Weapons Guide
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Weapons Guide

Weapons can be found almost everywhere and anywhere in the Naruto World. They range from ordinary weapons like kunai to the unordinary like swords made out of bones. They are that person's essential need and line of defense against enemies.


User: All Ninja
There are 3 different types of bombs used: smoke, gas, and light. Smoke bombs are mainly used to conceal a ninja, use as a distraction, or an escape tool. Gas bombs are poisonous gas bombs that causes coughing and makes you breathe in the poison. Light bombs are used to blind the opponent or to land a surprise attack.

Bone Sword

User: Kimimaro Kaguya
The Sound ninja Kimimaro has an unique Bloodline limit which allows him to remove bones from his body. This sword is created from the removed bone and it is a reliable weapon due to the fact the it can become harder than steel.


User: Gamabunta
This personal dagger of the frog boss, Gamabunta, can be utilized by him or any other powerful ninja that can lift its weight and move swiftly.

Exploding Tag

User: All Ninja
Exploding tags are commonly used by all ninjas that can be placed on different items, such as a kunai or log, and will explode after a certain amount of time.


User: Temari
Temari uses this powerful offensive fan as her primary weapon. This destructive fan creates high force wind attacks and is good for defense, but drains a lot of chakra and requires a lot of strength. Temari is also able to summon with her fan. When necessary, the fan unfolds and creates a large wind and then she fills her chakra into the wind and imprison her opponent as the wind cuts them to pieces.


User: Tayuya
Used by the Sound Five ninja Tayuya, this flute allows her to control her summoned guardians and create Genjutsu to confuse any opponent within earshot of the flute.

Knuckle Buster

User: Asuma Sarutobi
These are the personal weapons of the Leaf Jonin Asuma. They are placed on your knuckles, and while good for cutting people on offense, are a great defense against swords. The brass knuckles and knife prove to be a deadly combination. When utilized correctly, the user can extend his chakra through the blade, causing the length of the blade to grow with the added chakra end. These are very helpful in hand-to-hand combat.

Kongou-Nyo Form

User: Enma
A personal summoning of the Third Hokage, Monkey King Enma, is able to transform himself into a diamond staff weapon. He can enlarge himself into various lengths in this form. Enma can also somewhat transform back to his normal form, permitting him to open an eye to observe the situation or extend an arm to grab a foe.

Kubikiri Houcho- Head Cleaving Sword

User: Zabuza Homochi
Known for this long head cleaving sword, Zabuza uses this as his main weapon. Like Kisame, Zabuza got this weapon from being a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, an elite ninja squad of the Hidden Village of Mist. He took this sword with him when he fled the village. This large weapon is specially formed and is sharp enough to cut people in half. Because it is very strong and heavy, it is not always a good weapon of choice against someone that is fast, like Kakashi.


User: All Ninja
A kunai is used by all ninjas as a throwing knife or in hand-to-hand combat. It is often carried in a holster on the leg or in a pouch on your hip. A kunai is a small dagger with a round handle and a ring at the end for quick access and used with one finger. A kunai can be used in a combination with an explosive tag or with other weapons. This weapon is a favorite of most Genins.


User: Orochimaru
This is the legendary Kusanagi sword of the Sannin Orochimaru. When needed, he opens his mouth as it extends from his chest through his throat. When not used, it is kept within Orochimaru's body.


User: All Ninja
These small throwing spikes are most often used in booby-traps. Used by all ninjas, this weapon is used during escape routes as a distraction or to stop enemies from pursuing. When used correctly, the metal spikes can penetrate the sole of a shoe, though they sometimes don't cause any damage at all. Though most ninjas use makibishi for slowing down an opponent, some ninja use this tool in battle as a distraction for the primary attack.


User: Haku & Shizune
Shizune and Haku are the only people known for using needles. These small, sharp needles are used to throw at targets. When thrown with correct accuracy and speed, they can cause instant death, or put the target in a death-like state. Although the needles were first used by doctors for acupuncture, ninjas and ninja-hunters started using them to hit certain points on the body to cause quick death or unconsciousness. Because of the required speed and precision, it is not very popular with most ninjas.

Needle Launcher

User: Shizune
Shizune has a needle launcher hidden on her right forearm which she can use to launch poison tipped needles at her opponent.


User: Kankuro, Sasori, Chiyo
Puppeteer ninjas, like Kankuro, might prefer these types of weapons. To use puppets, chakra is necessary. Puppeteers control their puppets with strings made of chakra and with the puppet jutsu technique. Puppeteers can enhance their puppets with new tools, like how Kankuro does with his puppet, Kararu, with poison tipped daggers and poison gas.

Raijin Sword

User: Second Hokage & Aoi
After the death of the Second Hokage, the legendary Rajin (God of Lightning) sword remained in the Leaf Village as a well-known artifact. Former Leaf ninja Aoi tricked Morino Idate into stealing the sword and fled to the Hidden Village of Rain.


User: Kisame
This long head cleaving sword is different from others swords. While most swords cut or slice, Hoshigaki Kisame's primary weapon shaves. The shark skin scales on the blade are meant to tear the victim to shreds. Kisame gained this sword by being a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, an elite ninja squad of the Hidden Village of Mist. He took this sword with him when he fled the village.


User: All Ninja
They are throwing stars that are places in a pouch on your hip for easy access. The shuriken is a weapon that is commonly used by all ninjas. There are two types of shuriken: the small shuriken, which is a choice of most Genins, are easier to use than the regular ones. The Fuma Shuriken, also known as the windmill shuriken, is the large shuriken used for quick and easy killing. When they are thrown at an opponent it causes the damage to increase, due to their large size. Although being hit by a Fuma Shuriken is deadly, the accuracy rate is much lower.

Swords (Normal Swords)

User: All ANBU and Hayate Gekko
Though most ninjas use jutsu and kunai knives in battle, ninjas like Hayate Gekko use swords. They are a great offensive tool in a battle where both opponents are at the same speed, but are useless in high paced combat or against a sword of wind.


User: Hidden Rain Ninja
These special umbrellas, used by the Hidden Rain shinobi as weapons, contain a huge amount of needles in them. They can be used in combinations ninja special Hidden Rain techniques. In order for the umbrellas to work, the umbrella is thrown into the air and the user performs technique, which causes the umbrella to open and unleash a rain of needles.
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