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Posted 4/5/08 , edited 4/6/08

This is a game I got from a forum I used to be from. It was fun back then and I hope it is fun now.

Basically, you are just throwing stuff at people.....random stuff, ANYTHING! From a simple screwdriver to a gigantic whale, you name it and throw it. it can be specific or unspecific. Just have fun with it!

-Here's an example:

EX: Jimmi Rocks (made up): Throws a car filled with toothpaste at Kemizzle.

-Then you attack the person that attacked you, or the last person that posted like this:

Me: Throws a hyperactive monkey with a tennis racket at Jimmi Rocks.

-And so on from there. I become more exciting when more people play, s try t out and enjoy yourself!!!

BTW, since I'm the last person that posted, ATTACK ME........that is if you're BOLD ENOUGH TO DO SO!
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