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Things You Inherit From Your Parents.....
Posted 4/8/08
well i dont now my parents... since im adopted^__^
i think:

dad: short-temperness, impatience, athletic genes, determination, my black eyes ^__^

mom: kindness, creativity, my disease, my black hair

and i dont know the others

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24 / M
Posted 4/8/08
I inherit my dad's temper and my mom's bad mouth
Posted 4/8/08
Their black hair and height...? Brains from dad, good looks from both of them. =]
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28 / M / In 13 1_= 1_ C-...
Posted 4/8/08
romantic, delinquent, loves fighting, good looking from my dad.
high grades in school from my mom (i don't like school though)
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33 / M / San Francisco CA...
Posted 4/8/08
being a ladies man from my dad. but he's devoted to my momsie

other than that, here are a few record labels i inherited:

old portable TV

his book "Great Escapes"

my ganddad's helmet

...and many more... too many to mention

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25 / F / in front of a com...
Posted 4/9/08
I got my dad's being short-tempered and constant moodswings
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26 / F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 4/12/08
not to answer back.!
Posted 4/12/08
My moms bum and my dads skinny legs and chinked eyes.
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29 / M / Australia - Adelaide
Posted 4/12/08
I got my mums head of hair and my dads all-round hairy-ness.
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24 / M / (Unknown)
Posted 4/12/08
Patience both from my parents, and the abilities to support my argument well both from my parents as well.
Posted 4/12/08
My dad's
-bad temper
-hair (thank goodness)

My mom's
-pale skin
-nosy nature

Both my parents' shortness and humor.

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Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08
I inherited my mum's height..yes im short..D:
her hair, nose and eyes..almost all physical things inherited from my mum..

i inherited my childish behavior from my dad..stubbornness..
he was a delinquent..thank god he i inherited the naughty delinquent personality from him..
my attitude and behavior is nowhere near my mum..

I inherited my great-grandfather's stamp albums..he used to be a member of the army so he got lots of letters from around the world..europe..america..etc
he has stamps from a country that never exist anymore..O___O
i shall keep them forever..
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28 / F / floating....away....
Posted 4/12/08
from my dad:

being silent
being a introvert
when i get angry, i plan things out and make the fatal attack (lol.. dosent really mean that i kill)

having a talent in arts
my skin color
my slit eyes
my height(waaah )
cooking skills
my open-mindedness
my boyish trait

material from my grandparents: just some antique samurai sword given by my great great great grandfather from the jap side.
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31 / F / Dubai, UAE
Posted 4/12/08
actually all phisical stuff are inhereted from my father
and the stuborness
self respect
my mother was raised by my dad (( She married my Dad when she was 15 ))
so they have the same thoughts and believes
and we inhereted all their believes
we believe that ppl should be treated equally
we believe in working hard
and I inhereted my funny side from my uncles
I don't really remember my grandparents
so I can't say if I inhereted anything from them
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