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Name the places you have been to in the world
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26 / F
Posted 1/13/07
gold coast
brunei(aport anyway)
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25 / F / next to 手越祐也!
Posted 1/13/07
I'm still stuck in the freakin' USA! ><

I've only been to:
- Oregon
- Montana
- Minnesota
- Wisconsin
- Florida
- Nevada
- Colorado
Those are places I have visited and spent at least a night at.

Other places where I have landed:
- Idaho
- Georgia
- Arizona

I want to go to Japan!!!
Posted 1/14/07
In the USA:Colorado,Texas,Mississippi,Hawaii

Out of Usa:Hongkong,Macau
Posted 1/14/07
i don't like to travel. this is all the countrys that i've been.

China:Shanghai,Honkong, Tiarjin,Lanzhou
that's all,
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28 / F / UK
Posted 1/14/07
i love traveling but i havnt been very many places ^-^
everywhere basically in the UK
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26 / M / JPN -> KR -> USA
Posted 1/14/07

Japan: Okinawa, Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka (and lots since im japanese)
Korea: Seoul, Daegu, Busan, Suwon (etc, im live in korea rite now)
China: Beijing just once,,dusty, but pretty nice place in my opinion
Philippines: many times, im half Philipino few relatives(on my moms side)
Guam: twice for vacation
Hawaii: once..might move ther
Thailand: for vacation three times
Combodia: once
Germany: once for FIFA2006 :D

+my passport is full of stamps cuz i've been on plane so many times goin Japan and Korea back and forward

....dang i noticed now but i left da Pacific only once!!
Posted 1/22/07
I've been to Vietnam, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxemburg and that's it =( And i live in Holland ^^ But i'm going to America next year and i'm planning a Asia trip for when i graduate from high school =)
Posted 1/22/07
- lasvegas
- holly wood!!!
- sweden (i think when i was little)
- germany (also when i was little)
- korea - seoul - for a couple of hours!! had yummy sushi!!
i REALLY want to go to JAPAN!!!!!! AAAAAAAA
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32 / M / New York
Posted 1/22/07
I've only been here in New York where I live..umm..Florida, Georgia.

and the only 2 times I've left the country were a trip to canada when I was 11 and a vacation to London where I got engaged.

Hopefully, if all goes well, I'm going to China for a week at the end of march with a 24 hr stayover in Japan.
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30 / F / aruba
Posted 1/22/07
Philippines [ im half pinay ]
Aruba [ i live here ]
The Nederlands [ Vacation ]
Venezuela [ School trip ]
Malaysia [ Relative ]
Japan [ i'm 25% japanese ( grandmommy ) ]
Taiwan [ Vacation ]
China [ half chinese ]
Canada [ Relative ]
Miami [ Vacation ]
Puerto Rico [ School trip ]

i wanna go to hawaii for some surfing experience
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78 / F / myPlace
Posted 1/22/07
don't go traveling....but i want to like heck.
continents i've been to:
North America
countries i've been to:
states i've been to:
Minnesota-where i live
Wisconsin-it's right next to minnesota so yeah.....
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F / Canada
Posted 1/22/07
Canada -
Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia
New Jersey, New York, Ohio
China -
Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Fuzhou, Guangzhou
Japan -
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36 / F / By the water
Posted 1/22/07
And were off! I have been up and down the east coast several times, (although not to Maine) sometimes just passing through, other times to stay in each state and see the sights. I have been to New York, DC, Raliegh, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Miami, Key West, and every other major beach town in Florida on the eastern side. I have been in and stayed to party like a mother in New Orleans several times. I use to live near Dallas, Tx, in Austin, TX, and have been to Houston several times to drop off my son to my baby daddy.

I have gone on a road trip when I was 15-16 across the United States and have passed through all the states on the southeast and southwest US. I have been to LA to visit, as well as Santa Monica. I have been to Las Vegas and shopped there as well as seen the Hoover Dam at day break (it was unbelievable!).

I have also vacationed in the Bahamas, South America, Italy and Ireland for at least a week or longer. I could be more specific, but that would be awfully tedious for every one else! *If that was too long, please tell me...*

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33 / M / Philippines
Posted 1/24/07
lets see if i remember them all.. i've been going on vacations ever since i was 6 yrs old..

UK, germany, austria, hungary, rome, italy, belgium, poland, switzerland, france, spain, czech,slovakia (i think when i went there it was still called czechoslovakia or something.. cant remember), greece, monaco, israel, portugal, denmark, sweden, poland and a day in finland
california, new york, florida, washington,new jersey, arizona, nevada, colorado.. and some others i cant remember

and i've been to australia, hongkong, singapore, & canada
and some places here in the philippines..

still hoping to visit japan.. they say its beutiful.. although i've read somewhere they say its crazy in there.. haha..
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F / melbourne
Posted 1/24/07
Japan and Vietnam. + all the cities in Australia
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