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Posted 4/8/08 , edited 4/8/08
YAY~! =] more people are interested much?

i shall start from his latest one.. if you want more from the past please say so.. =] <3


I actually have a lot of friends around me (both girls and boys) that are just like the people in the above lyrics
Am I right or am I right? YEAH~ I'm talking about you!!!! (just have to pull everyone down with me)
So this story tells us that 高進is the "God of Gamblers" and the "God of Gamblers" is Chow Yun Fat, and Chow Yun Fat will become your father in the future [pls refer to Jay Chow's song lyrics]
Er...About the "Million Blogger's competition"; thanks to many people's votes,
I just happened to be in the finals. (which means that I can continue to write, and continue to be in the competition)

I don't know how you guys voted
But I really hope that those people who voted for me, had really read my entries,
and gained something from it to vote for me.
This is one of the reasons why this competition is so meaningful and interesting. Right?
Even though the titles they gave us, are very official and proces-verbal, (=.= sorry, I just had to say it)
But I still thank their titles. Cos then I could really sit down, and process my thoughts and feelings.
I still like to write about the everyday life or the experiences I've had.
But the point is not that the "God of Gambler" is called 高進, but the point is that the 2nd title had been revealed.
it's called "Gratitude to you, with a Thankful Heart" (I never had the thought in thinking it was a cliché!!)
But looking at the title, it reminded me of...... (you feel the same way too don't you!!!)

Alright, um... About the Gratitude and Thankfulness within family, I guess it'll have to be with my Second Aunty.
She's not my mother, yet she treated me as her own son.
She is a girl from Puli who married to a man in Taipei. She then gave birth to two boys, who are my cousins. (it's true)
She was the one who took care of me and my brother growing up. From clothes, to toys, even outings which she would take us.
Even now, that I've grown up, and living in Taipei, she would call and ask me to join her for dinner; or anything I need and don't have.
Even now, that she started chemotherapy; and had lost all her hair, she is still the same kind and beaming Second Aunty I know.
And she still appears in all my performances, cheering for me.
I believe a lot of people that had seen us perform in the past, had seen her before.
(There was a period where I really hate God, why he always let the good people get sick)
Because of the Party on the 20th of April, the other day she decided to take me hiking on 陽明山 for training.
(I don't think I hiked ever since I got to Taipei)
But my second aunty hikes every day, skipping chemo.
I'm really nothing, compared to her.

On the way, we talked. About everything; life, work, school, family, old times, and newly wedded pops.
Which is her beloved baby brother. She said that she's really happy that her baby brother had finally found someone that could take care of him.
It seems like that we had much more to say to each other now that I've grown up.
(probably because I was too childish when I was younger, and many things she thought she'd tell me when I get older)
But I really think, we shouldn't treat elderly as elderly and don't treat parents as parents (I mean the way to get along with them!!!!!!)
Treat them as friends. It really is much easier.
Even though we kids are always selfish, always turns to the adults when we have problems.
But we never asked them if they are happy; and they won’t easily show us their sadness or their down side.
My second aunty is always there to cheer me up. Her tone of voice was always very cherry and beaming when I pick up her phone.
She always says “Doggy, have you eaten?! I’ll take you to a feast!!”
(She always call us kids doggy, because there are too many kids in our family, not to mention how many names she’ll havta remember)
Talking about phone calls, I seem to recall that mum, pops and aunty would call quite frequently asking me if I was well.
On the contrary, I would always lose on how many times I call them compared to how many times they called me.
(We never forget to call our friends when we wanted to go out, yet, we always forget to call family to ask them if they are well)
But the point is not where we are going, the point is that 陽明山’s hiking tracks are so long and far.
And the views are much more beautiful then what I’ve imagined.

I guess the pythoncidere and the oxygen I inhaled that day, would last me a lifetime.
Thanks to my aunty, I reached the top of the mountain without getting blue in the face, because we took our time and chat along the way.
Aunty even called my dad when we reached the top: “you won’t believe it, but your son hiked 陽明山 and reached the top with me.”
I couldn’t believe that I had the patience and the physical strength to reach that far (you know Aries!!!!!!!!!!!)
I held my aunt’s hand tightly on the way down.
I told that because of the party on the 20th of April, I’ve been restless with anxiety and a slight case of insomnia.
She didn’t say anything. Just smiled and pointed at the old pine tree on the side of the road to change the subject.
She said: “Look at that. This old pine is so brave, and has lived here for hundreds of years. So….”
“um… so aunty, you have to be brave to. You said that you’ll live to see me succeed.
You and Grandma both!!!!!!!!
went back to aunt’s house on that day and she took out the photo album she had kept carefully for years.

It had recorded the honeymoon period of grandpa and grandma; the young and handsome pops and when aunty was a hot chick.
And of course, the silly and stupid kids we were. Look…
Back in the days, other kids rides tricycles, but we ride crocodiles.
The young Chord back then has already developed the silly personality he had grown up to be. (take a guess which one~~~~)
It’s OK that we don’t know how to use cameras when we were young, because the family members around us would record us growing up for us.
So we could easily remember when we grow up.
Now that we’ve grown up, we could record our own everyday life with the camera we bought ourselves.
But realizing that most of the photos we took were of our own or with friends.
But hardly any of our own family. Why is that?
Where did we put those family members that saw us grow up?

If there’s a chance, and if there’s a camera around you, it’s our turn to record those adults for them.
The adults whom had grown older while we mature.
Because we owe them too much. This kind of repayment, is easy.
They are actually pretty easily satisfied.

I don’t know if I’ve written anything that’s got to do with the titles for the “million bloggers” competition.
But I’ve written down the things I wanted to write about and say about these days.
That’s it…
So the conclusion is that I thank you guys.
I mean, you guys that are willing to support me.

**lol yea he writes UBER long blogs..xD trust me
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Posted 4/21/08 , edited 4/21/08
true.... ah he have not updated on the wall party.....
i could not go cos its in Taiwan. I'm from Singapore....
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Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/16/08
But for everybody's information,
there's an english translation of his every post in his blog.
its is done by Adeline if anyone knows her,
but well nevermind that,
he has arranged it because he knows that some of his fans
does not speak chinese or are not very good in chinese,
thus, he initiated this english translation thing.
& this english translated is of a good standard.
as the person translating is an english teacher so yeah.
& as you all know, the way Chord writes,
its quite tricky to translate,
[ I tried for one of his post.... >< and it still has to be edited by Adeline B4 its posted up.]
so yeah, please go there to read, leave comments, and appreciate the effort.

The English posts can be found at the side of his blog.
Under the "Recent Posts" section, above each chinese post...
take a look at this picture and try to get it.
his blog address is

PS. a lot of people misunderstand that it is all done by CHORD,
but its is actually not, so yeah do go and read.

Thanks all.
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