NARUTO Hobbies and Obbsessions
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Posted 4/6/08 , edited 4/6/08
Hobbies and Obsessions
We all have our passions in life - things we love to do without a moments notice. Our friends in the Naruto world also have their own personal passions. Below are some of the most common ones we see in the series.

Naruto Uzumaki - Ramen Fan
Naruto is a huge fan of ramen, a Japanese noodle dish that is served with a variety of toppings, such as beef, pork, shrimp, and vegetables. When Kakashi asked Naruto on the first day they met about his likes and dislikes, all Naruto could talk about was ramen, and how he liked to eat it and compare different types. Ramen has been his motivation many times to complete a task. One instance is when he had to clean the monument of the Hokage faces. Iruka said that he would treat him to ramen after he cleaned them up, and Naruto excitedly replied, "now that's some serious motivation!" Naruto's favorite ramen restaurant is located right in the Hidden Leaf Village, the Ichiraku Ramen Bar, which he claims is the best ramen in the world. If he could, Naruto would eat ramen at Ichiraku Ramen all day, everyday for the rest of his life.

Kakashi Hatake - Loves to Read
Kakashi loves to read a book from the best-selling novel series, "Make Out", which are books for adults written by Jiraiya. Kakashi usually reads them while training or talking to Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, but of coarse this is what he is seen doing during other moments of downtime.

Sasuke Uchiha - To Annihilate A Certain Someone
When Sasuke was younger, his brother Itachi had killed everybody in his clan, leaving Sasuke a lonely child. Because of that, Sasuke is obsessed with getting revenge and will go to the ends of the Earth to punish him. Now, nothing would satisfy Sasuke more then to see Itachi go threw the same pain that he had to go threw.

Rock Lee - Trains out of his Brains
Rock Lee is an extremely hard worker. He was born with no talent as a ninja, and was considered a looser, but thanks to sheer determination, and the faith from his idol, Might Gai, Rock Lee has become one of the best Taijutsu specialists in the world. In his spare time he all he does is train in hopes to become even better than he is now. In fact, he makes everyday routine activities, such as just walking from point A to B, into training sessions, and will set the bar of work higher than it was before. He'll say something like "If I can't walk on my hands to where I want to go, then I will have to do 1000 sit-ups. And if I can't do 1000 sit-ups, then I will have to do 2000 push-ups!" and will actually do them, even when he knows nobody is watching.

Chouji Akamichi - Eating Machine
Chouji's hobby is to buy snacks and then eat them. There is never a place where Chouji will go without his snacks! In his spare time Chouji will be seen snacking on some goodies to excite him! One thing about his hobby is that the last piece of his (or even somebody else's) snack is the most delicious one because it is the last one. He will never let anybody in his sight, take the last chip or piece of steak, for example, and will quickly grab it and savor it before the other person can even lay their hand on it!

Shino Aburame - Bug Man
Shino loves to observe bugs. Since he lets bugs live inside of him, its only natural that he would love checking them out as well!

Asuma - Smoker
Asuma is almost always seen with a cigarette in his mouth. It's his hobby. It's been said that he would smoke about two packs of cigarettes a day. The only exception is when something was bothering him.

Might Gai - The Power of Youth
Gai loves to train. He is the source of Lee's behavior. Gai loves to train and make stupid bets, either with himself, or others. He'll say something like "If I can't walk on my hands around the village 50 times, then I will have to do 1000 sit-ups. And if I can't do 1000 sit-ups, then I will have to do 2000 push-ups!" and will then actually do them, even when he knows nobody is watching. Additionally, he loves to emphasize, to Lee especially, about "The Power of Youth". This means that when your young, you have the ability to do anything if you put your mind and heart into it

Kiba - Spending Time with Man's Best Friend
Kiba loves to spend time with his dog, Akamaru. Whether it be playing, or fighting it's with his furry friend, Akamaru!

Ebisu - Closet Pervert
Like Jiraiya, Ebisu loves to look at beautiful women too! Unlike Jiraiya though, Ebisu is "hush hush" about it. He tries to keep his guilty pleasure a secret, and tries to act like he is above and against looking at gorgeous, and naked women. When nobody is looking though, Ebisu is sure to try and catch himself a view!

Sakura Haruno - Genius with a Sasuke Obsession
Sakura has two hobbies. First of all, she loves quizzes and memorizing things. She is extraordinarily smart book-wise, and shows her abilities when her teachers put her to the test. Her other hobby is to crush on Sasuke Uchiha. Many of the things Sasuke does or says is interpreted by Sakura as cool or smart. On the first day they met, Kakashi asked Sakura to introduce herself to the team (Team 7) by telling them her likes, hobbies, and future goals. For all three, Sakura looked at Sasuke with a girlish-hope.

Gaara - The Killer
Gaara loves to kill. In fact his hobby is his life and, what he feels, part of his reason to exist. If somebody steps in his way, Gaara, without hesitation, will use one of his powerful sand techniques and kill the challenger.
Note: After Naruto beats Gaara up and teaches him the importance of people, this no longer is his hobby.

Shikamaru Naara - Lazy Boy
Shikamaru is an extraordinarily smart guy, but most of the time it seems otherwise. Shikamaru loves to lie down and sleep, or just watch the clouds roll by. In fact, he is the guy with cloud envy! He wishes he could always relax and be trouble-free all the time like the clouds. Shikamaru also loves to play Shogi, a Japanese version of chess. Even though he is sitting down, and for the most part not really doing anything, his intelligence does show here. Chess is a game of wits, and he is a master at the game, always defeating his teacher Asuma.

Jiraiya - Big Pervert
Jiraya loves beautiful women. Specifically, beautiful women revealing themselves in some way. When he's not training Naruto (actually even when he is), Jiraiya peeps at women who are taking a bath or playing around. He claims it to be "research" so that he can write a book for his best selling "Make Out" novel series (the same ones Kakashi loves to read), but in reality he just loves looking (and spending time with) beautiful women. And make no mistake, Jiraiya is absolutely proud of it!

Tsunade - Gambling Addict
Tsunade is a compulsive gambler. Whenever she finds an opportunity to gamble, whether it be the slots, a bet, through cards, or something else, she jumps at it. Unfortunately for Tsunade, she has terrible luck. As a result, she has been labeled as "The Legendary Sucker" for the gross profits others have made off her misfortune and gambling addiction. Despite her bad luck, she feels she will eventually catch a winning streak. The back of Tsunade's jacket is a symbolizes her personality, and ultimately her hobby - the Kake Kanji symbol meaning "gamble
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