Post Reply wHich Anime cOuple sTory resembles yOr true Love Life??
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Posted 4/6/08 , edited 4/7/09
pOst the anime cOuple that fitS yOur trUe Love Life, it can be yOur past or Present Love Lyf...yOu must alsO pOst the things of hOw cOme yOu can rElate tO that cOupLe..


the cOuple oF Kirari and Hiroto

cOz' like me in The past, i'm cOnfused oF my feelings and didn't knOw either what is it... it's Like having nO idea of What Love is.. Even tHough i Felt sOmething strange, everytime he's there caring For me.. That guy in the past really made me angry, it's Like making me Hate him.. But then time cOmes that the situation Tumbles Over, he, frOm Being sO bad at me, cAres me Like a sister, he is cOncern 'bout me if ever i'm in Trouble and teases me whenever i did sOmething.. I dOn't know why i can't make myself angry at him nOw nOt like at the past...
sO that's it i've realize that i'm falling fOr him...

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