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Posted 4/9/08 , edited 4/9/08
First off I will list the guidelines:
1. This RP is not set strictly to any anime. Play you're character how you wish. Base it off of an anime portrayal if you wish. For example, I play Souji more akin to his portrayal in Peacemaker Kurogane as I find it the closest historical portrayal of Shinsengumi around. Play it how you want it as long as it has some historic resemblance.

2. This RP is a historic RP. Events that happened will happen, though it isn't the events that matter but what we do during those events and how we react to them that matter and give way to creative freedom. So we can play things out how we want to.

3. Combat is done in RP. You cannot Fate-play. Fate-playing is when someone controls another's character. It is illegal. For example, you would want to emote *Souji swiftly parries the blow and strikes at Uke's neck.* as opposed to *Souji swiftly parries the blow and cuts Uke's neck open.* Aside from Fate-Playing, GodModding is also not allowed. GodModding is the act of in any way acting superior or preternatural. For example; If Uke aimed a strike at my shoulder, and Souji dodged each one, that is god modding. If somone strikes you three times, you have to atleast take one hit. For example; *Souji deftly sidestepped, Uke's blade cutting into his cheek. He winces as he regains his footing and dashes into his counterattack aiming a thrust at Uke's belly.* This would be the correct method. Also, GodModding in the act of knowing more than your character can; like knowing someone before being introduced to them unless they are well known would be an example. Or knowing someone did something without witnessing it. These are not allowed.

4. OOC (Out of Character) content is only allowed in the General Discussion and the Wall.

To take a character and participate in the RP, you agree that you have read fully, understand, and will follow the guidelines above.

Second off, know there are two types of characters.
Listed Characters (Which are the historic characters which are portrayed by the player.)
Created Characters (Which are created by the player.)

[All Captain and Above characters must be active. To be one of these you adhere to be an active player able to respond quickly and keep a moderate post count.]

To be a character already listed, it must be open and not taken by someone, and you must have had a character and roleplayed already for atleast a week, OR message me and audition with the following form.
Character Bio:
Character's Appearance:
Character's Personality:
One Example of Roleplay as the character:

After this, you will be requested to roleplay in the Testing Area with my character.
If the portrayal is accurate within reasonable bounds and satisfactory then you will be allowed to play it.

To Create your own character, you must fill out the following form.

Character Name:
Weapon of Choice:
School (Ryu):
Character Background:
Character Appearance:
Character Personality:
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