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Posted 4/5/08 , edited 4/6/08
Hey guys! we are looking for a top mod. some one who has enough time to update the family list and stuff almost everyday i guess? cuz most mods are always busy so ya. only need one more mod...too many mods arent needed. so plz put a Description to what u can do for us ;]
Posted 4/9/08 , edited 4/10/08
Hehe, well, I guess if your looking for a mod, If you like, I can probably help you out. I am already a mod for other groups, So I'm kinda used to it, I go on the computer a lot, and if you want, I guess I can go on more, but it's up to you, since no one really replied yet, I just figured, I might as well let you know, if you need one, I will be happy to help out,
Posted 4/11/08 , edited 4/12/08
I can do lotz of stuff! i have lotz of free tome cuz i finished all d anime i want to already! i have lotz of groupsz that i manage but i still have free time and i am used to it already since i like having lotz of stuff to do...... so if u want i can b a mod! tat is all....... oha yea and i can make id's....avis....presents and other stuff.....
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