work anymore, since Shinji updated the player.

So that said, I don't think it'll do you much searching for that script. I think you'd ought to try the full-screen view, since it's available to all users now; not just CR supporters.

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