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Bunshin Taiatari
Naruto will first use his Kage Buushin (Shadow Replication) to replicate into multiple Naruto. He will then send some clone to attack and other to stay behind with him. He will launch the remaining clone at his opponent. He will follow behind the clone and attack when the time is right.

The Garouga can be perform independently or both, Akamaru and Kiba. Akamaru will start by performing the Dynamic Marking (Dainamikku Maakingu) on the opponent. Akamaru and Kiba will use the Inuzuka Ryuu Jinjuu Henge (Human Creature Combination Transformation) to form as two human or two beasts. It is then follow by the Soutourou (Double Headed Wolf) to merge together to form a 2 head beast. Because of the Dynamic Marking (Dainamikku Maakingu), garouga is able to follow the smell of the urine to attack its opponent, eventhough their sight is limited.

One will transform into the other. They both will begin spinning in a clockwise position but in different direction to attack its opponent in all direction.

Hakke Rokujuyon Sho
The Hakke Rokujuyon Sho is a technique that the Head Family passed down to the Branch Family. Neji will activate his Byakugan so he is able to see the Tenketsu point (chakra point). Neji will strike the opponent's 64 tenketsu points, starting with 2, then 4, 8, 16, 32 then finally the 264th point. The attack is able block the flow of chakra throughout the body, paralyzing the body.
Note: He can hit his opponent if it is within the circle range. Could be 64 feet or something

Hakke Hyaku Nijuha Sho
Hakke Hyaku Nijuha Sho is similiar to Hakke Rokujuyon Sho. Neji must active the Byakugan to see the tenketsu points (chakra points). His range of attack is bigger. This attack allow Neji to attack his opponent at mass speed and precision. Instead of stopping at the 64th hits, he will double it onces more to get the 128th hit.
Note: He can hit his opponent if it is within the circle range. Could be 128 feet or something

Hakkesho Kaiten
The Hakke Rokujuyon Sho is a technique that the Head Family passed down to the Branch Family. It is the ability to dispense chakra to block incoming attack. He release chakra from inside and start spining in a clockwise position. Because of the speed he spin, it is able to deflect incoming objects, even at great speed.
Note: He can hit his opponent if it is within the circle range.

The members will start by activating the Byakugan so they can view the tenketsu point (chakra point). They will gather chakra in their palms or fingers to strike at 64 tenketsu point. Getting strike by one will stop the flow of chakra to that point. It is capable of destroying nerves and organs.

Karamatsu no Mai
Kimimaro starts by activating his cursed seal (not level 1 cursed seal). He will then begin to extend bones from his rib cage, arms and back. Since his bones are stronger than steel, he is able to block incoming attack with ease. It is nearlly impossible to strike his body since he covered defend them using his bone corpse. When the opponent attack is trap between the bones, he will use the remaining bones to slice the opponent.

Konoha Dai Senpu
Rock Lee will utilized his speed and agility to quickly strike his opponent in mid air or on the ground. He is able to apply multiple attacks (kicks) using the Konoha Dai Senpu.

Konoha Gorikki Senpu
Maito Gai will utilized his speed, agility and strength to quickly strike his opponent in mid air or on the ground. His speed so fast that the opponent might scent his present of attack. He will dive right leg first toward his opponent and delivering a powerful kick to the opponent's body.

Konoha Kage Buyou
The user will force the opponent to go in mid air, where they are vulnervable for a blind side attack. The user will usually kick the opponent sending them upward into the air. Then using their speed, they are able to quickly sneak behind (below) the opponent. From here on, the user can perform any attack. Rock Lee will use the Omote Renge (Front Lotus). Uchiha Sasuke will use the Shishi Rendan (Lion Combo).

Konoha Reppu
Rock Lee will utilized his speed and agility to quickly sweep the opponent's feet, sending the opponent flying. He will get down low using his speed while unnoticed by the opponent. He will sweep his legs and/or arms of the opponent's feet.

Konoha Senpuu
Rock Lee will utilized his speed and agility and apply multiple kicks at the opponent. Rock Lee will jump in mid air, swirl 2 legs around, striking his opponent as many times as he wants. He is able go counter 2 or more opponents using the Konoha Senpu.

Nikudan Sensha
Chouji will begin by withdrawing both his arms and legs inside his outfit. He can do this while on the ground of in mid air. Then he will begin to rotate at a high rate of speed, attacking his opponent. Though he cannot see, he is able to follow the opponent. At the high rate of speed, he is able to avoid incoming objects and deflect them.

Omote Renge
Omote Renge is a forbidden technique because of the strain and damage it does to the body. By opening the Celestial Gates, the Initial Gate, Lee is able to gain strength. He would sneek up behind his opponent, loosen his bandages to wrap around the opponent and begin spinning downward, driving his opponent into the ground. Lee will release the bandages before hitting the ground to escape the impact.

Sennen Goroshi
This is known as "Konoha Ultimate Technique". The attack is quite useful but it is used more frequently as an insult to the person receiving the attack. The person will will for the Tiger Hand Seal and jabs the finger into the receiver rear end. It is meant to shock the person. It can be use for a more destruction attack by strapping an exploding tag to the kunai and jabs it in the rear end. When the exploding tag goes "boom" so will the person's body and rear end.

Shishi Rendan
Uchiha Sasuke was able to copy Rock Lee's Konoha Kage Buyou with his Sharingan (or he just remember it). He will using Konoha Kage Buyou, kick the opponent into mid air and appear below the opponent. At this point, Sasuke will perform several sideway kicks and punches, from above and below his opponent until his opponent hits the ground.

Suiken is a combination of Taijutsu and alcohol (being intoxicated). It related to the stlye of Drunken Boxing. The effect of the alcohol is able to increase Rock Lee's strength but not his mind is not clear. It also make him more flexible and his movement are not predictabel because of the constance movement of his foot.
Note: Drunken Boxing effect the body but the mind is clear. That is the perfection of the style.

Tsuuga is a different version of the Gatsuga. It only require 1 person to perform. The person will start spinning in a clockwise position, attacking the opponent in different direction.

Ura Renge
Ura Renge is the advance form of Renge. Rock Lee needs to at least open 3 Celestial Gates: Open Gate, Energay Gate and Life Gate. By opening those gates, Rock Lee is given super strength and speed. He will perform the same style as the Omote Renge or just an regular punch or kick with more speed and power. By opening this many gates, the strain, muscle and tissue damage can kill him.

Uzumaki Naruto Rendan
Naruto will first us his Kage Buushi no Jutsu (Shadow Replication Technique). All the shadow clone will kick the opponent, sending the opponent into the air. Naruto will fly into the air, above the opponent. When the opponent is near, he will do a front flip in mid air, swinging his right leg around, landing his foot on the opponent's head. The name and move is a copy of Sasuke Shishi Rendan (Lion Combo).

Uzumaki Naruto Nisen Rendan
Naruto will first use his Tayuu Kage Buushin no Jutsu (Multiple Shadow Clone Replication) to replicate hundreds of clone. Using the same technique as the Uzumaki Naruto Rendan, 2 clone will the opponent into the air 4 times (U-zu-ma-ki). The remaining shadow clone will launch into the air below the opponent and deliever 2000 connecting combo to the opponent's from underneath. This was part of the Uzumaki Naruto Chronicle.
Note: He tried to perform the Uzumaki Naruto Yonsen Rendan (Uzumaki Naruto 4000 Combo) using both his fists and legs but was stopped by Gaara's attack.

Yanagi no Mai
Kimimaro will extend bones from his body in different places, his hand, back, shoulder and leg. Using his quickness and agility, he will run around striking anythings that stands in the ways.
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