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22 / M / nowhere= now here
Posted 4/7/08
yes read the description and here is an example:

Dude 1: roses are red voilets are red sometimes candy is red sometimes and so is the heart i give to Ted.

the next topic is friendship

Dude 2: i have a friend named bob.
i killed his peace of blob?
the next topic is ....

and on and on and on....

so the starting topic is SCHOOL.

*note: i can't reply forums but i can only start them* so yeah and game Starts

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25 / M / Tulsa Ok
Posted 4/7/08
stuffy halls and cell phone calls
schools are just so heated.
whispering voices and multiple choices
keeping the bored kids seated.

The next topic is rain
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26 / F / in my world
Posted 4/9/08
big drops little drops
filling holes with big mud puddles
splish splash
soaked to tha bone

The next topic is sky
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