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Posted 4/7/08 , edited 4/7/08

Shanghai during which they expressed confidence at their upcoming performance and their wishes to explore Shanghai’s Xin Tian Di, which translates to ‘New World’.

Since their debut on 26th December 2003, DBSK has held only about 10 events in China. At the press conference, members of DBSK introduced themselves in Chinese and even demonstrated their recently-learnt Shanghainese dialect (Shanghai-hua)! Their warm and sincere descriptions about Shanghai also endeared fans and the press to them.

Group leader U Know Yunho also revealed that Kangta had told him about a 340 km magnetic-floating ride - (磁悬浮列车, like two like poles repel each other so i guess they have uber big ones and turn them into little trains

JaeJoong also gave an open invitation to the press and fans to bring them around Xin Tian Di, because they were all curious about that famous landmark.

As expected, tonnes of Shanghainese-DBSK fans turned up at the airport to receive their idols. Above is a picture of them waiting outside their hotel. Security was tight but fans still managed to sneak in on the toilet-pretext. Yet even then most were chased out ultimately. Eventually fans obtained some information from the rather acquiescent and cooperative reporters, who relayed titbits about what their idols said, or did, or looked.

source: QQ
Translations: GossipBlog
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