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Posted 4/9/08 , edited 4/9/08
This is a tournament based rp where after the tournament the winner shall gain a higher rank and privileges. As well we will help bring the world into the light.

Additional info:

You can add and change things as you see fit. This is our stadium.

Take out the spokes and make the edges round and you got the arena. The scenery behind it is a normal stadium though. So there is an audience with a barrier around them so they do not get hurt.

The rules are simple.
Rules: Each battle will be a total of 20 posts each. If someone has not surrendered by then I will judge the winner. I will be fair in my judging.
This battle will go by a point system. Each time you hit you gain points on the hit as in type of hit and how well it was performed. At the end the judge, me, will count out the points and declare the winner. You will also lose points if you god mod.
Now to actually say you hit some one you must give a verified explanation as to why you were able to land that hit in your post. Then the point will be given to you. Simply stating that you hit is not good enough.
You also cannot leave the stadium grounds at any time but using a teleport jutsu type thing is allowed as long as you reappear in the stadium.
You can also use a counter attack system. If the attack is done in such a way that you can move and make an attack that physically wouldn't be able to be dodged because of the first attack then you successfully counter attack. You must explain this.

I will keep the points in check as of your hit, kind of hit, and plans. God mods will make you lose points and I will decide the degree of loss.

Post your chars and we will begin!! Each battle will have its own topic here. Only the judges and participants are to post in that topic there will also be a discussion thread for the battles so audience can post there and not in the battle topic. Let the tourney begin.
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27 / M / In my mind fighti...
Posted 4/15/08
Name: Tristen dumo

Age: 18

Height: 5.9ft

Race: human

Gender: male




Flame shot-able to shot a blast of fire at the enemy

Flame thrower-shoot a blast of fire at the enemy to burn them

Burning punch-able to make hands on fire to hit enemy

Phoenix punch- jumps in the air making a Phoenix on his right or left hand coming down with a powerful punch at the enemy

Fire wave- move hand around to make area hotter then what it would be

Double shot twin phoenix strike-a combo of fire punches and kick ending with an upper cut of flames

Twin dragon flame kick- kick in such a fast speed that his kick are that they are on fire

Phoenix bomb mega blast-channels a wave of heat from the enemy body to do damage.

Final Phoenix flash punch- when punching fire shoot out in the shape of a phoenix

Final phoenix flash kick- when he kick at the enemy a phoenix comes out

Final phoenix flash doom bringer-summon a phoenix to shoot fire at the enemy burning them alive

Bio: he is part of the visers.He joined to see if he could master any new moves
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28 / M / In reality, unfor...
Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/25/08
Except with 2 wings, no sword, and a tank top. Has a flame tattoo down his left arm.
Equipment: Zanbotanti- A huge drill. right hand only.
Jintei-twin-blade sword that can make tornadoes when spun. right hand only.
Techs: Fireball-left hand only
Flamethrower-left hand only
Flame dome-Shield of fire shot from left hand. protects only one attack, but all melee attacks are stopped via burning
Explosion punch-A punch with his left hand that then makes a point-blank fireball.
Eruption-by placing his left hand on the ground, he targets a person and shoots fire from beneath them. powerful, but very slow and hard to get a hit.
Bio: After hearing about the Visors, he joined to see how well this group was. Now an avid member, slightly envying the assasins, longing to be one of them. His interesting arsenal allows combat for basically every enemy. His tattoo is the source of his fire powers. Wears a tank top to allow maximum usage.
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28 / F / http://s1.zetaboa...
Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
Name: Owari Zutto
Age: to know is to die ;3
Gender: im really male *total sarcasm*

(this is my outfit normally and my normal hair colour...but in battle.....)

Weapons: Hynago (sword/dragon), pointy object bag (HAHAHA)
Ice control- controlling and creating ice at own free will
snowflake shiled- a shield made of ice
icy flames-flames that freeze anything they touch, but can also be used to only freeze certian things inside of the flame
snowy day-snow falls from everywhere and they are used in a way like senbonzakura (i think thats how its spelled)
hell frozen over- the enemy is compleatly surrounded in a ball of icy fire that june and hynago can hide in without their presence noticed
water control- can control water made out of her melted ice
dragon dance-she moves at high speeds that make it look like there is many of her
clones-actually makes it so that there is more of her
frozen blood-????????????
Bio: She joined the visors for the "shits and giggles". She loves to bother Viser Guy, and is probebly one of the only people that can do that without serious punishment. she loves to eat, read manga, eat, throw pointy things, AND eat. she joined the visors because she was bored, so her trustworthyness and loyalty are questionable, but she would never kill someone she had gotten to know well (unless she had gotten to know them well and they turned out to be complete jurks). Even though her loyalty to the visors is weak, she is very protective of her idea of being Viser's favourite, and will glare at anyone who gets his attention.
Additional info: bad things happen when any of these things happen:
1)she is denied her food
2)she is denied her sleep
3)she drinks alchohol
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