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Kakashi is surprised by Tobi's Sharingan and wonders who the man could be. Tobi waves bye and then vanishes. Zetsu also disappears, leaving Kakashi frantic to find Sasuke before the two Akatsuki do. Kakashi jumps to a tree to scan the horizon. Noticing dark clouds, he asks Hinata to scan that area.

She reports a powerful chakra and an area covered in flames. Kakashi tells everyone to follow him and Naruto tells everyone to move as quickly as they can. In the Uchiha Compound rubble, Tobi stands over the Uchiha brothers. He chides Zetsu for being too slow and Zetsu apologizes, saying unlike someone else he can't simply zip around in an instant. Tobi asks if the recording was made and Zetsu says yes.

Tobi answers that he'll watch it later, for now they'll take Itachi's corpse and leave. As the Leaf ninja rush on, Kiba reports they found Sasuke's scent but the Akatsuki got to him first. Naruto is angry and the group's path is suddenly blocked by a wall of Amaterasu fire. Sakura asks what it is and Naruto says it's one of Itachi's jutsu. Yamato uses a Doton to raise and split the earth, causing a path for the teams to go through.

Yamato stays behind to hold the jutsu and the rest continue on. Kakashi forms his Mangekyou and the teams arrive to see Itachi and Sasuke already gone. Kiba states there's still some scent but Kakashi reports they're too late. Naruto looks down angry and dejected while elsewhere Sasuke awakens in a cave. From the shadows Sasuke is told he was given first aid and that he won.

Sasuke says nothing and the voice says the young man shouldn't be so reckless. Tobi emerges from the darkness and states that they met in the past as enemies, but it doesn't matter about what happened with Deidara, as it stands they are no longer foes. He offers that he brought Sasuke along to tell him something important. Sasuke looks away uninterested. Tobi states then perhaps if he reveals it's about Itachi.

Sasuke looks at him again and Tobi says Sasuke knew both a lot and very little about his brother. Tobi says perhaps he should introduce himself. Reaching to remove his mask he says they're alike, he's an Uchiha as well. Showing his right Sharingan and part of his face, Tobi says he's the man who knows the truth about Itachi. He removes his mask and Sasuke's eye forms Sharingan as he looks on in shock.

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