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What Is A Day Like In Your Class(es)
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27 / F
Posted 4/10/08
BORING...nothing more than that
1st class-boring+very sleepy
3rd:very boring..slowly falling asleep..
Class dismissed..time to go home!
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75 / F / Pearl of the Orient
Posted 4/10/08
We have slight schedule changes everyday because we have more than 9 classes but yeah, I'll just mention a few.

Filipino -- A good day starter since we usually focus on Literature, so that means love stories and open talks about how it relates to us students. Not very stressful. :]
Biology/Science -- FUN FOR ME. I love bio! :DD I'm such a nerd for science and I'm not ahsamed about it. Everyone finds the words and term difficult to memorize, though. xD
Math -- Our teacher is awesome so it's not always boring. It is difficult, though, but our teacher is also very encouraging.
Social Studies -- Kind of boring but damn, our teacher is a story teller so sometimes it's really fun. If you talk with him long enough he'll forget about the whole lesson and just have fun with us and share his life stories xD
English -- Our teacher is literally gay so we enjoy hearing how he pronounces stuff, even though we get major nosebleeds from the many complicated vocabulary words he uses. x____x When he's in a good mood or when he's busy, he'll give us free time and it's just the best time so fthe day. xD
Home Ec -- I get stressed sometimes because our teacher is strict but when she loosens up a bit, she's fun. xD
PE -- Fucking pain but it's okay when we like the sport. xD
CL -- We have the sam eteacher in Social Studies and CL, so yeah. He gets more religious here, so the stories are even better compared to reading straight out of the Bible. Much easier to understand.
Computer -- FUNNNN. Though we can't use the internet, we can grab pictures off mySpace and Friendster and edit them and stuff, just for trips. xD
End of the day -- Sometimes a sad time, sometimes not. We hate leaving the school, actually, because we have so much fun. During our summer days (which is actually now), we meet up at the school for completion/summer classes and even those that don't need completion or summer classes pitch in because we all spend time together and that's what matters to us.

School is great when you have great experiences, yeah. I feel lucky to not be one of those kids that dread going to school everyday. x___x
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Posted 4/10/08

HR - weeeee
Phys. Science - sleepy
Art - sleepy
Soc. Studies - sleepy
English - hungry
Comp. Tech. [[+Lunch]] - hungry [[i don`t go to lunch , they serve us shit xP]]
Algebra 1 - blahh

the out of school woooo
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27 / F / In Raccoon City
Posted 4/10/08
english AP---awesome
U.S. History 2 AP--i love oh so much.
Psychology- I hate everyone in that class
Chemistry AP-- So much fun
French--boring, i go to sleep yet i pass with an A
LUNCH-- i hate the food there
Word Processing---Woot Woot i wuv computers
PE aka Gym---I get dress and somewhat always participate
Algebra 2 AP---I pass with a B and i don't do homework...not to forget that class needs ME to spice it up.
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27 / F / Ireland
Posted 4/10/08
Chem-Fun, fun, talk to teacher bout how I saw him on on saturday night at the club he moonlights in!
French-Work my ass off for fear of the Lady mole (giant mole on the face, TERRIFYING!!)
Eng- Talk bout how evil Macbeth is and why he should die!
Rel: Eat choc with teacher while catching up on homework
Irish: Laugh with everyone else at how retarded we at our native language!
Acc: Sleep/work cos I'm in top class and have no choice!
Maths: Cry cos I'm in top honours class and barely passing
l.C.V.P. Catch up on gossip while writing letters.
Bus Org: Sleep/ glare at most evil teacher in the world
P.E. Don't do it, so skip school or sit around til half 3

Ugh, being in school is no fun!
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30 / M / Selma
Posted 4/10/08
Poli Sci- interesting yet boring all we do is study about how men on years past destroy american gov't
Bodybuilding- fun class have all my friends in there
English 1A- blah blah blah who doesnt know english
Sociology- the study of people fun class get to make fun of all the races
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27 / M / Earth
Posted 4/10/08
french: first class, interesting i love french
weight training: plod along and do little stuff, i work out after school anyways
spanish: mostly, nothing i need to catch up on my spanish studies
german:...nothing, usually sleep and do whatever homework i didnt finish
chemestry: depends, if we have to do a lab or something i do work, otherwise i usually end up falling asleep
precalculus: absolutely hate this class...enough said
american history: borrrinnnng, i really dont like studying american history
english: good, end of the day, easy class, either take a nap or read ^_^
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27 / Conquering the wo...
Posted 4/10/08
day A or 1
Biology(advance) - very fun to some extend.
Sewing- I made my first pillow and it turn out great. Good for chunking unaware targets...A cellphone poach( it has a deathnote button and i sew a picture of L)
Civils (advance)- In this class i`m known as the Asian Hitler or Josphe Stalin. Because the way I think and act and Goal resemble must like them only on a much larger scale. I wish for World domination ! hohohohohoho!
Algebra II L2- if i weren`t for my glasses i would enjoy more.
band- I play the flute and very fun. Though I have a bad habit of sleeping while playing
Day B
Spanish- a complete waste of time, but its a simple class if you listen
English - My favorite class,My teacher maybe old ,but she, has alot of funny stories
P.A.( Project adventure A.K.A scholatic way of dying) - very fun we climb very high up in tree. And we do go out in all weather except thunderstorms( dam)
Study hall- do almost anything you want as long your quite
Posted 4/10/08
English: Me and my friend Saz sit at the front of the class and take the piss out of our teachers really bad accent's when she reads out poems/stories. The american accent is the best.

Maths: Revision, yet I sit with a group of friends and talk about something weird like ghosts or something. I like scaring people >:3 Oh! And talking to my camp friend who is so awesome... but he's rather crude.

Science: Sit on my own with my headphones in my ears. She see's me all the time with them in and tells me to take them out. God damn you Miss D!

P.E: ... Pfft... diddly squat. I don't bounce on the trampolines, I just kinda, sit on them. And for badminton, I usually have racket-slash-sword fights with random people :D

The best lesson is music though. Some idiot always turns the power off in the classroom, so when someone's in the middle of playing a keyboard or something they end up confuzzled. And me and my metal-headed friend headbang to classical music when it's being played.
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25 / F / in front of a com...
Posted 4/10/08

Mumii wrote:

1st - Sit quietly and sleep with my eyes open.
2nd - Learn and speak.
3rd - Tries keeping my table mates quiet.
4th - Reading.
5th - Play around and write.
6th - Take a lot of quizzes and tests.

you take all your quizzes and test in your 6th period? hard....
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26 / F / Tampa, FL
Posted 4/10/08
Algebra 2: Boring...I'm usually half asleep...and I hate my teacher

Orchestra: I like this I get excited whenever we get new music

English: Really boring...I finish my work fast and then sleep

World History: It's usually interesting...we watch a lot of movies and I talk to my friends a lot

Anatomy and Physiology: My teacher makes it a boring class...most people here are seniors, so I don;t talk to them much

Lunch: I just chill with my friends

Spanish 1: I'm a fluent Spanish I'm basically teacher's pet/assistant or I help other kids with their work

Chemistry: I like teacher is funny and the class is both interesting and challenging
Posted 4/10/08
1st-- French (so damn hard!!! >.<)
2nd-- PE (....)
3rd-- Civics (I love that class)
4th-- Art (awesome....)
5th-- Physics (why?!?!)
6th-- Resources (ZzzzZzzzZzz)
7th-- English (I also love that classs, but I'm failing =.=)
8th-- Algebra 1 (nooo...... I always take tests and quizzes there)
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29 / M / Hidden Leaf Village
Posted 4/10/08
CAS 232: Destop Publishing InDesign - late for class and a lil behind with the classwork *sigh*
PE 185: Basketball - late for class teacher's an ass and a lesbian hope she fucking dies
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27 / Where I am is whe...
Posted 4/10/08
0 (Yeah there's a 0 period): Pretend to pay attention to presentations and grin widely at the presenters.
1: Sit backwards on my chair and talk to Ha.
2: Walk.............keep walking.
3: Doodle in my notebook and eat behind the teacher's back.
4: Hide behind Kim and sleep off my lunch. Then eat some more behind the teacher's back.
5: I actually pay attention in this class.......and get into empty water bottle fights.
6: Sleep off the empty water bottle fights. Eat at the lab station when messing with dangerous chemicals.
7: Swim. Complain to coach. Swim some more. Stare at coach eat while I swim. @[email protected]
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23 / F / Singapore
Posted 4/11/08
Mine is kinda different, since I'm still in secondary school. But heck, here goes nothing.


1) I arrive at school uber early, and turn on my tablet pc and play till assembly starts.
2) Assembly. I sit amongst the masses and listen to the principal blab.
3) English. SURPRISE OH SURPRISE. Another test.
4) Recess/Break. I take this time to stock up.
5) Civics and Moral Education. Teachers blabs about moral values while the rest of the class try to get him to sing another song.
6) Literature. Teacher lets us act in a new play. Yeh, this is probably my fave class of all :3
7) Languages/Higher Chinese. (yes, I'm Asian.) Try and look innocent for the rest of the class, hoping my teacher won't remember my yet-to-be-handed-in composition. I hate this class.
8) Computer Lessons. We did Adobe Flash today, but I had no idea what was going on though. Just jabbed at my tablet pc screen with my Stylus.
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