Wars of Unification
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Wars of Unification

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ATTENTION: Player with expertise in Space Opera RP is badly needed! :excl:


Background History

The dates are unknown, it was almost 200 years after mankind's home was destroyed and the time where many sought refuge to space. For almost 20 years of travel, many lost their lives, and many did not survive. Only those lucky few however, found themselves new homelands, planets and celestial bodies for them to live. Those in the newly formed Keruigis sector are one of them. An identical solar system of their former home, some hundreds of light years away.

As their territories in their new found home expanded, they started to divide themselves, fighting over. Some fled away from to prevent from being caught in the conflict. With these, human territories in space continued to rapidly extend in the system.

60 years later, the Magistrate of Zonah, a monarch styled government of the planet Levitan 2. Ruled by an emperor and the 5 leaders of the Seven Unified Territories waged war not only to its enemies, but also to the neutrals which expanded the war in the entire system. Needless to say, the Magistrate forces overrun half of the system by 2 years, defeated and conquered neutral states in the nearby planets, colonies and settlements. To counter the threat of the Magistrate, the remaining nations and states in the farthermost part of the system decided to form an alliance.

The new alliance was formed and proved to be a threat to the Magistrate's plan on the system. In response to the forming of the new alliance, the Magistrate sent its armada to finish the threat once and for all. With this, the Alliance declared an all out war and dares to challenge the might of the Magistrate's Armada. Defending their freedom their beliefs and their principles. The Alliance now prepares themselves for war, calling you to arms to fight for freedom and cause.


The RP

This is a mechwarrior and space opera based RP. You can be either officers, soldiers or mercenaries to either the Magistrate's Forces or the Alliance. You can be a Frame(Similar to mobile suit) or Heavy Armored Frame pilot, ship commander(limited to corvette class ships only) or Space Craft Pilots. This RP only focuses on individual frames and ships or space fighters. Also, i will be limiting ranks for balance. If you want to become a high ranking officer (Admiral, Vice-Admiral and not lower than Colonel and Captain), you'll have to PM me for reservations. Those who are reserving for higher ranks must also have much knowledge and experience in Space Opera based RPs. Lower Ranks below captain rank could either fighter pilot or a frame pilot. Please also take note that Frames are considered as tanks in space, although some of them can transform into spacecrafts but still a fighter spacecraft is faster than them.

You people can only choose these two factions. You can be either an officer or a pilot for either the magistrate or the alliance.


Magistrate: The major super power in the system that radically expands it's territories to the neutral territories. A monarchy styled government ruled by the emperor and the 5 ministers/lords of the 7 unified territories, thus a semi-dictatorial government. The Magistrate holds the most powerful military force in the galaxy.

Alliance: A newly formed faction in the farther edge of the system. Consists of 25 colonies and space territories and holds a significant number of fleet and military forces. Presently, they hold a huge threat against the Magistrate's plan in unifying the system. A democratic faction, which is leaded by Unified Far Space League(Equivalent to our UN).


Guidelines for joining

-To join, please PM me, the game master
-You can only join two factions
-Distribution of ranks will be limited, thus there will only be few high ranking officers

Distribution of Ranks

Ship Commanders

Designated Distribution of Ranks to both factions

Ship Commander Ranks

Commander: 1(Mother Ship Commander, Carrier Class)
Captain: 4(Escort Ship Commanders, Corvette class)

Lower Ranks

Lieutenant: 3 (Ace Frame/Fighter Pilot)
Ensign: 6 above (Frame/Fighter Pilot)

-Fill the character sheet below

Character Type: (Frame Pilot, Fighter Pilot, Ship Commander)
Background: (Optional, if any)

If Ship Commanders (Captain Rank up)

Ship Name:
Shielding System: (If any)
Catapult Launch: (carrier class only)
Capacity: (carrier class only)

If lower ranks (Ensign up)

Frame Pilot

Frame Name: (Ex: Tr-378234 Shadow)
Frame Type: (Armored, Mobility)
Armaments: (Note: Armored are heavy slow types, while mobility are faster yet lighter)

Fighter Pilot

Spacecraft name: (Ex: F-024 Aegis)
Spacecraft type: (Superiority, Interceptor, Multi-purpose, Bomber Types)

My character

-For more questions and suggestions, please don't bother to send me a PM with QUESTION/SUGGESTION as header.


Player's name will be listed below
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