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Posted 4/5/08 , edited 4/5/08
This game is just kind of something to keep you occupied but its fun too cuz it gets really random.
You can only say something that someone other then yourself has said in your guest book. You cannot say anything you said, only people on your buddy list. You can pick out individual words from a post, but you can only use one post. [ex: someone posts in your guestbook, "how are you? I'm at disneyland" and another says, "I'm visiting my aunt in Arizona, she is hilarious" you cannot say "I'm at Arizona", however you can say "How are disneyland" or "my aunt is Arizona"]
There are some chain messages via guest book you can use, also, and if any GB entry takes up more then 200 characters (i think that's the max ...) and the user that posted it continues onto another GB post, you can use the second one as well.
I'll be nice

Ex. 1: [the person that posted above me said, "How's lala land?" I would reply "Its ok, yours?" or something just completely off topic.
Ex. 2: "Hey sminthin hey birdybop! I likes the website! Itz awzi =D! (awsome)"
If you have the same post for some odd reason in your profile you could say, "Sminthian likes birdybop. itz awzi"

Eventually what happened with the other game I saw was people started posting random things about the person above them, still using posts from their guest book, of course, and they started saying the most random things like "wolf-girl-lover has a fat pig cow that walks on air" and one person took a really long guest book post they had and created a dumb-blond joke off of it xD
Posted 4/5/08
this is way too confusing.

no thanks.
Posted 8/1/09
Confusing and wrong section

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