Forum Guidelines for NEW MEMBERS and EXISTING ONES
Posted 4/7/08 , edited 4/13/08
Note: Everyone can make forum topics, but we will close it if it's nonsense. And the sticky ones are the most important.

TOUR - want to go for a walk and see our hospital

Applications For Jobs - now you can apply for a job

Meet the Staff - you can see if you got the job here, this is being updated regularly, so come see it from time to time.

Registration for Mental Patients - want to be a patient

List of Registered Patients - here you'll see if you've been approved as a patient

Membership Cards - once you are a part of the staff or a patient, you can get your card here. If you haven't applied, just put member in the position.


Questions and Suggestions

Suggestions for Fun Activities

Suggest a Contest

Poll for Badge Of The Month

Past and Future Badges to come


Stories - read stories from the kind of topic you requested

Humor - see for yourself

Medicines - list of medicines available for our patients

Mental Disorders - list of diseases

Cafeteria - discuss with the Cafeteria staff and suggest some food for the menu, upload picture of the food.

Library - talk with our librarian, she loves books.

Choir Room or Music Room - discussions for the Choir and Cheerers. Make Cheers, and choose or suggest songs.

Pathologist's office - a disease about anime hysteria

Morgue - discussions for the Morgue.

Pharmacy - take a look at our available medicines
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