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Posted 4/8/08 , edited 4/17/08
* Important Important Important * ( Do not ignore the post)

★★★★★ 2008 Korean Music Festival ★★★★★

★ This apply to all the TVXQ FANS

What to prepare?
★ RED top (Can be anything: hoodie, jacket, shirt, tank-top…etc)
★ RED-PEARL balloon
★ RED light-stick or glow-stick
★ Is cold at the night time, so please bring a jacket with you
★ Prepare some food and drink (Food at HB are expensive!!!!!)

At the concert
★ TVXQ is not the only artists at HB, so cheer your red balloon for all the artists.
★ TVXQ is not the only artists at HB, so show your respect to other artists and their fans
★ No rude comments toward other artist or their fans
★ Do not let go of the balloons!!!!! (No matter what circumstances)
★ Do not hold any huge signs or any posters!!!!! (No matter what circumstances)
★ When TVXQ came on stage, please don’t run to the front.

Show your ♥ to the boys (Decision was made based on opinion + vote)
★ Wave the balloon from the beginning and when other artistes are performance. When TVXQ came on stage, you should put away your balloon (maybe under the chair) and then turn on the light-stick or glow-stick!!!!! (“Only glow-stick no balloons”, in that way…we won’t block each other’s view)
★ When you wave your balloon, please don’t wave it high!!!!!
★ Chant during the fast pace song
★ When they sing slow song, you may sing along. However, do not scream until they finished!!!!!

Chant (Fast Pace Song)
Here is the list of fast pace songs, which we have discuss and agree on.

★ Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol 1: Hug
Video: http: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/fEZem3bWBb4/

★ Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol 2: Rising Sun
Just sing along

★ Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol 3: O 正反合
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTNSZDK0kvM

[yoochun] Yo! U-Know Let's try some noisy beat.

[yunho] "O"-"O"-"O" let's do this.

( " O " - "O" - "O " let's do this ) (Sing this line with Yoonho)

[JaeJoong] hangeoleum mulleoseo chigeum i shidaereul dolabondamyeon
[YuCheon] weonrado, weonjigdo, cheoldae chinrido eobtneun geot
[JaeJoong] shidae aneui geudae moseubeun eonchehna ban(!) ieottna..
[YuCheon] hyeonshileh eobtneun isangeun isanghyeongil bbun “o” ([ChangMin] So Why You Diggin’)

([최강] So Why you diggin')

[JunSu] “o”-------- (sing along)
[ChangMin] icheh nan duryeoweo, bandaemaneul wuihan bandae
[JunSu] “o”-------- (sing along)
[ChangMin] ggeutdo eobshi pyoryuhageh dweineun geol

[All] Na icheh jachneun geon, hap(!)eul wihan noryeogil bbun nawa gateun soneul, han weijimeul ggumi silhyeon dweineun geol
galmanghaneun chayeo.. geudae gyeoteh cheongeuiraneun moseubeui yonggireul

[YunHo] You, Know, Cheoldae cheolmyeong, geudaedeuleui nonchangehn nonriga eobseo. Nugudo, deudchi mothamyeon, yeolchi mothamyeon,
cheoldae haedabeul jacheul su eobseo
[YuCheon] nan gayadwae, gaya dwae. Naeui ban(!)i jeong(!). Baro cheong. Barochabeul ddaeggachi, Jeong.Ban.Hapeui noryeogi
eonchehnga i ddangeh, ggumeul biweo naelggeoya.

[JunSu] Chageun ggumira hado modu gateun goseul barabondamyeon,
[ChangMin] ggeutdo eobshi saeroweojyeo, eobtdeon gildo mandeuleoga..
[JunSu] naeui ban(!)eui mugehro heureumdeuleul magaseoneun andweichi
[ChangMin] eonchehna gongchonhal su ittneun geol..

[JaeJoong] "O"
[YuCheon] modeun geh duryeoweo, naeui gileun matneun geolgga
[JaeJoong] "O"
[YunHo] mogcheog eobtneun ssaumdeuleun aninga

[JunSu] areumdaun chohwareul, byeonhameobtneun mideumeul mandeul suga ittdamyeon..
[JaeJoong] han geurueui namuga dweieo, deo keun supeul iruneun geh gaji isseul geoya..

(after the bum bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum )

HO HO ..Ho Ho...正 反 合 Ho Ho ( Said each of the word when TVXQ said it..ex: TVXQ said Ho...we said Ho...TVXQ said 正 we said 正)

[YunHo] urin keun shiryeondeuleul gyeonghamhaesseottchi. Maji amheug sogeh ittneun geot
[YuCheon] chalmotdwein seontaegira huhweihanda haedo, cheoldae
[All] meomjuchineun ma.. meomjuchineun ma..

[ChangMin] "O" -----
[JunSu] duryeoweo hachima, salmeun gyehsog dweigo isseo
[ChangMin] "O" -----
[JunSu] icheh modeun geon, chehchiriruel jachneun geot

[All] na icheh jachneun geon, hap(!)eul wihan noryeogil bbun nawa gateun soneul, han weijimeul ggumi silhyeondweineun geol
galmanghaneun chayeo.. geudae gyeoteh cheongeuiraneun moseubeh yonggireul

[YunHo] nehga soghan sahwineun modu Jeong,Ban,Hapeui geureum sogehseo
[YuCheon] ggeutdo eobshi saeroweojyeo, eobtdeon gildo mandeuleoga..
[JaeJoong,ChangMin] naeui ban(!)eui mugehro heureumdeuleul magaseoneun andweichi
[JunSu] Ah-

[All] "O" -----

right after
TVXQ...sa rang hae yo ( this line is not in the video, but I am adding this because ....we love TVXQ so much...)

★ Dong Bang Shin Ki : Purple Line (Korean Version)
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVdE7nl6rIw

Now I see this way
It looks like purple line
Gotta introduce myself
Hmm Eh Hmmm Eh Hmmm Eh Hmmm Eh Hmmm Eh Hmmm Eh DONG-BANG-SHIN-KI

★ Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol 3: Balloon
There is a high possibility that TVXQ is going to sing this song with other artists, so we are not going to chant!!!!! You are welcome to sing along with them...

If you don’t understand Korean, please visit this website…

Slow Song
It is too hard to predict which one they are going to sing, so just listen to all these songs on your own. Also, we are not going to do chant for the slow song because there will be tooooooooo much to remember.

Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol 1
- I Believe
- Whatever they said
- My Litte Princess
- Hug

Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol 2
- Tonight
- Unforgettable
- One
- Always there

Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol 3
- White Lie
- Hey Girl
- I will be there

- 하루달
- 여행기
- I wanna hold you
- Vacation theme songs

Ps: Those slow songs have been performed on the show!! For this reason, don't think about other slow songs (ex: remember, on&on and etc......anyways...you got my point!!!) because there is only a small possible that they are going to perform!!!!

Project ( In order to keep it simple, we are going to focus on these two!!!!! )
1) RED SEA (Main priority) Update soon
2) A sign Update soon


Hey Guys

Here is the first draft of the final decision. Please place your vote at the blog (http://dbskfansattendinghb.blogspot.com/) as AGREE or DISAGREE. The poll will only available from April 5 ~ April 8 (11:59pm)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: ★It is impossible to reach agreement with everyone!!!!! For this reason, if you are disagree with 1 or 2 points....please place your vote as " AGREE "!!!!! If you disagree with more than 3 points....please place your vote as " DISAGREE " and leave your reason and suggestion ( you have to leave reason and suggestion in order for us to make improvment!!!!! If you don't leave any reason or suggestion...I am not going to count your vote in the poll ) at soompi or the blog. Thank your for cooperation
★ Your vote and opinion are very important so please DO it!!!!!

Got this on Imeem.com: http://groups.imeem.com/SuIJ5EFs/forums/iIs6x7Io/FdbBO1Ed/tvxq_fans_attending_
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