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Posted 4/6/08 , edited 4/7/08
Here gather poems that which the world has known so well. It is here that the Writer of the month shall once again share his masterpieces with all of us. Here are some of Sergei Yesinen's poems. Enjoy.

Stars little stars, you"re so high and so clear!
What have you got in you, so fascinating?
Stars, deep in thought, so discreet you appear,
What is the power that makes you so tempting?

Stars, little stars, you"re so dense and so solid!
What is it that makes you so great and alluring?
How can you, heavenly bodies, afford it:
Stirring a thirst and desire for learning?

Why, as you shine, are you nice and inviting
Into your wide open arms, on the instant?
Pleasing the heart, so benign and enticing,
Heavenly stars, so remote and so distant!

To be a poet
To be a poet — is the same
As when by truth of life
You scar your own tender flesh,
And with the blood of feelings
Caress the souls of others.

To be a poet — to sing freedom,
As you know it best
The song of nightgale doesn't hurt him -
His song is always the same.

Canary mimiking someone's voice -
Pitiful and silly bauble
World needs real songs — so sing like only you can
Even if you sond like a frog.

Mohammed has overdone it in Quran
When he forbade strong drink
That is why the poet will not stop
Drinking wine before he goes to the torture

And when a poet goes to his lover,
And finds her lying with another
He, kept by life-sustaining liquid,
Won't send a knife into her heart.

But, burning up with jealous recklessness,
Will whistle on the way back home
"So what, so I will die a vagabond,
On this earth such fate is also known."

To Kachalov's Dog
To Kachalov's Dog (english)

Come, Jim, give me your paw for luck,
I swear i've never seen one like it.
Let's go, the two of us, and bark
Up the moon when Nature's silent.
Come, Jim, give me your pow for luck.
Stop licking me, pet, and please do
At least heed this advice i'm giving.
Of life you havent got a clue,
You do non realise life is worse living.
You master's kind a man of note,
And visitors his home are thronging,
They all admire your velvet coat
Which smilingly they love to fondle.
You're devilish handsome for a dog,
So charming, trusting, unsuspicious,
Not asking if you may or not,
Like a drunken pal, you plaster kises.
Dear Jim, I know a great warety
Of visions of all shorts call,
But have you seen her here, the saddest
And the least talkative of all?
I'm sure she'll come here. In my absence
Please catch her eye. Go kiss her hand for me,
For all my real or fancied errors asking
Forgiveeness of her in humility.

Собаке Качалова (russian)

Дай, Джим, на счастье лапу мне,
Такую лапу не видал я сроду.
Давай с тобой полаем при луне
На тихую, бесшумную погоду.
Дай, Джим, на счастье лапу мне.
Пожалуйста, голубчик, не лижись.
Пойми со мной хоть самое простое.
Ведь ты не знаешь, что такое жизнь,
Не знаешь ты, что жизнь на свете стоит.
Хозяин твой и мил и знаменит,
И у него гостей бывает в доме много,
И каждый, улыбаясь, норовит
Тебя по шерсти бархатной потрогать.
Ты по-собачьи дьявольски красив,
С такою милою доверчивой приятцей.
И, никого ни капли не спросив,
Как пьяный друг, ты лезешь целоваться.
Мой милый Джим, среди твоих гостей
Так много всяких и невсяких было.
Но та, что всех безмолвней и грустней,
Сюда случайно вдруг не заходила?
Она придёт, даю тебе поруку.
И без меня, в её уставясь взгляд,
Ты за меня лизни ей нежно руку
За всё, в чём был и не был виноват.

Farewell, my friend

Original in Russian
До свиданья, друг мой, до свиданья. Милый мой, ты у меня в груди. Предназначенное расставанье Обещает встречу впереди.

До свиданья, друг мой, без руки, без слова, Не грусти и не печаль бровей,- В этой жизни умирать не ново, Но и жить, конечно, не новей.

English Translation
Goodbye, my friend, goodbye. My dear one, you are in my breast. A predestined parting Promises a reunion ahead.

Goodbye, my friend, without a touch of hand, without a word, Don't be sad and do not frown, Dying is nothing new in this life, And living, of course, isn't any newer.

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25 / M / Tulsa Ok
Posted 4/6/08 , edited 4/7/08
personal fav ( to be a poet ) but all of them were cool
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Posted 4/7/08 , edited 4/7/08
My personal fav was the stars.... all of them were great though
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26 / M
Posted 4/7/08 , edited 4/7/08
my moms fav was the dog one. she can recite it complelety by memory in russian
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