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Post Reply Who am I? Who are You? Introduce yourself!^^
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Posted 6/7/08
hi! i am kelly^^ i luv reading mangas, watching animes, listening to music, and hanging out wif friends!!!! i am 13 and i live in america i am more like the hyperactive and sometimes deadly girl wen u got me mad
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F / Earth
Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08
..hi..i'm shaen ... i'm 15yrs. old.. friends describe as a very tomboyish girl..

..i like any color as long as it suits me.. but my fave color is gold..
..i live in manila..
..i'm currently in 4th yr. highschool..
..i like to eat and listen to any kind of music..
..i'm also addicted to anime and RPG's..

..i hope i get along with everyone!

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22 / F / ~+~somewhere in t...
Posted 4/12/09 , edited 4/12/09
hi minna-san!!

my real name is Lene Rodriguez. you can call me lene if you want! i love to talk to people who are nice!
i am a female
my real age is 13 (too young!!)
my favorite colors are purple black and blue
i love the genres shoujo romance and action for animes and mangas
i love to read mangas and watch animes!
i love anime couples!
i also have anime crushes!
hope we'll all get along!
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F / Philippines
Posted 5/29/10
I'm Syury...U can call me Syuu or anything u like...i'm a KHR! addict and loves la corda d'oro and fma a lot...that's all..
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22 / F / Portugal
Posted 12/9/10
Hi, I'm Claire (not my real name, but close enough).

I'm a portuguese, 15 year'old (actually 14, but that's just a detail)
calm, sweet, sometimes dark, considered to be absolutely nuts (but in a good way ;D),
and sometimes named as a brainiac (though I'm not) girl,
that luvs anime, manga, sports, to draw, etc. ... ,
and that (sorry to burst your bubbles girls) only has one anime/manga crush.

Nice to meet you all, and I hope we can all get along!

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