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77 / Zeta-Reticuli
Posted 4/9/08
our grandma told us to not sweep the floor at night because we may sweep something like luck or whatever out of the house...
also, someone told me that if we would move to a new house, we should put the salt in first for good luck...stuff like that.
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30 / M / PH
Posted 4/9/08
Don't let a mirror face a door, because mirrors is also a channel of the human world and the spiritual plane something like that...
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33 / F / ---mystic moon----
Posted 4/9/08
Don't sleep with your feet towards the door otherwise, you'll be dragged off by a spirit
Don't take a bath when you have the "period" or you'll become crazy
Sibling should never get married in the same year because bad luck would happen to them.
The person who is last to finish eating (all have vacated their seats)..would end up as a SINGLE for the rest of her/his life.

I have a lot of superstitions but I think I'll end up with those for the meantime....
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M / Wa Wa Land
Posted 4/9/08
if your left eye twitch a few times on its own, something good will happen to you or related to you.
if your right eye twitch a few times on its own, something bad would happen to you or related to you.
if your ear ich, it means someone is talking about you.
when you sneeze someone is thinking of you.

theres a lot..
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30 / M / the best city in...
Posted 4/9/08
whoooa, a few i forgot but just remembered, kool, lol, well, hmm, some one mentioned throwing salt behind ur back, i saw that at a cartoon, "hey arnold" way back when, its if u tip salt over its bad luck so u throw behind u to hit the devil in the eye or sumthin, lol
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27 / F
Posted 8/8/08
I'm not sure about these:

1. If you sneeze, somebody likes you.
2. If you scratch your nose, a Chinese man will die (yeah, right!)
3. If your ear starts to itch, somebody's talking about you. (i think it's been proven because of one episode from "We Got Married" lol!)
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24 / M
Posted 8/11/08
well i don't really know all the stuff. No one tell me anything about this things so i don't really know about it
Posted 8/11/08
Don't comb your hair at night, because if you do, you'll be far apart from your parents when they die or you won't be there when they die. Don't comb your hair after midnight cause you'll see something in a mirror. Don't open an umbrella indoors cause you'll see ghosts
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25 / F / springfield, MA
Posted 8/11/08
if u step on a frog it rains
if u walk by a grave yard with any bad emotions the ghost will follow u home
if u talk to a ghost it will never leave u
if your right hand is ichy your gonna get money as for your left you lose money
if your right eye pulses something bad will happen if your left eye dose then something good will happen
if you dream your teeth fall out then someone is going to die
ok this one is funny
if u get a hair cut and don't burn the hair a bird will make a nest out of it and you'll go crazy lol
if it rains and its sunny out side the devil is beating his wife( the book black boy)
some of these i believe like the teeth thing cuz my dad had a dream that all his teeth fell out and the next day my uncle died *sigh*
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77 / M
Posted 8/11/08
absolutely not true...!!~
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F / Through the Night...
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
+ An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.
+ When you see a black cat pass by, you will have bad luck.
+ Don't sing in front of the stove while you're cooking. You will marry a (wo)man whose husband/wife just died.
+ Whatever you are doing or feel during New Year's Day, you will do and feel the rest of the year.
+ If you are a bride, don't wear your wedding dress or else it will be cancelled.
+ If your right palm is itchy, then money is coming your way.
+ You must NOT be together with your fiance before the wedding day because your marriage will fail.
+ When you just choked because of your saliva, someone misses you.
+ Don't sleep with wet hair, you'll be blind.
+ Never break a mirror. You will have seven years of bad-luck.
+ Women/Girls should not whistle during the night, for it will bring evil spirits.
+ Do not clip your nails during a Friday night, they will never grow back.
+ If you drop a glass, something bad must've happened to your loved one.
+ Don't share your wishes with anyone. They will not come true.
+ If you bit your tongue while eating, someone was thinking of you.
+ Don't laugh so much or you will be grieving later on.
+ Pulling out a gray or white hair will cause ten more to grow in its place.
+ Step on a crack, breaks your mother's back.
+ Don't get married the same year as your sibling. Something bad will happen to either of your marriage.
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F / Cali
Posted 8/11/08
hahahaha my mom always say

Don't shower at night! you'll get blind...


Don't throw the trash at night. you'll throw the good luck away. >.<
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33 / M / Bel-air
Posted 8/11/08


If u meet a black cat at friday the thirteen , you will get curse .

Haha who believes ?

anyway , this should be at extended discussion .

I will get curse?! Great! I would love to own that website!

Decade wrote:

That's Superstition?
I think it's what you call 'Beliefs'??

No, it is called superstition.
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26 / F / over there.
Posted 8/11/08
it's always something about broken mirrors and black cats .. then , it's 13 years of bad luck .. =.=
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