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Posted 4/6/08 , edited 4/6/08
From: Maydee To: s_j_b

This msg is being forwarded to me many times.

"Tell everyone on your buddylist not to open anything from angell11,tewwtular, or sassybitch. It's a hard drive killer and horrible virus. If you don't pass this letter to everyone on your buddylist, we will delete your account. We need to find out who is"

Can you tell me if this is true. Pls!!! I need to know if this is true or not so that I can tell it to my friends and we can stop the panic.

Thank You Very Much,


From: s_j_b To: Maydee

Thanks for checking- it is absolutely not true.
Crunchyroll mods would never do something like this or promote chain messages.
Please help us to stop silly things like this!
Thankyou! ^-^

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Posted 4/7/08 , edited 4/7/08
I have the same problem... that message is all over the place! Last time something like this happened, Shinji actually made a statement about it, and that hasn't happened yet. I wonder if he even knows....
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