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Posted 4/9/08 , edited 4/9/08
Toilets you see them everyday, You use them everyday but do you even know WHERE it came from?
What was it originally used for? and Why the hell i'm asking you this questions..
I dont either but let me tell the toilets history anyway:
Toilets were born thanks to farming because farming meant communities can form and survive ..
and because you can't just keep crapping everywhere people started to crap on one place only
And as time passes the holy place where they crap had a house of it's own but the toilets where just holes and there were many holes so that can people can crap at the same time in the roman era the toilet and the bathroom where the famous places of chatting and information as the were like bars but as time goes by people changed so the idea of crapping together was thought of as taboo in the victorian era and as that idea came the toilet was like sex . It was thought to be disgusting and humiliating to talk about in public although it was perfectly natural. The chinese were distinguished of their toilets and had little bowls that they pooped on the emperor had a bowl that was pure gold passed down to generations of kings and rulers. The bowl itself looked like a mini version of a toilet except it was portable and you had to clean it if your not rich.As Trade with China grew Europe developed the Modern toilet with a flush but it was still hard to buy because of the plumbing so only royalty or businessmen can buy it . It was proved to be a luxury item and as time goes by plumbing became cheap because of plastic and everyone had a toilet and it was a necessity so it spread throughout the world and thanks to that we don't have to crouch down and poop at a hole everyday. So if you see a toilet Think for a minute and thank everyone who contributed to this great discovery and as you use it think about the pollution you just dropped down the world ..
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