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The 3 main meisters of Soul Eater (from left to right: Death the Kid, Maka, and Black Star)They are the students of Shinigami Technical School. Each one has a different weapon companion. All students and weapons attend class and are given homework to do. Homework mainly consists of getting a certain soul or maintaining peace in the world. Each meister tries their best to help their weapon reach death scythe status so they can be used by Shinigami-sama. The meisters have a rating system that goes from one to three stars which usually measures soul energy. It is important that the meister and weapon can tune their “soul frequency” to perform high level attacks and bring out the weapon's full power.

Maka Alban (マカ・アルバーン, Maka Arubān?)
Voiced by: Takeuchi Junko (Drama CD) Chiaki Omigawa (Anime)

She is Soul’s meister. She is the more level-headed of the two but when her anger gets the better of her, she will put her foot down. Where Soul seems to be the brawn, Maka is the brain. She always tries to think of a way to beat their opponent by exploiting the opponent's weaknesses. Her father is the Shingami’s current death scythe, she seems to hate her father for constantly flirting with other women but she still loves him. Her mother was also a scythe meister; she and Maka’s father are divorced. Maka seems to be annoyed at the fact that her body hasn’t developed yet (which is the center of some jokes in the series). She usually kicks Soul after he does something perverted or if he and Blair have been acting too friendly. Dr. Stein saw her soul and told her she was a “serious person who tries hard.” Maka starts to develop black blood due to Soul's body being invaded by Ragnarok’s black blood. She first awakens this power by facing off against Chrona underneath the school. In this form, Maka is battle-crazed and incredibly powerful, more so than Chrona. Later in their fight, she begins to understand Chrona's wavelength more, and realizes that Chrona has never had physical contact. Their fight ends with Maka asking to become Chrona's friend.

Attacks: All of Maka’s attacks so far are used together with Soul.

Witch Hunter: See Techniques entry
Hexagonal Hunter: A much more powerful version of Witch Hunt.
Attack of the 6: A rotating slash with a 6 shape after image.
Attack of the U: A crescent slash brought from below and drags the blade upward in the shape of a U after image.
Maka Chop: This attack is used without the help of Soul Eater. It is similar to Shinigami-sama's Direct Noggin Shinigami Chop but with the use of a book. Its purpose is solely for comedic relief and is usually used to discipline Soul Eater.
Black☆Star (ブラック☆スター, Burakku Sutā?)

Voiced by: Yumiko Kobayashi (Drama CD) (Anime)

He is Tsubaki’s meister. He comes from a family of ninjas (The Star Clan), which explains the star on his shoulder. He uses ninja tactics. His biggest weakness is that he is a total show-off and thinks that he is some kind of star, which he happily proclaims, defeating the purpose of the ninja arts. The few times he uses his ninja stealth is when he peeps on Tsubaki (which normally ends up with him yelling and showing his whereabouts upon seeing Tsubaki’s nude body) when she is bathing, or when he finally takes the fight seriously. His delusion of stardom is so great that he constantly gives out autographs that nobody wants. Black Star hates it when someone gets more attention then him and will show them who the real star is. He is also able to use his soul wavelength in hand-to-hand combat. Dr. Stein stated the obvious when he said Black Star’s was “a terribly self-absorbed soul.”

Attacks: Black Star has attacks he can use with and without Tsubaki, which makes him more versatile then other meisters.

Shield Star: By using Soul Resonance with Tsubaki in Scythe Chain form he creates a shield for defense.
Trap Star: By placing the chain of Tsubaki’s Scythe Chain form in a star shape on the ground anything that enters will by sensed by Black Star and warped in the chains before they can escape.
Speed Star: Created by Black Star to move at highs speeds (mostly for dodging attacks).
Shadow Star: This can only be used with Tsubaki's Demon Blade form, it grants a boost of speed and power while a Shadow Puppet is in front of Black Star to attack anything in the way. (This attack covers Black Star with tattoos)
Hissatsu Kokusei Big Wave:(Deadly Black Star Big Wave)A powerful attack that reqiures Black Star to use a fighting style similar to Dr. Stein's Soul Purge. Initially it starts with a elbow strike to stun the enemy, then a powerful punch which sends a large amount of soul energy through the opponents body. This technique was first used on Youjinbou Mifune by of which he was defeated.
Death The Kid (デス・ザ・キッド, Desu Za Kiddo?)

Voiced by: Takako Honda (Drama CD) Mamoru Miyano (Anime)

He is Patty and Liz’s meister and the Shinigami’s son. He is called Kidd by his friends and family. He is completely obsessed about everything being symmetrical and takes the idea of perfection to the extremes, which seems to indicate that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder. To him, anything symmetrical is beautiful and if it’s off by any measurement (a picture frame off by millimeter, or a pose that is slightly out of place), he will try to correct it right away. The biggest problem Kidd has with is his hair one side being completely black while the other has three white strips going across it. Showing Kidd anything that is too unsymmetrical or mentioning his hair will send him into a state of massive depression (which normally takes encouragement from Patty and Liz to break). He refers to Shinigami as Chichi-Ue (Honorable Father). His father has mentioned that Kidd is already a shinigami and doesn’t need to collect souls but Kidd says he wants to make a weapon of his own. His father also says that since he uses two weapons (the guns don’t count as a set), he will have to collect twice as many souls (198 human souls and 2 witch souls). If he sees anything perfect or symmetrical get broken or destroyed, it will send him into a blind rage where he will unload all of his power to erase the offensive sight from his eyes. He has a flight-capable skateboard called Beelzebub, which he uses as a form short distance transportation. He is currently in the schools basement with the others trying to stop the first Kinshin from awaken. He is now trying to evade the egg bombs that Eruka created to block the path to the Kishin.

Attacks: Kidd fights using a form of Gun-Kata.(he won't fight until he has both Liz and Patty with him so the style is symmetrical)

Death God Martial Art, Stance of Sin
Death Ride: Not really an attack it is Kidd doing a rail slide with his skateboard.
Dark Needle: A seldom seen attack of Kidd's that one of his most powerful. A giant black blast that leaves behind a series of skull-shaped smoke.
Chrona Makenshi (クロナ, Kurona?)

Voiced by: Sakamoto Maaya (Anime)

She (as stated by Medusa to be her daughter) is Ragnarok’s meister. She is a meister that is under Medusa's orders (and control) to take any soul they find, be it evil or good. Chrona is a very naïve and submissive person who is constantly pestered by Ragnarok in the form of noogies and threats to eat her share of food. She doesn’t like to fight but Medusa normally introduces a spell into her mind that makes her want to fight. Because she lets Ragnarok eat any soul it wants, her soul is being tainted by Ragnarok’s, which results with Chrona having black blood; when Chrona bleeds, Ragnarok can use the spilled blood as a weapon or he can stop the blood flow so Chrona doesn’t pass out due to blood loss. Chrona doesn’t know about Shibusen or that taking souls not listed by the Shinigami is forbidden because Medusa told her it was alright to do so. She also isn’t good at dealing with new people since she blushed during her first meeting with Maka and didn’t know what to do when they first met. She has given Maka the nickname Usagi-chan (Rabbit-chan) due to her pigtails. In the past, Chrona was forced to kill her pet rabbit by Medusa in order to fully awaken her black-blood powers. Having fought with Maka underneath the school, Chrona is really just a lonely girl that has never felt physical contact nor human love and Maka remedies that by asking to be Chrona's first friend.

Attacks: Like Maka, all of Kurona’s attack are used together with Ragnarok.

Screech Beta : A powerful slash in the form of a mouth
Screech Alpha: Same as the Screech Beta but launch at the enemy as a projectile with explosive results.
Screech Gamma: A multi-slashing attack with many blood trails that release sound waves in succession.
Ox Ford (オックス・フォード, Okkusu Fōdo?)

Ox is one of the top students at Shibusen in terms of grades and is Harvar's meister. He is named after Oxford University.

[edit] Weapons
All weapons are capable of switching between a human form and a weapon form. Also, they can change a part of their body into a weapon for quick kills. It can be used when they are close to their target. Most weapons have the same goal: to become the next “death scythe” for the Shinigami (Grim Reaper).

Soul Eater (ソウル・イーター, Sōru Ītā?)

Soul Eater Voiced by: Souichiro Hoshi (Drama CD) Kōki Uchiyama (Anime)

Soul Eater, “Soul” to his friends, is Maka’s Demon Scythe partner; his human appearance is that of a teenage boy with a forever present drool mark coming from his mouth. He acts like a normal teenager . His personality mostly consist of what he considers “cool”. Being a “cool” guy, he almost always uses the direct approach which most of the time fails. He sometimes becomes too driven by the idea of eating souls, which leads him to bicker with Maka, but in the end they remain friends and partners. He has stated that men go for older women while calling Maka “Miss Tiny Tits” (this was because Maka’s father told Soul that if he laid a hand on her in any way, he’ll kick his ass). He also said this when fighting Blair. However, that time was so he could get close to attack Blair. His way of absorbing souls is literally eating them. He says that it's the texture, not the taste, that matters. When Dr. Stein saw his soul, he said it was that of “a twisted person with a sarcastic soul.” His body has been invaded by Ragnarok’s black blood, giving him an energy boost but could lead to his soul consuming Maka’s if he lets it get out of control. Maka and Soul has currently awakened the Black Blood.His family name is Evans (エヴァンス, Evans?)

Attacks: Any attack he has so far has to be done with Maka wielding him.

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (中務 椿, Nakatsukasa Tsubaki?)

TsubakiVoiced by: Mamiko Noto (Drama CD) Kaori Nazuka (Anime)

She is Black Star’s Dark Demon Blade partner. She can change into multiple ninja weapons (shuriken, smoke bomb, a katana [later chapters], etc). She is most of the time disheartened by Black Star’s loud self but she still puts up with it because that’s what she likes about him. She has a very forgiving personality and always tries to help everyone even when she has no idea how to help. Tsubaki soul is “very co-operative and has a lot of space to accept people” as said by Dr. Stein.


Scythe Chain: A handheld Scythe at the end of chain.
Shuriken: Large five point ninja throwing star
Smoke Bomb: A bomb for making a smoke screen for escapes or diversions
Dummy Star: Tsubaki assumes the form of Black Star to confuse the enemy
Ninja Blade: A short ninja knife weapon
Demon Blade/Yohtoh: The form of her brother’s weapon form, a katana (This form drains a lot out of Black Star since it needs a high level of Soul Resonance to be used)
Attacks: Any attack Tsubaki can use by herself has yet to be shown.

Patricia "Patty" Thompson (パティー(パトリシア)・トンプソン, Patī (Patorishia) Tonpuson?)

PattyVoiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Drama CD) Narumi Takahira (Anime)

She is one half of Death the Kidd's Double Team Demon Guns. She is the younger of the two sisters, and the most naive. Both sisters wear cowgirl (tight sleeveless shirt and cowboy hats) outfits but Patty wears puffy shorts. She has a larger bust size then her sister. She mostly speaks in a sing-song voice. Also, she acts and speaks like a little kid. (She answers test questions in yellow crayon and says "hullo" and "sowwy", like how a child says "hello" and "sorry", etc.). She is so naïve that she thinks everything is all fun and games. She has yet to take anything seriously. If Kidd isn’t with them, she can use her sister’s weapon form and vice verse. She and her sister collects soul in the magazines of their gun forms. She and her sister used to live on the streets of Brooklyn before being found by Kidd.

Attacks: Her attacks so far can only be used when she is with Liz and Kidd

Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson (リズ(エリザベス)・トンプソン, Rizu (Erizabesu) Tonpuson?)

LizVoiced by: Yuko Kaida (Drama CD) Akeno Watanabe (Anime)

She is the other half of Death the Kidds Double Team Demon Guns. She is the older of the two sisters and the most mature. Both sisters wear cowgirl outfits (tight sleeveless shirt and cowboy hats) but Liz wears long jeans. She has a smaller bust size then her sisters, which annoys her to no end. She is more like a teenage girl (worried about make up, shopping, etc). If Kidd isn’t with them, she can use her sister’s weapon form and vice verse. She and her sister collect souls in the magazines of their gun forms. She and her sister used to live on the streets of Brooklyn before being found by Kidd.

Attacks: Her attacks so far can only be used when she is with Patty and Kidd

Ragnarok (ラグナロク, Ragunaroku?)

It is Chrona’s Demon Sword partner. Ragnarök is the first inhuman weapon introduced in Soul Eater. It loves to degrade and pester Chrona (even during fights) by giving her noogies, pinching her nose, hitting her on the head, or taking her food. When Kurona finally tells Ragnarök to stop, Ragnarok seems surprised at her reaction. Ragnarök has taken to absorbing any soul, evil or not. By taken innocent souls, Ragnarök soul wavelength has grown out of control and vastly overpowers Chrona’s own wavelength, which will lead to Ragnarök soul eating Chrona's soul in the end. Later on, Ragnarök can change its appearance to that of a dragon to give Chrona wings to fly vastly increasing Chrona's combat capablilties. It can also grow a mouth on its sword form that draws souls to it by using a high pitched scream. Then Ragnarök absorbs the souls, using the mouth like a vacuum. Also, while screaming in its sword form, Ragnarök acts like an electric saw due to the vibrations caused by its screaming. Ragnarök can control Chrona’s black blood (due to consuming innocent souls) when it leave Chrona’s body. It can use the blood spilled from Chrona's body to make spikes to attack anyone or can cause the blood to stop and act like a bandage for Chrona so he doesn’t pass out from blood loss. When not in use, Ragnarök resides in Chrona’s body, further tainting her blood and also allowing him to control Chrona's blood, Ragnarök commented that Maka’s soul looked delicious. Whether Ragnarök can actually see souls has yet to been seen. He does worry about Chrona's health and will try to help Chrona by stopping her bleeding wounds. However, Ragnarök will always ask for thanks afterwards.

Attacks: His attacks mostly concentrate using Chrona’s blood and causing mass destruction.

Blood Spike: Changes the drops of Chrona’s blood into spikes to attack from multiple angles.
Screech Resonance: Ragnarok’s equivalent of Soul Resonance.
Jet Black Sword: a more powerful form of Ragnarok’s sword form.
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