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Continuation of Chapter 31:

And now Naruto used tried to used "Fuuton Rasen-Shuriken" with Sasuke's "Chidori Nagashi" to wipe out Pein and Kimimaro ,but instead of this it evolved to a much more powerful Rasengan and Chidori called "Chidorengan" In English "Thousand Rasengan" Then the blast wiped out the whole Sound village...

Chapter 2: Surrender...

The Chidorengan did not effect Naruto and Sasuke's Chakra coz of Sakura's Forbidden Jutsu...The Blast of the Chidorengan was dodged by Kimimaro and Pein then Sasuke and Naruto suddenly used a Fang over Fang against Pein and when Pein Tried to Summon more Animals he discovered he can't because The Chidorengan's Blast Radius was about 2 miles but Pein only dodged about 3 feet of the blast, and it makes your chakra flow stop and paralyzes you if you try to use the your chakra...And then Naruto and Sasuke was about to hit Pein and Pein said "If I am about to die let me tell something to Kakashi Hatake..." then Kakashi came and said "What is it?" and Pein said "I know you have a team mate named Obito Uchiha before, right?" Kakashi said "Yeah..." and Pein said "He's not dead" Kakashi paralyzes in shock..."No I saw him die he gave me his left eye the Sharingan..."Kakashi said, then Pein said "I know him his name now is Tobi..and he's an...Akatsuki.." Kakashi said "I know Tobi.." "Yes I know" said Pein "I know I have severly damaged your right eye so now I want to be a hero just like my best friend..." and then Kakashi said "And how can you do that?" and Pein said "I know, you know I am the leader of the Akatsuki and if I am the leader I can tell them what to do right?" Kakashi said "Yeah.." I sent one of my scout beasts with a message from me to our base to surrender to Konoha become *ANBU: Black Ops* officers..., Then a letter returned to me and this is what it said...

Then the three Hokages thinked about saying yes or no...Until Naruto said Yes..(Back to Kakashi and Pein)Pein said "Kakashi take my eye...To partner your damaged eye..." Then Kakashi called Sakura to replace his eye with Pein's Rinnegan...Then while the Procedure is taking place, Sasuke and Naruto were fighting Kimimaro and then while Sasuke suddenly scratched the Cursed Seal of Kimimaro, Kimimaro turned into a never-before-seen Cursed Seal Lvl. 3!

Chapter 3 Next..Soon!
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Posted 9/14/08
wow.. I never thought this would come
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