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Kuchiyose no Jutsu:
this space temporal jutsu enables a shinobi to summon animals (or another creatures) as their assist. beforehand you have to sign up a blood contract and shed a small amount of blood when you desire to summon them. name some shinobi who mastered it, Kakashi and Pakkun cs (dogs); Jiraiya, Naruto and Yondaime with Gamabunta cs (toads); Orochimaru and Manda (serpents); Tsunade and Katsuyu (slugs), etc.

Kagebushin no Jutsu
an ultimate shadow clone jutsu. unlike ordinary clone (bushin) jutsu, every shadow clone has chakra and independent moves. thus the opponent can't tell which one is real. Naruto was the worst in clone jutsu but he learned this Jounin level jutsu, from the scroll he stole, only in one night. since then Naruto uses this jutsu most of the time.

Kawarimi no Jutsu
a basic ninja trick i.e. replacement jutsu. with this jutsu you switch place with another object (usually a log) to deceive your opponents. however you should know the difference between bushin and kawarimi. the most amusing kawarimi no jutsu must be Yamato's because he uses a wood dummy instead of a mere log
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