Strawberry Panic vs Maria-Sama ga Miteru
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Posted 10/9/07 , edited 10/9/07

Hey I'm new to the forums so if there's another topic like this 1, pls feel free to delete this one. :D

SP and Maria-sama are two well-known yuri animes. They're a bit similar (catholic school, younger girls meets older sexier sophisticated girl, etc etc)

Just wondering which anime do u prefer? and for what reason(s)?
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Posted 10/9/07
Thanks for contributing to the forums!

However, please use the "Search Forum" box before making new threads to avoid duplicates. Luckily this one is not one of those, but we do not allow these sort of Versus threads because they don't promote discussion.

Also, there is a 'Favorite/Recommended Anime' Thread.
Please check that out =)
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