i posted gakuen alice season 1 to season 2 SUMMARY. i need ur reactions bout it.
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Narumi: “Mikan, create many companions you can trust….they will surely become a great strength for you in the future.”

1 week since Mikan has become a single star. Waking up all happy and showing off to everyone how her situation has gotten much better compared to when she was a no star.(Food, room, allowance ect) Mikan finds herself quite popular in class because everyone wants to know what exactly happened in her (& Perm’s) adventure in saving Natsume from Reo. MIkan and Perm keep going on and on about how spectacular they were in fighting Reo, then Ruka-pyon and Natsume enter the room. Everyone running to Natsume “Are you alright!” Mikan smiles to Natsume but he ignores her, She thinking to herself that she now knows a secret (About Natsume work at school) which she cannot tell but got the opportunity to see many sides of Natsume and Perm which she never knew. Ruka-pyon sweetly smiles “Good morning” to Mikan. Hotaru is ready to catch this picture selling smile on camera. Narumi starts class by talking about this week being taken for preparations of the Alice festival. All Alice separated class’ will create event booths and compete each other. Mikan asks around what everyone will be part of. Anna says she will take part of a coffee shop, while Nonoko will take care of first aide and also selling at the “invention shop”. Hotaru, already busy inventing is consumed in her own world not hearing Mikan’s question nor Perm’s older brother telling her to work in the Gijutsu-kei classroom. Nonoko explanes that Hotaru is the hope of the Gijutsu-kei and very popular at the moment so extremely busy. Iincho explaines he will take care of the illusions for the Haunted mansion. Misaki-sensei comes over to get the Gijutsu-kei students who are late for class, Hotaru ignores him. Then Mikan asks Ruka-pyon what he will be part of. Ruka-pyon shy doesn’t want to answer but Perm jumps in to explain they’ll be part of a musical. Mikan imagines a very silly musical….Ruka-pyon tells her to stop imagining such stupidities. She then asks what Kokoroyomi will be. “Oh I’ll be the mirror of truth”. Serina-sensei comes over to get the senzai-kei students Kokoroyomi & Iincho. Mikan, seeing it’s time to go, is excited to find out how her class, the Tokuryoku-kei is doing. But Mikan’s happy feeling quickly turns down when she realizes that her class doesn’t have a teacher(she just didn’t meet him yet)…… Entering the class, Tsubasa and the others are working hard at creating their RPG. A man popping out of nowhere bumps into Mikan. Tsubasa introduces Noda-sensei(Nodacchi) the teacher of Tokuryoku, to Mikan. NOdacchi is the Time tripping Alice, and though he has a alice control bracelet he still cannot completely control his alice and often accidentally timetrips for months to the future and past.Noda-sensei tells Mikan that she is a rare alice and actually the only nullification alice now at alice gakuen, but that together they will slowly try to make her stronger and more stable. Mikan finds Noda sensei to be a very nice and calm and a little clumsy. Because since arriving to school Mikan has not yet gotten a proper tokuryoku class, Noda senssei tells her that today she will not take part of the festival preparations but have a separate class with him to make her stronger. Noda-sensei explaines that there are 4 types of alices: 1: an alice which only appears when during childhood and slowly disappears with age. 2: Type which can only use small amounts of their strength but can use for a much longer period(for life). 3: type which can use their alice very strongly but every time they use their alice they shorten the life of their alice (Meaning the more they use the less long they will be able to have their alice.) 4: a rare type which in compensation to having no limit to their alice, the more they use the alice they shorten their lifespan. Mikan asks noda-cchi what his type of alice is and he says he think it’s the 2nd type. She then asks about what the first type “only during childhood” means, and Tsubasa explains that he remembers sometimes having classmates who after aging would completely loose their alices and get thrown out of school. She realizes that maybe there is someone like that close to her that may loose their alice with age and be taken out of school. Nodacchi explaines that except the first type, other types of alice if properly used can be kept for a lifetime. Misaki points out that the 4rth type is a bit different because though the alice does not have any limits, using the alice slowly kills the user. Mikan thinks about Natsume, and wonders”why did I just think about Natsume…” Nodacchi tells MIkan that the best way to help her power up is to learn to use her alice. So he tells her to use her alice and stop him from timetripping. Mikan panics a little but was able to use her alice and nullify Nodacchi’s alice stoping him from time tripping. Nodacchi tells crying Mikan, a long time ago there was someone who had the same alice as you, and he could use his alice to help others, so I thought maybe you were the same. Nodacchi tells Mikan that shall try as hard as possible ‘till the end of the festival preparations to make her alice stronger…..but simply 3 seconds later Mikan failed to use her alice and Nodacchi is gone time tripping somewhere.

The Alice festival finally begins!! Though they were told in advance by Narumi-sensei that the festival begins in the junior-high grounds and to not make a mistake and go to the elementary school…..Silly Mikan is running from the elementary school to the junior-high grounds. While running she remembers that the past week, because Nodacchi was gone she asked Natsume to help her train her alice….and though he accepted, he simply nastily set fire to her. Though thanks to Natsume Mikan’s alice has gotten more stable, she felt she almost got killed in doing so. While running Mikan trips, and is face to face with all the representatives and vice-representatives of the junior-high and high-school. Mikan finds Iincho and Hotaru, though Iincho tells her she should be in line with the other tokuryoku, Mikan begins to tell them something wonderful had happened, but when seeing the High-school representative she screms Ah! That’s!!! (play back to when she was helped by him) Iincho surprised “wow, you were helped by the princepals?!” But because Mikan doesn’t know what the principals are Iincho begins to explaine that they are chosen representatives of each schools and alice classes. Though they aren’ sure why, since Natsume is sitting with them, seems he also us part of the representatives. Mikan remembers her conversation with the High school principal “Thank you very much. I am elementary grade B class Sakura MIkan.” “Sakura …could it be you are Hyuuga Natsume’s partner?” “How did you know?” “Ah….How do I know….” Mikan winders why Iincho knows so much, and is surprised to find out that Hotaru and Iincho are future candidates to be part of student counsil and may someday be standing up there too. Hotaru blankly startes at the black haired glasses boy who helped curing mikan’s knee injury a few moments before. Let the Alice Festival Begin!!. Mikan happily surprised to see what a great job Tsubasa and the other Tokuryoku did in creating the RPG set. (Mikan was training her alice so didn’t take part in building the set) Misaki senpai helps Mikan change into her costumes for the RPG “Aladdin and the magic lamp) And now all they need to do is wait for customers………but noone comes. Because of earlier years which the tokuryoku had not done anything, noone is interesting in coming to see. Also the fact that they are far away from popular attractions is not helping. A bunch of students pass by, the tokuryoku students all excited are ready to welcome them but because of the bad image everyone have of the tokuryoku they simply laugh at them and leave. Tsubasa can see Mikan is feeling down and picks her up,and cheers her up. Narumi-sensei, Ruka-pyon and Perm come over to play. Everyone finding Ruka-pyon and Perm very cute (the fact thatPerm has cat ears a bit funny like her alice) Mikan: Tada~! I am the fairy of the lamp!”Tsubasa: You mean genie” “RUka-pyon what do you think?” Ruka-pyon blushes, almost telling Mikan she is cute. Though he pretends he isn’t thinking anything, everyone else caught on. And so begins the RPG. First they need to pick an help item. Ruka picks a rope, Perm ear plugs and Narumi-sensei picks a flash light. They all wonder what they shall do with those. First Ruka-pyon enters. His first opponent is Misaki. He must find in all the doppelgangers which is the real Misaki. Next Is Narumi-sensei’s turn. He uses his pheromones and beets all genes up until Mikan. He must get Mikan off the carpet without touching her. But since his alice doesn’t work on her, he retires. Last is Perm. She companies what to do with the noisy earplugs but is caught off guard with the genie who as the alice which makes you laugh even though his jokes are terribly dull. The prise for those who can finish the game is that they can pick a lamp and inside is the name of a genie which they can make the genie fulfill 3 wishes, and the genie will be slave until the 3 wishes are granted. This lasts 1 week. Well, little by little the Tokuryoku’s RPG is gathering customers and getting popular. For the moment no winners and many students are saying this game is very fun but difficult. Natsume, kokoroyomi and other were looking for RUka and found him at the tokuryoku game. Kokoroyomi:”Natsume-kun, the tokuryoku’s event looks pretty interesting. Let’s go.”


Natsume and other who were looking for Ruka found him at the tokuryoku’s RPG. There’s Ruka-kun! Ahahah! Rabbit ears! Perm:Natsume –kun you came for me!” but as always she gets ingnored and laughed at by Kokoroyomi. Mikan finds Natsume: Natsume you came! Natsume:what area you wearing” Mikan: “Look good don’t I?” Natsume pulls Mikans top:”hey, were are your breasts” Mikan shocked runs to Tsubasa. Tsubasa holding Mikan as usual get glared at by Natsume. Tsubasa;”hmm what was that” he squeezes Mikan more and Natsume + RUka glare again at Tsubasa. Tsubasa: “Funny. So that’s what this is all about”. Kokoroyomi who thaught the game looked fun went and got tickets for everyone including Natsume. Natsume first says he not interested but is dared by Tsubasa to try and win. Natsume says to Tsubasa: “I’m gonna win and make you my slave”. An so beginf Natsume’s RPG. First he needs to take back what the girl in the mirrors took away from him. But she gives up when realizing it was a cockroach. Other who passed her were Narumi-sensei with his pheromones and Kokoroyomi with his reading her memories of broken love. Next Natsume must get the soul of Megane-senpai back into his body without touching him. Sitting beside the body he makes a blue fire, the body sweats and cannot resist drinking water so the soul is forced back in. Natsume:”Sorry, I don’t feel how hot it is myself.” Last he must write the anser on the chalk board, he burns it up. Nowhere said he had to use chalk. Those who passed this were the flying alice and stretching arms/legs alice. BTW, Kokoroyomi retired there. Next he must touch Tsubasa within 30 seconds. Tsubasa by stepping on Natsume’s shadow stopps him from moving and even jokes by making him move silly, which gets Natsume pretty angry. Natsume realizes that Tsubasa must touch the shadow to contol it so makes the shadow disappear with his fires. Last he must make MIkan come down the carpet. Natsume begins to caugh and his chest begins to hurt. Mikan worried steps down the carpet asking him”are you alright” Natsume:”Stuuuuupid”. And so Natsume is the first and only winner to the RPG. He tells Kokoroyomi to read their minds and find the lamp. Though Natsume was talking about Tsubasa, in his mind he was thinking of MIkan therefore Kokoroyomi misunderstood that Natsume wanted Mikans and got Mikan’s lamp. And so begins Mikan’s week of tears.


Ruka’s Diary. *Natsume, who got Sakura to be a slave for 1 week until she grants him 3 wishes, seems to have decided to use her as an errand slave (Pashiri in Japanese).
Mikan:Please! Please! I promised to go shopping with Hotaru and Iincho this afternoon! I was looking forward to it… Pleeeeaaaaase!”
Ruka’s diary: *I felt a bit…(a lot) sorry for her so…
Ruka: Natsume…how about setting her free for the afternoon?
Ruka’s Diary:* 2nd Day of the culture fest. Simulation shop festival. Morning, we ended up the 3 of us checking around the Gijutsukei area.
Mikan all excited to see interesting stores and goodies is noisily running around. Natsume, annoyed by this throws a chicken cookie in her mouth which turns her mouth into a beak.
Ruka’s diary:* Sakura, scared of the cookies, stayed quiet. I felt sorry for her, but I decided to think it’s better than Natsume getting angry.
Poor MIkan is walking far back with all of Natsume’s and Ruka’s shopping bags.
Hey find Hotaru’s shop, Mikan automatically runs with all her might. But Stomp! A Hotaru is busy demonstrating a huge robot she created. The robot Pular 3, turns into a bird:Big bird, and flies away, a bunch of foreign investors running after. Mikan, RUka and Natsume are surprised. Perm, explaines that according to her older brother who is also in the gijutsu-kei class, since Hotaru has arrived at school 2 new sponsors have increased for the gijutsu-kei. And with her performance at the festival, more sponsors will surely come. Mikan feels that not only Hotaru but all of the Gijutsu-kei students seem to do know what they want to do, have dreams and are shining.(look happy)
Mikan is starting to feel left out because she feels that most of the gijutsu-kei seem to have already decided what they want to become. She asks Perm and the others: “Have you already decided what you want to become in the future?” Perm says she wants to make her alice useful and be part of the police force. (Natsume imgines her as police dog)Then Mikan asks Ruka, but he doesn’t want to answer. Natsume isn’t listening and went off shopping. Mikan depressed is asking why even though they are still children, why are alices so mature!. Perm says it’s to be expected from a triple star like Hotaru and Natsume who’s even higher, and Ruka also being a triple. Mikan is surprised. Mikan:Ruka-pyon, you’re a triple? ! I didn’t know! Why didn’t you say so?. Ruka: Mine isn’t from effort like Imai and the other so…. Natsume grabs Mikan and says he’s hungry. They arrive at Anna’s offe shop and sit down for pie. Anna comes with her Queen Banana Miracle Pie and Tropical Melting tea. Mikan:”Looks delicious! Rainbow color!” Natsume & Ruka: “looks delicious?!! Is this eatable?!” Natsume finds a kusare bouzu(rotten boy)on his pie, then throws the tie over everyones pies. Anna is shocked and crying, Mikan gets angry at natsume telling him to apologize. An older classmate of Anna, Milk explaines to Anna that she used flour that went bad over 100 years ago, so a kusare bouzu came out. If they had eaten this they would have had bad stomach aches. Mikan still angry, but Ruka says that he thinks Natsume did on purpose to throw the tea so that they don’t eat it and didn’t want to say out loud because that would have had caused trouble for Anna in front of other customers. Ruka says that Natsume, though he doesn’t exoress his feeling well, is a good guy always sacrificing himself for others. Mikan says that RUka pyon loves very much Natsume. That She and him are alike, because just like Natsume Hotaru doesn’t express her feeling well but still she knows that Hotaru is a great person who would do anything to help other, and that’s why she loves Hotaru very much. Same thing for Ruka towards Natsume. Ruka then tells mikan about his dream for the future, he wants to become a vet and live far away somewhere where they (Natsume, RUka, Aoi) won’t be found and will live happily. Mikan thinks it’s a wonderful dream and tells Ruka that it will surely be granted.Mikan:”shall we go look for Natsume?” they find Natsume under a tree sleeping. Ruka after listening to Mikan, feels his dream will surely come true.

Because Iincho will be taking a brake in the afternoon from the illusions for the Haunted Mansion, they decided Mikan, Natsume and Ruka decide to ride a flying broom. They arrive at the senzai-kei area, Mikan starts to get excited allover again, but Natsume quickly reminds her with the chicken cookies that it’s because Ruka wanted to come that they are there. On their way they see Kokoroyomi pretending to be the mirror of truth, reading people’s minds. Boy:This guy says he’s got a girlfried, is it true?” Light haired boy:”I tell you it’s true!” Kokoroyomi:”This guy is a big fat liar” They arrive at the haunted mansion, some students coming out crying. They feel a huge gap betweens Iincho’s usual smiling face and what they see. Iincho is very happy to see MIkan came. MIkan then tells Natsume that she’s from the countryside so she’s used to dark places and will be alright. But quickly Mikan panics, scared. Screamin Natsume, Ruka-pyon don’t leave me!!! Ruka is a bit nervous but Natsume is not scared at all. Mikan extremely scared holds on tight to Ruka’s arm. Ruka blushes seeing Mikan being cute, Natsume is looking. They get ran after by an old lady because they ignored her asking them to carry her, Scared, they run and run…. MIkan is scared to death, Ruka’s Rabbit runs away scared, RUka runs after the rabbit. Natsume hurt his ankle and has trouble waling. He and mikan get closed up in a room. Iincho, tryiong with all his might to create scary things almost faints and makes a pillar fall on the levers and brakes a few which turnes the electricity off in the haunted mansion. The haunted mansion gets closed, and Ruka realizes that Mikan and Natsume are still stuck inside. Mikan asks Natsume to use fire and light up the room, Natsume takes out strange fire. Natsume tells MIkan that it’s her fault his ankle is hurt because she pushed him and ruka when she panicked when the wall pretended to fall down. He then scares her by lieing: Ah! the face and that wall moved….I think. MIkan crying, don’t scare me like that! Then Mikan remembers she wanted to appoligise about screaming at him for Anna’s pie. She says Ruka said he did it for them but Natsume just answers “what’s that about” Mikan. Completely forgetting her fear, starts to think about the fact that Natsume is really hard to talk to compared to Ruka and others. She gets lost in her thoughts about not hating natsume, not not having fun but….she just can’t find exactly how she feels when she is with him. She then realizes that during the whole fesyival, or since she’s arrived at school she has never seen Natsume enjoying himself. She remembers Perm’s older brother’s words: The kikennouryoku can’t take part of the festival. She tries to make him laugh by elling the not funny jokes the joke alice from her tokuryoku class said. Of course, since MIkan is not the joke alice it’s not funny. She starts argueing again with natsume because he calls her Pokadots and stupid, Mikan: How about thinking of a weay to remember people’s name mr. Nasty fox”. Natsume angry kicks Mikan and lifts her skirt. “Shut up, strawberry pattern” with Mikan’s screams, other students find them (trying to save them) Mikan over Natsume. Natsume: “Don’t attack me ‘cause noones looking, pervert!(sexually harassing). In the darkness it seemed as if Natsume smiled, but at the moment Mikan couldn’t care less.
Hotaru’s memory of her and her parents running away from school personnel. Hotaru shoots at Mikan for being late. They go around the festival, but somehow Hotaru doesn’t seem happy. Hungry, they decide to go eat something, but on the way an attraction crashes. The high school vice representative comes over and cures all injured with his alice. He then transfers a small part of the pain of the injured to one of the students taking care of the attraction. Mikan is surprised to see this, because after he had helped her out on the first day of the festival she had thought he was a really nice person. The Vice-representative and Hotaru, face to face stare at each other. Student, Hey you elementary, get out of the way. HOtaru: Pleased to meet you. Vice: Pleased to meet you.
Everyone is surprised to this. The vice, Imai-senpai: “ She is my sister, I think.” Mikan ect are eavesdropping. Hotaru’s brother says he was very proud to hear she was an alice and entered school, but Hotaru asks, Why have you never written to our parents, why have you never accepted to visit them?. Hotaru’s brother coldly answered that he was grateful for them to have given him birth as an alice but felt no more towards “those people”. Hotaru sees her brother as cold, heartless machine. Hotaru then wonders, if someone enters this school at 5 years old, would they all turn that way. She says she can see many resemblance between her and her brother and that if she had been in his position, she would have probably ended up same. She explains when her parents found out she was an alice her mother cried for days, regretting to have given away their son, her parents didn’t want to do the same to Hotaru, so they ran away and tried to teach, show as many things as possible, give as much love as possible to Hotaru before they would get caught. She said she thought that they couldn’t run away anymore, she didn’t want to see her parents in so much pain. Hotaru explaines that she wanted to prove, she wanted to see what exactly is the cause giving her parents so much grief. And to show that she would not change and loose sight of important people and things. Hotaru thinks to herself that thanks to Mikan she has been able to like herself, and be herself. They get back to visiting the festival. Mikan says she wants to go to the Peter Pan flying but Hotaru says she wants to eat.
Ruka: “Don’t come.!” Ruka who’d doesn’t want others to see him in the play tells them not to come. Perm, all excited it throwing pamphlets allover telling everyone to come and see the Taishitsu-kei play(musical). It’s the main event of the festival, on the 4rth day. Though they said they wouldn’t come, Mikan ect still followed Ruka. Ruka is Snow white!! Ruka feels embarrassed to be dressed as a girl, but everyone thinks he’s so cute. Mikan:” You look just like a real girl”, hearing this from Mikan gets Ruka even more embarrassed and depressed. Natsume did on purpose to choose Ruka as snow white and Yuri-senpai(a girl) (female pheromone alice)as the prince to get as many customers as possible to win the competition of the Festival.(the most customers). Narumi explaines that this musical is a mix of sleeping beauty and snow white. Perm is sleeping beauty. It’s a fight between sleeping beauty and snow white for the love of the prince. Everyone thinks that Perm as sleeping beauty is a miscast. Natsume, worried about Ruka asks Narumi if he’ll be ok, Narumi says Ruka is a good boy who when it’s time to go on stage he will do his part. Problem is Yuri-senpai: Miyazono Yuri, junior-high 2nd year, 14 years old. Owner of the female pheromones. Though she’s normal(likes boys) her pheromones cause her to be popular with girls. Narumi said he cast her as the prince so that she can feel pride and comfort with her alice and enjoy a wonderful pheromone life. Natsume: “What the hell is he saying” Hotaru:”in other words, your telling her to turn lesbian” Kokoroyomi:”Simply said, it’s all for popularity”. Kokoroyomi brought Hitsuki-dama, special balls he bought which are extremely sticky. By accident the balls a thrown allover the place an
D many of the actors are stuck, including the prince Yuri-senpai. The set is all messed up and it takes at least 1 hour for the hitsuki-dama’s effect to ware off. Narumi, a little enjoying himself, decides to change a bit the story and use those not stuck as replacement actors. I’ll be the hunter, Fukutan-sensei you’ll be the queen. Because a little boy who plays an elf is stuck hand in hand with Natsume, Narumi says Natsume should play an animal of the forest. Natsume first refuses, but seeing the sad little boy he dresses up as a cat. Everyone is surprised. Mikan laughing: It’s suits you…you’re cute. Other students around thinking the same way but too scared of getting killed can’t say out loud. Natsume angry: ”Don’t tell a guy he’s cute!” He then tells Narumi, grabbing Mikan, She will be the prince. Mikan tries to refuse. Natsume: “Hey, aren’t you my slave!!” ……..another 2 orders to go…… Mikan thinks it’s impossible for her to play the prince but Yuri-senpai pleads her to take her place, there’S no time and you’re the only one!. Even Perm and Hotaru under the influence of Yuri-senpai’s pheromones please (force) Mikan. Ruka tries to comfort Mikan, saying he’ll help her out, not to worry so much.
The play is ready to begin. Everyone thinks Mikan looks nice. Mikan still nervous, especially with her hair down, runs to Ruka, am I ok, do I look strange? RUka blushing. Ruka begins to say “Ka…(Kawaii=Cute) but turns it into “Kami=hair…it’s the first time I see you with your hair down. Member of the “kindly watching over Ruka-pyon” group smiling at how cute Ruka is trying to hide his feelings. (Lots of such groups, which tsubasa is founder: Kindling watching over Ruka-pyon….a little teasing Ruka-pyon ect)Hotaru tells Mikan she looks cute. Mikan feels it’s her responsibility to help and decides to try her best for this play. And so the play begins. The story is of a cursed sleeping beauty who turned into a nasty lazy cow. Mikan and the others think Narumni did a good job in casting perm. The nasty sleeping beauty jealous of snow white and her prince. She asks the mirror of truth who is the most beautiful of all, Kokoroyomi answers his own thoughts: Not you for sure. Sleeping beauty angry decided to kill snow white. She sends a hunter, Narumi, who is blowing allover his pheromones (Misaki sensei & Ruka:”Good thing I drank some pheromone guard”) Sleeping beauty then decides to use a biting poisoned apple to kill snow white (Actually it’s a non poison biting apple Narumi stole from Misaki-sensei) Time for the prince to save snow white. Narumi shows a board saying: “the prince gives a real kiss to snow white on the lips, visible to the audience”. Mikan panics. Still panicking, but feeling responsible to fulfill what is asked so that the play everyone worked so hard for is not ruined, she decided to give Ruka-pyon “the kiss”….Almost kisses Ruka. In a moment of jealousy, Natsume throws something at Mikan’s head stopping her from kissing. Hotaru quickly turns off the lights which lets everyone in the audience wonder if they really kissed or not. And so the play ends. Everyone applauds, the play was a success. But Mikan and Ruka are too shy to face each other.
The festival Is ending. Mikan is happy to have had the opportunity to meet and spend time with students she had never spoken before. They are watching the festival parade from the roof of the elementary building. Iincho, who later on is going to help with the gijutsu-kei orchestra, explains that at the end of the festival a King, queen and rookie will be chosen. (King=MVP for boys, Queen for the girls and rookie =MVP new student.) they each win a prize and become main guest for the end of festival ceremonies. Everyone leaves but behind, spit out of the sky falls Nodacchi from his time trip. The tokuryoku are happy to see Nodacchi back. The students leave. Narumi, passing by is surprised by Noda-sensei. Noda sensei tells Narumi that he tripped to a very interesting time, that his bracelet didn’t work properly and he was able to go to a period close to a past they wanted to know. Nodacchi: “well, I said close, but it’s exactly 1 year after the that moment(not said exactly what moment). I saw that woman in the snow. She seemed to be running away from something, holding a new born baby. She called the baby “Mikan”. After that I was taken again into a time slip to the future and back to here.” Narumi:” A few days ago I visited Mikan’s grandfather. And now, what I thought of as a possibility has now turned into a certainty.” Nodacchi:” Then, the path she will be walking will not be a peaceful and easy one like the others…..” The 3 school principals enter the stage. Mikan asks Tsubasa who they are: the High school principal, Junior-high and elementary school principal. No one knows much about the 3 principals, especially the elementary grade principal is mysterious. It’s said that bad things happen if you get a principal’s eyes set on you. (though without realizing Mikan, just like Natsume is already being watched) The winners of the festival are announced, winner class is Gijutsu-kei. They announce the King who is also a Gijustu-kei student. No one is Queen and Rookie is Hotaru. A special prize is given to the tokuryoku for their RPG. Everyone is surprised and happy. Narumi tells Nodacchi that since arriving at school Mikan has cleared his condition of making friends and he believes that she is strong enough to surpass any obstacles that will come her way. Narumi goes to congratulate Mikan, gives her a letter: Sorry to have made you wait so long。This is a letter from your grandfather. Narumi to himself: “I pray that the future is a kind one in which these children shall always smile.”
The last day of the festival.
Dance party.
Did you know the rumor that those who dance the last dance at the party will become a couple!! All the girls in class are squeaking about this. Girls ask Natsume and Ruka if they already decided who they will dance their last dance hoping it will be them. Mikan is surprised to see Natsume popular with the girls. Mikan cannot understand why such a pervert could be popular. Someone asks who Mikan will dance the last dance with, some girls start saying maybe with Ruka ‘cause they were the Prince and snow white + they kissed (they think). Ruka blushes ‘cause he can hear everything, Natsume gets a upset when hearing. Other girls: “Hey isn’t she the one who played the prince, that new student who became Natsume’s partner? Could she be dating with Natsume or Ruka
? maybe even promised the last dance? She’s just a kid, not even cute!” Mikan gets angry at the girls for getting told such nasty things. The girls are still talking about the last dance. Misaki says that every year she and Tsubasa dance the last dance but are not a couple. They then walk away hand on waist. Megane-senpai: they say they’re not dating but they look like a married couple. Anna points at Otonashi-san(the strange dance fortune teller) and her boyfriend who started dating after dancing the last dance last year. She says that it’s Milk onee-sama who said that 50% of alice marriages are between alices. Mikan to herself: “wow, I’ve never even had someone I liked before….” Mikan is surprised that Nonoko and Anna have someone they like. They say it’s a secret but very obviously run to Misaki-sensei. Eating Hotaru is surrounded by rish foreign men and Perm’s older brother confessing their love. Accidentally Mikan is face to face with Natsume and Ruka, the two she didn’t want to meet. Mikan walks away,but accidently walks in the direction of where the next folk dance is to start. She stops on her tracks… Natsume sees Ruka’s sad expressions and pushes Ruka on Mikan. They end up dancing together and have a great time. The feeling of fun wins over her shyness and thoughts of love, and she decides that right now she should simply be herself and have fun. Hotaru suddenly grabs Ruka: ”She’s pretty slow(slow to understand other’s feelings)” Ruka:”…what are you talking about” Hotaru: ”Oh, nothing…” it’s pretty obvious to everyone but Mikan how Ruka feels. Hotaru: “ I suddenly feel an urge to eat Gyoza, go buy me some.” Ruka: ”why” Hotaru: ”Mi-Ka-N”. Mikan then dances with Narumi, IIncho, A guy with stretching arms and Yuri-senpai (in men’s clothes for some reason). Again face to face with Natsume. Mikan:”Could it be he will refuse to dance only with me?!” Natsume does on purpose to dance with other girls but not Mikan. Mikan a bit upset goes to the bathroom. On her way back again she is face to face with Natsume. Natsume: ”boring” MIkan: “didn’t you have fun at the festival?” since Natsume is a kikennouryoku he couldn’t participate to the festival and felt this had nothing to do with him. He then seriously tells Mikan: “Stop trying to step over to this side. With that empty head of yours, don’t come into a darkness you don’t need to see.” Mikan doesn’t really understand what he means, but can feel he is acting different from usual. Natsume: “..Now go. Hurry up and go, ugly.” MIkan angry tells him to stop calling her names like ugly or polka dots and try and learn how to remember people’s names. Natsume: “Mikan….Mikan” Natsume: “Now go, no right to refuse. (she’s still his slave) You have no right to complain about my way of calling you. That’s my third order. Now go.” Mikan is surprised when he calls her name and blushes, feeling her heart racing. Everyone was wondering where Mikan went and why her face is all red. Then Hotaru’s call for the last dance partner: Sakura Mikan. Everyone is surprised, but Mikan is happy to dance with Hotaru. And so the festival ends.

After a very fun festival is: end of term exams. The beginning of hell. All teacher prepare special tests and ways to stop students from teaching. Mikan who always gets terrible marks on exams is worried. Iincho explains that the one who gets highest grades in exams can get a 1 week visit home. Everyone believes that it’s impossible for Mikan to get it. But Mikan is determined to get the best student marks and win the 1 week home. IInchou and Ruka end up helping Mikan to study, but she is much sillier than they expected not knowing any answers. They decided to check her level…but seems like she’s an idiot. Mikan cries to Ruka saying that Natsume is looking at her with eyes saying she’s an idiot…..those around say it’s impossible to get best grades and to give up and play dodge ball. In Tokuryoku class Mikan asks Nodacchi to help her with history….but Nodacchi tells her what he saw and not what’s in the books, which is very useless when it comes to tests. Mikan still tries her best, thinking that even if it’s just a small chance, she should try her best to get it. Students around end up also fallowing her example and pretty much everybody is studying. Exams begin. Narumi’s exam is to write him a love letter. Next, during Misaki-sensei’s exam is each student gets a cheater detecting cactus that’ll sting every time you cheat. Because of a large amount of cactuses created, a few of them have very “special” personalities. Mikan’s cactus laughs at her answers. During Serina-sensei and Jinno sensei’s hour, noone dares cheating. Next is cooking. Mikan is happy, I like cooking!. Someone sets fire and Fukutan-sensei uses his alice, hair lengthening alice to put out the fire, it’s the first time students see his alice and everyone screems it’s gross, stay away! Mikan feels sad for Fukutan-sensei. Last exam, a substitute teacher….Persona in disguise.
Natsume is Shocked. The tests are over but Mikan is frozen because though she studied hard, she didn’t do well. Natsume running after Persona. “What are you doing here” Persona says it was the principal’s orders to check on Natsume because he doesn’t have lifeless eyes as he used to. “And also to learn a bit more about the kitty with a different color of hair you recently often roam around with.” Persona expresses his surprise to seeing natsume seriously taking school exams when he must surely know it’s useless since he has nomore home or family to go home to. Persona: “Principal warns you to be careful and not make any new favorites, especially little kittens with different color of hair.” Natsume:”It’s you guys who made her my partner….” Persona:”that was not the principal’s decision. Be careful”
Mikan is depressed and crying. Though she tried her best, she ended up last on the exams rank, scoring worst. Classmates laughed at her getting last place, and Hotaru said :”just as expected”…. Plus every time she tries to talk or do something with Natsume and Ruka, Natsume ignores her or tells her to “go away, ugly”. During her walk outside, she suddenly sees a bunch of small stuffed animals carrying a big bucket of water and talking to each other “just a little more… that’s it, careful not to spill…” Mikan is staring at them in disbelief, one of the dolls asks her: “please help us. Could you please bring this water to our master over there” Mikan helps the dolls bringing the bucket of water to their master whom they say suddenly felt sick. Over on a bench is sitting a handsome you boy. The boy surprised:”um…I asked for some water to drink my medicine…..a bucket of water….” Mikan buys the boy a bottle of water. Boy:”Thank you for buying me some water. I’m junior-high B class Sono Kaname. Thanks for being so nice to them (dolls). (Mikan mesmerized by his handsome and friendly face) What’s your name?” Mikan:”Um..I’m Sakura MIkan, 10 years old, elementary B class tokuryoku-kei…” In her thoughts Mikan thinks that Kaname-senpai looks just like a prince she and Hotaru used to draw when when they were small. Kaname-senpai is surpised to know that Mikan is in the tokuryoku. Kaname:”tokuryoku-kei?..then you must be….” Tsubasa interrupts: “Kaname! You came out of the hospital today?You should’ve told me, I’d ‘of went and get you” Kaname-senpai explains that it’s simply a 1 week out of the hospital and that he had to go back after. He wanted to keep his coming a secret to surprise everyone. (Kaname-senpai is also Tokuryoku) Tsubasa tells Mikan:”remember I told you a friend of mine had the alice that would give a soul to every doll he would create, well that’s him.” Mikan: “that’s him….so that means….” Kaname:”BEAR!!!” Bear runs towards Kaname. Mikan panics:”It’s coming! Run!!” But bear jumps lovingly into Kaname-senpai arms, rubbing it’s face on his chest. Mikan is shocked. Could this be the same Bear who attacked her? Kaname explains that Bear is the first doll he ever made, but at that time he wasn’t very good at creating so bear doesn’t have the speaking ability like other dolls. And also because of Bears personality no one would keep him. Kaname says to Mikan, Hotaru and Ruka (Ruka btw being loved by the other stuffed animals) that because of his health condition he can’t do anything for Bear but ‘cause him worries, but after seeing that Bear made such good friends as Mikan ect, he feels reassured. Mikan wonders what he means with “health condition”. Suddenly a bunch of high school girls barge in. “Kaname ku~n!” they are the Kaname and kaname dolls fan club, girls who bought moving dolls from Kaname. They said they found out that he was out of the hospital because their dolls had left a message that they were going to get the master at the hospital. The girls brought presents and gifts and decide to make a welcome home party. Misaki-senpai asks bear to boil water for tea…but in Bear’s house there is no running water, gas or electricity. Kaname very naturally with a beautiful smile takes the bucket. “I7ll go fetch the water at the well. Since there is no running water, gas nor electricity and life is very hard here for Bear, that’s the least I can do….I really want to have water/gas/electricity though….but that’s ok, I’ll go fetch water…” And so the fangirls add running water, gas and electricity to Bears house. Tsubasa:”he sure knows how to use the his charm to get what he wants”. But Kaname is happy to do this for Bear. Mikan asks Tsubasa if kaname-senpai is sick since he needs to be in the hospital. Tsubasa explained that kaname’s alice is the 4th type which every time he uses his alice it shortens his life. Bear jealous slaps the other dolls away from Kaname. The next day, because the fan girls kept Kaname up late, he was too tired and had to skip class. Mikan after hearing about Kaname’s alice shortening his life is worried for him. She then notices that Natsume is staring at her, but when she looks his way he quickly looks away. Mikan:”What the… ignoring me recently. Did I do something wrong?!” Tsubasa is visiting kaname in his room. Tsubasa a bit upset at Kaname for even though he is sick, playing with the dolls every day. Recently, every night at kaname’s room window flowers are brought. From who may they be? A bunch of students, including Mikan and Hotaru talk about a ghost (in the shape of a flying fire) has appeared. Recently every night around 11 p.m. this ghost appears….they decided to send someone to go check, and quicly it’s decided that Mikan is the one to go. Mikan is scarred holding on to Hotaru’s arm walking towards where the ghost is said to appear. “Kyaaa! It’s the ghost!....eh?” Actually it’s simply Bear with a light walking out of the forest. Hotaru and Mikan spy on Bear to see what he’s up to. Bear goes up to Kaname’s room window and leaves flowers, but is cought by Kaname.”I knew it was you.” Bear was secretly visiting Kaname every night to check on him and leave him flowers. Kaname tells Bear that unfortunately his week out of the hospital must be cut short and he has to go back tomorrow, but “I know even if I’m not there, you(Bear) will be alright…..” But still, because Bear doesn’t take on a master and only relies on himself, Kaname is afraid that if he is gone, Bear will truly end up alone. Images of when Kaname was small and created Bear. Mikan and Hotaru walking back hand in hand, Mikan remembering her grandfather saying that her parents were somewhere in the stars(dead), Mikan:”are they also watching over me, worrying like that(like Kaname for Bear) about me…would they hug me like that from the sky…thinking in such a way while looking at the starry sky makes me feel a bit sad” Natsume sweating, in pain drinking some medicine. It’s time for Kaname to go back to the hospital. Kaname tells everyone thank you for coming, and goodbye. Kaname to MIkan:”please take care of Bear.^_^ When we meet again, if I’m well enough, I’ll make you a doll.” But Mikan says she doesn’t want a dol since she already has Bear and she’d rather see kaname-senopai in good health. Mikan: “Bear is also waiting for you, so please hurry and come back(get well soon)”. Kaname:”thank you”. Mikan decides ti try and win Bears friendship with gifts ect…but looses miserably
Narumi: Since when did I begin hallucinating that I was not human….since always….probably it started when I met the love of my life…that day I began living with and emptied soul….. Narumi-sensei meets with Mikan’s grandfather who seems sad. It’s now November at Alice Gakuen, Mikan and other classmates are cleaning dry leafs on school grounds. Iinchou had the best results on the end pf term exams and therefore received the Honor-student award of 1 week holiday visit home and 3months worth of free food tickets for Central Town. All classmates area happy for Iinchou and congratulating him. Iinchou is looking forward to going home and meeting his younger sister who is now 3 years old. Until now he has only seen pictures of his sister because 4 years ago, before his sister was born, he came to Alice Gakuen and was never allowed(like all other students) a visit home. Today Iinchou is supposed to come back from his 1 week home. On their way to class, Mikan ect see student talking about a warning on the school board in the halls. The paper says there is a unknown virus attacking adult alices and if any students notice anything strange to contact school officials. Kids discussing this say it’s scary because there is a rumor that another victim who lost their alice had been found. Narumi-sensei is speaking to the class about the incident, explaining that it is still unkown if it is due to a human cause, natural or virus. And that the symptoms are that all of a sudden the victims simply cannot use their alices. For the moment no victims have appeared at school and all victims are adults.(6 victims until now) Mikan and other student talk about how scary it is if they lost their alice, especially since the cause and cure is unknown. Hotaru, who stuck a secret panda mic to Narumi is listening to his conversation with Misakia-sensei. Misaki-sensei asks Narumi how things went with B class. Narumi says that for the moment all is fine, no on is panicking. Misaki-sensei says that in the junior-high, somehow information had leaked and that things were hard, students were panicking. Narumi: “I never imagined there would be from here, and worst a junior-high victim.” Hotaru is shocked that there actually was a junior-high victime of loosing their alice. Misaki-sensei and Narumi keep walking and end up in too far for Hotaru’s mic to work, so she cannot hear the rest of their conversation. Misaki: “you’d better not be thinking of doing anything more……don’t play dumb….about these incidents, even an idiot would know what you’re thinking. If you do anything excessive, you know what will happen to her (Mikan’s) standpoint(position)….for god’s sake, just forget!(talking about something from their past)” Though Narumi keeps on joking with Misaki-sensei, in his heart he knows he should forget but cannot. Kokoroyomi, Kitsuneme and Mikan area still talking about the loss of alice. Kitsuneme:”Hey, loosing your alice, wouldn’t that also mean going home? Wouldn’t that also be nice?” Kokoroyomi:”If you think of it that way, loosing your alice isn’t so bad” MIkan:”Oh! I see” Perm get’s in the conversation calling them idiots for thinking that loosing their alice would be nice. Kokoroyomi calls her a nasty old witch, so Perm get’s angry at him. Nonoko says that being able to see her family again would be nice but wouldn’t want to loose her alice because she feels like it’s a part of her (like an arm, or piece of soul ect) and worse of all, having to leave the school would mean not being able to be with everyone anymore. Other students agree. Mikan also feels how important everyone at school is to her and all over starts the “I don’t wanna loose my alice”. Nonoko passes a comment that probably children are safe, when hearing Natsume suddenly stands up and walks away. Ruka runs after him asking him if anything happened, because he’s been acting strange lately, especially towards Mikan. Natsume remembers Rukas words:” If Natsume doesn’t smile, then I won’t smile ether.”
Natsume pretends that nothing is wrong to reassure Ruka. Mikan is still wondering why Natsume has been staying away from her lately Mikan “did I do something?....though remember countless times I was victimized…” In Tokuryoku class there is a highschool boy with long black hair, MIkan has never seen. Boy: “what the.. still no one here yet…oh wel. “looking at MIkan: “Who are you” Tsubasa and other Tokuryoku students arrive in class, but the class is filled with cigarette smoke and Mikan is laughing on the boys lap. Tsubasa is surprised. Megane: Ah Tono’s here, how rare.” Tsubasa: “Mikan get away from him now. Or you’ll get pregnant”. The boys name is Tonouchi Akira, 3rd year of High school, and representative of the Tokuryoku. *Womanizer* MIkan is surprised that he is the representative of Tokuryoku. Tono and Tsubasa are snapping at each other. Nodacchi explains to Mikan that Tono’s alice is the Amplifying alice, a rare alice that amplifies other’s alices. Though it does nothing for him, Tono is often needed as partner and used for outside jobs. Which is why he is rarely in class. Tono suddenly remember where he had heard Mikan’s name: “Ah! I though t I had heard that name before, Sakura Mikan. Now I remember, you’re Hyuuga Natsume’s partner.” Mikan wonders how he know, Misaki-senpai explains Tono often goes on outside jobs for the school so has a lot of connections for information. Tsubsa get’s angry at Tono because he thinks that since Mikan is Natsume’s partner she’s already “taken” (taken in a xxx sence of the word ) Tono to Mikan:”In another 3, 4 years let’s get even friendlier” Mikan:”?...ok” Silly Mikan doesn’t understand what Tono is talking about. Tono asks how’s Natsume’s health since recently he’s been in and out of the hospital a lot. Mikan didn’t know. Mikan is shocked because she had no idea he was in and out of the hospital, and remembers about the 4th type of alice and Kaname-senpai…she wonders could Natsume also be like that…Megane asks Tono if he knows anything about the alice disappearing incidents. Tono says that’s the reason why a job was cancelled and he ended up back in class. Tono almost spills the beans about a junior-high student loosing their alice but Noda-sensei makes a sign to him not to say anything, so Tono lies ans says:no way! (no students victims). Tsubasa asks if that means that it’s safe in school, Nodacchi explains in a very difficult and unsure way that it means maybe in school is safe. They ask what the “human cause” meant (remember Narumi’s explanation at beginning). Mikan repeats in her head Tono’s words that outside school is dangerous (to become victim) Iincho arrives at school from his trip home in a big fancy car. Driver:”Tobita-sama, we are almost arriving at school” Iicho: “thank you.” Iincho to himself:”1 week was very short. I wanted to stay longer with my family…but soon I’ll see Mikan-chan again, and everyone else. I should be happy.” Suddenly an old woman crosses the street in front of the car. The car almost hits her. Iincho runs out of the car and helps the woman stand by holding her hand:”are you alright?!” woman:”thank you for your help”. The woman is alright and walks away. Driver “Tobita-sama we must hurry” iincho runs back to the car thinking:”feels like that woman resembles someone…..but who….”
Narration: “Natsume. Alone, what are you thinking? Alone, what burden are you bearing? Even just a little, share with me the burden you bear on your shoulders. I will do anything I can……
Iincho has arrived at school. Everyone is happy to see him, or better to say everyone is excited to see what presents he brought. Iincho begins to give around the presents he was asked, of course by Hotaru he was asked expensive foods. Mikan is surprised to find out that Iincho is from Fukuoka (Kyushu Island) While giving away presents, Iincho is face to face with a penguin. !? What’s this? It’s a penguin robot Hotaru made by special order but was returned to her because the robot missed Hotaru too much. The Penguin would ccry every night so the client felt sorry and brought him back to Hotaru. Mikan quickly becomes friends with penguin, and with Kokoroyomi and Kitsuneme she plays around with Penguin. Looking at them, Hotaru says:”Idiots attract idiots.” Perm is upset because someone wrote allover and permed the hair of the doll Iincho gave her. Kokoroyomi-kun holding a pen and Kitsuneme-kun holding a curler are obviously the criminals. To punish them Perm orders Iincho to create a scary hallucination like he did during the alice fest. …… But……it’s not working. Iincho’s alice is not working, it disappeared. Everyone is shocked. Narumi explains to the class that Iincho was taken to the school lab, and still the cause of his loss of alice was unknown. It’s been 2 days since Iincho was taken away to the lab. Classmates are worried he will be thrown out of school. “What will happen to Iincho?” Mikan runs after Narumi: “Please let us see Iincho!” But Narumi keeps saying that he cannot. Hotaru nocks Narumi out and puts an antenna she created on his head. This makes it possible to control Narumi’s movements and so they go to the lab where Iincho is kept. Hotaru knows that Iincho must be scared and worried, all alone. When seeing Mikan and Hotaru, Iincho begins to cry. Iincho: What will happen to me…..will I not be able to see everyone ever again...? Even though I wanted to go home….I don’t want to go home in such a way” Back in class Mikan and others are folding origami cranes, eacj crane holding everyone’s hopes that Iincho gets better. “ classmates begin to say how stupid it is to make paper cranes, that it won’t help. Then they begin to laugh saying maybe Mikan who visited Iincho came back with germs if it’s a virus that causes the loss of the alice. Mikan gets angry at them for laughing at the situation but it’s Perm who nocks ‘em hard. “Laughing at a moment like this when our friends is in such a situation!”…she also gets angry at Mikan for partially being the cause that engraved everyone’s worries by going to see Iincho without permission. But, to everyone’s surprise Serina-sensei enters class with Iincho. Though Iincho’s alice has not come back, school found out that the cause was not a virus therefore he could go back to class. Everyone is happy to see Iincho back. Perm:”But doesn’t school have any idea of the cause…” Iincho explains that he believes school has some idea because the first few days he was taken to the lab, he was asked in detail what he did, things that happened around him when arriving at school from his trip home. Alices that have powers to see other people’s memories even looked at his memory and school officials seemed to have set their eye on the woman which was almost hit by the car Iincho was riding, which he held her hand when helping her stand p. Iincho says he heard them say they believed this woman had the “alice stealing alice”. Everyone is surprised, no one has ever heard of such an alice, and why would an alice want to do such a thing as steal other’s powers….Iincho says he heard the school officals say that woman was part of Z, and ati-alice gakuen group. Natsume, Mikan, Hotaru, RUka and Perm are shocked at hearing the name “Z”. (Remember earlier chapters with Reo kidnapping Natsume.) Iicnho’s not sure but he thinks that probably all the lost alice victims may be caused by that woman. Mikan remembers the time she and perm saved Natsume from Z/Reo. Natsume suddenly walks out of class, Mikan runs after him but she ignores him. Mikan:”DO you think what Iincho talked about, Z has anything to do with what happened that time? Natsume do you know anything.” But because natsume continues to ignore her and walk away, Mikan gets angry “Hey! Stop and listen when people are talking to you! What’s with you! Recently you’ve been ignoring me? What’s with this attitude all of a sudden?! Id there’s something about me that bothers you, just say it to my face!” Natsume was warned by Persona to keep distant from Mikan… Natsume:”all. All of it bothers me. I hate everything about you. Stay away.” Mikan: I hate you too!” is what Mikan says but actually she is hurt by Natsume’s words, her face is sad. Rka-pyon can see clearly she is sad. Ruka remembers Natsume, when his sister said she started to like strawberries, Natsume gave her his. Sister: Brother I thought you liked strawberries too” Natsume: “Now I hate them”. Ruka can see that Natsume is lying to Mikan, he doesn’t hate her. Suddenly the school emergency siren rings. “What’s going on?” It’s said that members of Z are suspected to have intered school perimeters.
“Z intruder!?” Natsume begins to run towards where it was said the Z intruders were seen :”why would they come here…” Mikan,Iincho and Ruka are running after him, suddenly Hotaru, riding her flying duck:”I’m going to take a look at the faces of those who stole Iincho’s alice, Mikan are you coming?” Mikan jumps up to the duck:”I’m going”
The 3 boys are stunned by this. Iincho tries to convince them not to go. Mikan, still hurt by Natsume’s words earlier then whispers to Hotaru what happened with Natsume (“I hate all of you” thingy) Hotaru & Mikan stick their tungs out at them:”Be~i!” “?!”The 3 boys are baffled by this. 2 Z agents enter school grounds through a huge black hole. Mikan, feeling better after what they did to Natsume, asks Hotaru why she would go all the way as to break school rules to do this. Hotaru tells Mikan that there is no Z intruder, the truth is that a Z agent was captured and is being escorted into school grounds. From the sky they can see school cars escorting a van. The Z agent investigation will soon be done at school headquarters, and Hotaru intends to go spy. It was Misaki-sensei’s conversation with Narumi, Misaki-sensei:”if you do anything out of hand, you know what will happen to Sakura’s position…” Hotaru to herself:” from the start I did feel that there was something strange in the school’s actions towards Mikan, but….Since it has something to do with her(Mikan), researching after something happens would be too late” Nodacchi, after getting beaten up by Tsubasa and other junior-high students who wanted to know what’s going on, meets up with Narumi and Misaki-sensei. But a warning that 2 members of Z, including the “woman” have intruded into school grounds. Hotaru, who invented a mosquito microphone intends on sticking the microhone to the captured Z member to listen to what will be said. Bu close to them is getting noisy….what’s going on overthere…. Mikan:”I never imagined that Hotaru would go this far for Iincho…” Hotaru:”wha?” Mikan:”well, compared to an idiot like me, Hotaru is different, you think before acting. So, because recently you’ve been the one who thinks most about Iincho’s feelings, I’m happy.” Hotaru: Iincho, he’s the class’ Oasis.” Mikan:”oasis…?” Hotaru tells Mikan about her meeting with Iincho, when she first arrived at school. That she didn’t pay much attention to him and simply wondered why he tried to take care of everyone, make order in class when he simply got spit at, kicked at by students. One day, she decided to speak to him( actually she simply was sarcastic) but Iincho bean to speak to her, tell her that he hopes that he can help everyone be happy at school, since they are all in the same situation, away from home, scared, lonely…. Hotaru saw him continued trying, without giving up. He was the only one trying to help Mikan, when even Hoaru didn’t. Hotaru to Mikan:”without Iincho’s smile, there wouldn’t be this B class…..wether it’s you or Iincho, seems like I7m getting soft hearted to idiots.” Mikan blushes, happy that Hotaru, for the first time, spoke about herself so much. Mikan:”I love Iincho too(as a friend). For sure, let’s get his alice back!...together” Kaboom!!! And explosion not too far from the 2 girls. Serina-sensei, who seached with her alice through her crystal ball found where Mikan and Hotaru are. (Jinni is upset and Narumi is panicking) Fukutan-sensei:”Narumi-sensei, we found them mai HOtaru & Sakura Mikan are close to headquarters, where the escorted car accident has occurred.” The 2 Z agents whom intuded school grounds are rescueing their captured colleague and are running away from school “army”. Shooting at each other. Hotaru, listening to the converstation between school officials hears them say that one of the Z agents, the man has more than 3 alices. Hotaru surprised, thinking to herself:”what’s going on….more than 3 alices, Impossible. I’ve never heard of such a thing.” In school, where Narumi-sensei were searching for Mika and Hotaru. “We have images of the intruders” Narumi, seeing the images is shocked. He suddenly walks out of the room. Fukutan-sensei: ”Narumi-sensei, where are you going? Makihara-sensei has just left to capture them(Mikan& Hotaru)” because things have gotten much more complicated and dangerous Hotaru tells Mikan that they must abandon their plan and leave where they are. Mikan, who coldn’t listen to what was said between teachers doesn’t know what’s going on. But before they can leave, Hotaru is spotted by the 3 Z agents. Mikan stands up: “Hotaru, What are you doing? Let’s go” The woman, seeing Mikan suddenly begins to walk towards her, she intends to steal Mikan’s alice. But school “army” spot them and begin to shoot at the Z agents. A Z agent, aiming at the man behind Mikan, almost shoots MIkan but Hotaru jumps up and protects Mikan. Hotaru is shot in the shoiulder. HOtaru is bleeding. Mikan:”Hotaru…..”
MIkan:”Hotaru!”. Misaki-sensei walking after Narumi-sensei: “ I said wait!” Fukutan-sensei suddenly yells to them:”Narumi-sensei! Just now, Imai Hotaru…..” The Z agents were able to escape, but Hotaru was shot and is in critical condition. Narumi-sensei, Iincho, Kokoroyomi, Natsume and Ruka run to MIkan who is standing with Misaki-sensei in front of the operation room. “Mikan-chan!” Misaki-sensei:”What are you guys doing here?” Iincho:”How’s Hotaru-chan?” Misaki-sensei:” The operation just finished….” The operation room doors open and doctors roll Hotaru out. Mikan:”Hotaru!” Doctors:”Move, your in the way.” Misaki-sensei asks why Narumi brought so many children, Narumi says he got Jinno-sensei’s permission, that the children can come and visit Hotaru in small groups. And most of all, he thought it would be best not to leave Mikan with only adults around. The doctor asks Hiotaru’s brother, ,who participated in the operation with his healing alice, to bring the children to see Hotar. The doctor then says to Jinno, Misaki and Narui:”I must speak with you”. The bullet did not hit any vital parts, and doctors were able to extract it without any risks to Hotaru’s life. But, inside the bullet was an unknown virus, which if they cannot find a cure soon, will certainly kill her. Mikan is sad…she knows Hotaru was shot trying to protect her. Hotaru suddenly moves, HOtaru:” d….dad…..m…Mom….” Hotaru’s older brother tells them visiting is over, to leve. That as he said before, as long as the cure to the virus is not found, their being here will not help Hotaru. Noda-sensei and Tono-senpai were sent to escort Mikan back to the dorm. Mikan is to stay at the dorm until her punishment is decided. Tono-senpai picks MIkan uo and Hugs her. Trying to comfort her. Tono:”for a chibi(tiny kid) you sure get into big trouble. It was hard wasn’t it”. Hugging Tono-senpai gets glared at by Natsume, Ruka and Iincho. Tono:”you’re boys…right?” Tono thinks Ruka and Iincho look like girls. Noda-sensei:”A I just remembered Hyuuga-kun, there is an urgent reunion and all Kikennouryoku are asked to gather at hadquarters.” Tono thinks this probably means school will send the kikennouryoku unit against Z. N0da-sensei asks Tono to ring Mikan to the dorm and he will escort Natsume to headquarters. Walking by, Natsume steps purposely on Tono-senpai’s foot. Kokoroyomi yells]:”everyone come!” Hotaru is trying to say something, Kokoroyomi reads her mind for them. Hotaru:”Please tell Mikan, UGLY! What’s with that face, idiot. I’m alright. I’m not so week as to need you to worry about me. Don’t cry, Mikan.” In the past Hotaru has told before to Mikan that’s she’s ugly when she cries so she must always smile. Mikan and the other are walking back to the dorm, Ruka runs after Mikan:”Sakura!” Mikan: “until now Hotaru has never spoken about her parents. Even during hard times, not once has she ever complained in front of me…. It’s so hard on her, and still… she worries about me. I….I was just told not to cry” Mikan cries, knowing that things must be 10 time, 100 time, 10000 times harder for HOtaru…she wishes that all of Hotaru’s pain be transferred to her. Mikan wants to be stronger. Be as strong as Hotaru. Tono-senpai: Maybe someday you will also be as strong as her”. Ruka tries to comfort crying Mikan. Natsume sees all this from headquarters window where he is with other Kikennouryoku students are waiting for the urgent meeting to begin. Though he was told to bring Mikan to the dorm, Tono brings Mikan to the tokuryoku class where Mikan’s tokuryoku classmates are worried and waiting. Tsubasa, most worried of all, is upset at Mikan for getting in
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wow ....that was looooong.
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Posted 4/8/08
how long did that take you to write? wow!!
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Posted 4/8/08

Gemmyyano wrote:

how long did that take you to write? wow!!

LoL he cOpYand pAsTe iT

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Posted 4/8/08
I don't think anyone is gonna read all that
Posted 4/8/08
i aint gonna read all of it ><
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ever heard of spaces?

anyways there are Gakuen Alice threads already.

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