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Post Reply I Hate Boys! chapter 10
Posted 4/13/08
sure they'll fight.. over a girl.. hmm.. so, both (ko-chan & yoshi) of them r makin a conversation during karate class? so, wat happen to the karate class after when they finish talking so tat they can meet their other friends? nah.. nvm.. im makin myself even more confusing.. lol.. ok.. *ran to read chapter 11*
Posted 4/16/08
ok now I think mayu will stay w/ yoshi and kazuki w/ ko-chan but >< OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG the suspension is killing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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26 / F / in my Jae Oppa's...
Posted 4/19/08

ahlor wrote:

I Hate Boys!

{still in karate}

Ko-chan: WHOA!!! HOW? DID U, WHEN?,…….(oh no…my head hurts) *dizzy*

Yoshi: well…..let me think, it’s kinda a long story but im very happy I got to see you *hugs her very tightly*

Ko-chan: HEY!!! What are u doing!!!!

Yoshi: KO-CHAN!!!! IM NOT DREAMING IAM???!!! Even if this is a dream, I hope it dosen’t ends

Ko-chan: I repeat this is a DREAM!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!! EARTH TO YOSHI!!!! Answer me

Yoshi: *snaps out of it* sooo this isn’t a dream?? Thank god … just so happy that I got to meet you again for such a long time ^_^

Ko-chan: ooo…..wait!!! u didn’t answer any of my question *still dizzy*

Yoshi: oh! Sorry, uhh…when u moved my heart was broken….i swear to find you when we grow up but I couldn’t wait any longer so i went to look for you.

Yoshi: before that I practiced karate so that I can protect the one I love (which is ko-chan) I want to be strong so that ko-chan will look at me again.

{Yoshi’s past}

Yoshi: *running to ko-chan’s car* WAIT!!! KO-CHAN!!!!!

Yoshi: *huff* *huff* ko-chan…..i will definitely find you when we grow up……*faints* (was sick)

{at yoshi’s house}

Yoshi: *wakes up* KO-CHAN!!! *huff*

Yoshi: I’ll find her no matter what, wait for me

Yoshi: (form now on I will work hard, so that one day I will meet u again I’ll be a guy you can rely on

{so form then, Yoshi worked very hard, practicing karate everyday, studying too.

[4 years later]

Yoshi:4 years of hard work, now it’s time to go and find ko-chan

Yoshi: Im coming (--___--) o wait….. I have no idea where she’s at…..

Yoshi: AAGGGHH!!!! Im soooooooo stupid I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT PART!!!!!!!!! (was to busy with training)

Yoshi’s dad: Were moving

Yoshi: HUH!? WHY??? I was just about to go find ko-chan

Yoshi’s dad: ko-chan?? That little girl ^_^ she was sooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!, such a kind little girl

Yoshi’s dad: UNLIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoshi: hai hai…….(--__--) (he only likes girls)

Yoshi: (maybe I’ll fins ko-chan there…..) IM NOT GOING TO GIVE UP!!! I……..i miss you……so much……

(author talking: so then yoshi moves, and ended up in the same SCHOOL!!! as ko-chan!!)

{yoshi’s past ends}

Yoshi: that’s what happened…..

Ko-chan: o….im sorry…but I don’t really want to see you right now….

Yoshi:*grabs her hand* please ko-chan!! I came her all the way just to look for you………im sorry about what happened in the past but…you just misunderstood

Ko-chan: no I didn’t, >=(

Yoshi: yes u did, I’ll tell you what really happened

Yoshi: first Amy is just my friend, she told me she liked me back when I was 8 years old. I told her I didn’t like her, but she still wouldn’t give up on me. She came by the school to meet me, that time I had you with me, but I didn’t want to tell you….sorry

Yoshi: I didn’t want you to hate me I told her I didn’t like her ….but then u came and saw her kiss me,

Yoshi: you went off running, and I went after you, but I couldn’t find you anywhere

Yoshi: I looked for you for hours, your mom call and said they found you

Yoshi: I was really happy but I couldn’t visit you because I got sick, before I got better you were already moving. I only got a chance to a little talk with you…..

Ko-chan: ok I get it…… you can stop

Ko-chan: im sorry……

Ko-chan: shall we start again? BUT! Just as friend ok? (I’ll guess I’ll be his friend….i feel really bad)

Yoshi: YOU FORGIVE ME??!!! im soooo happy!!!! *hugs her again* thank you ^_^

Ko-chan: *blush* w-what!! are u doing??? We are just FRIENDS!!!! Let go

Yoshi: im sorry….im too happy =)

Ko-chan: I only forgave you because my friend said she felt bad for you when I told, and i…..didn’t hear you side of the story…..

Yoshi: yes u didn’t!!!! it made me really mad for a long time!!! I thought I was going to die

Ko-chan: im said I was sorry!!! >.<

Yoshi: and I said I forgive you too =)

Yoshi: u got cuter =3

Ko-chan: eh?....thank you *blush*

Ko-chan: u looked different I didn’t recognize you until I had a good look on your face

Yoshi: yea….i did change a lot

Ko-chan: this is very exciting I have my childhood friend back!!! >.< im very happy that you’re here (totally forgave him, and is very happy right now)

Ko-chan: come on!! I want you to meet my other friends!!! ^_^

Yoshi: ok, hey slow down!! (she’s just like before, forgets being mad, I still like you just like before…..)

Ko-chan: Mayu, Miki-chan!!! I want you to meet my child hood friend he’s name is Yoshi

Miki-chan: EEEHHH!!!!???? Isn’t he that guy who cheated on you???

Ko-chan: *punches miki* no he didn’t, it turns out it was my fault…..ehehee….

Miki-chan: I knew it all along…..ouch *glares at ko-chan*

Mayu: *looks at yoshi* (he’s cute) HI!!! Nice to meet you my name is Mayu *bumps ko-cha out of the way*

Yoshi: it’s very nice to meet all of you *irresistible smile*

Miki-chan and Mayu: (OMG!!! He is sooooo handsome!!!!) (>.<)

Mayu: ahm…(but not as handsome as kazuki)

Ko-chan: I want u to meet my other friend…..he saved me countless of times…..ehee….

Yoshi:….i see (so she has a guy as her friend too)

Ko-chan: KAZUKI!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you???

Kazuki: stop being so noisy old hag im trying to sleep

Ko-chan: kazuki this is my childhood friend ^ ^ I hope you two get along

Yoshi: nice to meet you my name is Yoshi

Kazuki: *opens one eye* go away your noisy too (a guy??!!)

Ko-chan: KAZUKI!!!!! Be more nicer geezz it’s not going to kill you

Kazuki: your already killing me…..inside…..

Ko-chan: HUH!!!??? (what a weird guy)

WILL kazuki get along with yoshi??

Or will they fight?

See you in the next chapter!!! >.<

i'm sure they're gonna fight over ko chan!! it's getting really exciting!!!
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73 / F / if only I knew
Posted 4/19/08
thanks ^^
Posted 4/30/08
It's funny!!!
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73 / F / if only I knew
Posted 5/2/08

hoshina_utau01 wrote:

It's funny!!!

yay!!! glad u like it =)
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21 / F / At my own imagina...
Posted 5/9/08
cant wait for the reaction of kazuki when he find ou you know what!! still loving them!!
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Posted 5/10/08
kyaa! interesting! 2 boys fighting over a girl!
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73 / F / if only I knew
Posted 5/11/08
shank you >.<
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22 / F / behind you :{D
Posted 5/14/08
k....getting interesting...tis is wat i expect...but....Mayu is a playgirl? she?..hahaz...lolz...
nvm...gampade ne...
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21 / F / On a fantastical...
Posted 6/12/08
my guess but it was fun guessing!!!!!!!!!!haha thanx for the story!!!!
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 7/25/08
lol cool ch
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F / ๑۩۞۩๑ ≧▽≦ KittyKa...
Posted 7/25/08
wow..this is so interesting and exciting =D
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23 / F / On Your Mind
Posted 7/31/08
ohhhhh !!~~~
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73 / F / if only I knew
Posted 8/3/08
im getting kinda nervous now.... i hope i can do better if u guys didn't like it. I'll do my BEST!
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