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have you written any raps or songs? I have.... they are not really hip-hop persay.... I have written a couple though.... post your songs/raps/rhymes here...
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My Final letter to InternationalDramaLover,

at this time, i would like to apologize,
this is indeed a senseless war, the only thing on the line is our pride,
in our battles many blows have been dealt,
you have indeed brought out the best & the worst of me,
and yet... no compromised was reached

i am sorry... sorry that,
the human-crasyjak was weakened by his emotional attachements, and declared war with no intention to kill.
as vicious as human-crasyjak is, he showed the enemy mercy,
becuz of his foolishness, and the actions taken thereafter by the enemy, human-crasyjak, has been sacrificed,
so my mindstate could begin its trancendence down the path to embrace demon-crasyjak.

and out of the heart of human-crasyjak
exploded the disease called demon-crasyjak,
the manifestation of his mindstate at its darkest,
becuz his center is void of all natural light,
only the the flames of hell to brighten his mood

i am now, inhuman, emotionless & heartless, toward you and all that you love

on my sword, i decree, on this day,
that i will bring unspeakable chaos to the febble little world that you so enjoy, and destroy all that is precious to you, without hesistantion, until you are battered, brusied, and groveling at my feet for forgiveness.

if you previously thought we were partaking in the actual war
foolish little girl... those were truly warm up battles,
a storm looms up above and ahead,
there is no escaping it,
the 1 man army has just awaked from his slumber in the graveyard above all of his victims,
and his bloodlust, rage, and desire to bring chaos is great.
when i strike, it will be silent, swift, hard & precise,
i will take no prisoners
you chose not to heed my warnings, and now becuz of your foolishness,
at my blade you will suffer the pain of a thousand tortures,
and the battlescars will be irreversable

any attempts at civilized contact between us is now futile...
unless it regards your surrender.


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