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31 / F / here, there, ever...
Posted 4/11/08
Name: Kumiko (Companion child; drawing together) Mitsu (shine; reflect)
Nickname: Kumi, Mex (on-line artist name)
Character class: Earth
Weapon: A ring, from her birth parents, that changes into a sword with chains, which she likes to swing around
Powers: manipulation of Earth and Ice and her "skills" she picked up on the streets
Pet: panda called Tamika

failed at taking a full picture her
occupation: student, snowboarder (in the hollidays) and (secret) famous on-line artist
clubs: manga club
history: Kumiko was born and raised in a small village, untill the age of 9 when her parents died. After living with several families, she ran to a mountain town surounded in snow (finding Tamika on her way), where she met a guy who tought her to survive on her own through stealing, Gambling, husling and teaching her self defence. At the age of 13 Kumiko was addopted by a noble family, when she attempted to steal from them. They had her trained by the the most powerful whitch, untill the age of 16 when she went to the academy. Since being with her new family Kumiko has taking a likeing to dressing up and is sometimes seen in cosplay and never has a particular style in clothes and dresses how she feels that morning. Kumiko is called the 'ying and yang of the nobles' in her town, she is: kind yet mean, happy but grumpy, energetic but lazy, tempermental yet gentle, honest but decieving, and is hell bent when deprived of her precious sleep. She dosen't like use her street skills in any challenges or bets... unless it's for a very good purpose.

Kumiko is a huge fan of anime and a YAOI crazed fangirl and spends most of her time drawing sketches of random moments during the day, which seemes to be mostly guys in YAOI poses. She designs her own snowboards, which she keeps back at her house. Kumiko is skilled at using a computer... only for her artwork, her webpage is highly popular world wide because all the diffrent styles of art she is capable of making, but she doesn't give her name or show her picture. Her grades have always been average, with the exception of art clases, and avoids phisical education because she feels that it is wasted energy.
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23 / F / Lil red dot
Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08
Name: Akina Saruwatari
Nickname: Gaia; Princess of Earth
Character class: Earth
Weapon: Sword
Powers: She is able to fight well with a sword as well as heal. Her ultimate attack for sowrd fighting is Earth shaker. She is also giftd with the knowledge of plant and animals.

Earth shaker - Able to cause earthquakes with her sword. When she uses the attack, she says. " Rage of Earth, Earth Shaker!" It is a very powerful attack and is almost impossible to miss, but she cannot use it multiple times as it uses up alot of her energy.

Heal - She is able to heal wounds and treat injuries with a light touc if her hand. However she is not able to heal those whose injures are too big. (Eg. A leg has been cut off- She cannot rebuilt the leg. At most stop the blood flow. The person is dying of heart attack - She is unable to do anything)

Pet: Dragon
Occupation: Singer
Clubs: Music club
History: Her father is the Leader of the Sword of the plains Clan, in which she was her father's only daughter. She trained hard since she was young and so was a promising and talented girl. She got her dragon egg when she was 10 years old. She was playing in a old cave which was said that a dragon lived inside. She didn't believe it and went inside. There, she found the egg and has since taken care of the dragon.

My pet dragon: -

Me: -

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F / ιт'ѕ ¢αηα∂α ѕтαℓк...
Posted 4/12/08
Nickname: Karin;The animal healer
Character class: Earth
Powers: Healing and talking to animals
pet:A cat

clubs:art, music and healers club
history: Karin was an ophan and has a twin sister. Has special powers like her mother. She praticed in a dojo with her sis.
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28 / F / at my desk with m...
Posted 4/14/08 , edited 4/14/08
Name: Hijigata Toshizo
Nickname: Toshi
Character Class: Miscellaneous
Weapon: Legendary katana, "Dancing Ribbon"
Powers: High speed movement and able to slash enemies from a far away distance
Pet: A dog named Shiroi
Occupation: A teacher
Clubs: Poetry Club
History: Was born in a samurai family, known as the demon whenever engage in a fight. Fear by the underlings and wellknown with the technique "Slashing Heaven" which is slashing enemy from a far distance
Posted 4/14/08
name: Mayumi Sakaki
nickname: Mayu
Chara class: fire
weapon: sword
powers: fire swirl and fire attack
pet: cat
occupation: violinist
clubs: music club
history: parents killed at 7 yrs old...then wanders alone making money out of playing the violin.....
normal mode:

fight mode:
Posted 4/15/08
Nickname none
Character class: Dark
Weapon:kanata and a scythe
Powers: dark magic can control any elements,healing,barrier making
pet: dragon
clubs: martial art, sport, reading. singing and music
history:been born with the special power since a baby. been lonely since her parents died (5 years old).
weapon :
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38 / F / australia
Posted 4/16/08
nickname:Angel princess
character class:light
weapon:bow arrow sword
powers:elemental invisabilitie
history:lived in a royal family family was killed evil monster and wants to kill monster
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23 / F / Nowhere
Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/21/08
Name: Iris Fortner
Nickname: Iris
Character Class: Dark Class
Weapon: Magic Staff
Powers: Using Dark Magic and putting curses. Specialty are offensive spells. Her most common offensive spell is a Finnish technique known as Gand, which concentrates Mana into Iris' forefinger, resulting in a hazy black orb subsequently fired like a bullet. Can manipulate others mind using illusions. Can look in the past of other people by touching them.
Pet: Mokona
Occupation: Mage Apprentice/Student
Clubs: Dark Arts Club
History: Iris has been treated badly by her clan because she have this strange power... Her big sister's the only one that cared for her... Seeing her sister killed right in front of her, she tried to kill the the one who killed her sister but failed... Having her sister killed at a young age, she seek to be strong so she can avenge her sister.... She will let no one get in her way...



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25 / M / Philippines
Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/22/08
Name: Isashi Sanada
Nickname: Ishi
Character class: Wind
Weapon: Lance
Powers: Strength
Pets: Griffin and Horse
Occupation: Knight
Clubs: Basketball and Writing
History: A normal person
Posted 4/30/08
Name: Yuki Vang
Nickname: Yuki/Mai
Character Class: Fire and Dark.....
Weapon: A double sword
Powers: Controls Fire and Dark with sword or hands
Pet: None
Occupation: KILLER
Clubs: Sword and Gunslinger
History:Her parents found her in the forest and just took her in....she was kind even though she was a demon that has a monster inside of her....a lot of pple hates her but she still smiles....but she end up killing her family and the other pples.....^^


her in killer mode
Posted 5/18/08 , edited 5/18/08
Name-nickname: Megu or Hinaku
birthday:jan 8
age: 11
Gender: girl
Class: air class
powers: controls air and darkness also murges with cats
wepons: bow and arow and a knife
occupation: killer, studet and a sister princess
History: Hinaku was found deep in a forest...ever since she went to school in Japan she was trated badly by her other classmates because of her strange powers....she never trusts any one but her pet usagi[rabbit] ....she can be gentle when she likes you be she's spunky and a killer when she doesnt...
~normal girl that goes to school~

~merges with cats~

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Posted 5/23/08
Name:al jannah
Character class:half human and half monster
Weapon:arms and feet
Powers: self-multiplying, summoning and rashengan
clubs:Konoha Jushins
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Posted 5/28/08
Name: freyra
Nickname: fei
Character class: a murderer
Weapon: guns
Powers: not really power..more on ability...hmmm speed and target,very flexible..
pet: a bunny

occupation: killer
clubs: ?????????????????
fei is born in a rich family..and one stormy night her parents was killed
infront of her, by a man who she only remember the he has a birthmark in his
neck..and she promised to find that man and kill him she took a job as a killer of people with illegal business..
and not to stop killing people until she finds the man who killed her parents..


when she was a kid

doing job yet

in work...wears a hide her identity..hahaha
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23 / F / Singapore~
Posted 5/29/08 , edited 6/8/08
Name:Miiyoko Nomiiya
Character class:fire
Weapon:long sword
Powers: able to heal herself after been hurt and able to create fire with her mind and able to control any kind of fire
pet:butterfly [[ her name= nozomi ]]

occupation:high school student
clubs:student council
history: lost her memories of her parent after the evil has attacked her hometown ...
as she grew up she slowly regain her memory about her and her parents...she was now trying to find her real parent ..
who was still somewhere in the world..she was searching for her parent when she meet a butterfly that has fire burning on her wings... somehow she understand what the butterfly trying to say that other cannot understand and she become my pet to help mii find my lost parent until today..

me in battle mode

me in normal mode

me when i was small heaven't lost her memory at that time

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