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Posted 6/29/08
Speaking from personal experience, I don't know if I can say Takeru's gestures are all up to his thoughtfulness. Some people have an almost self-sabotaging personality of giving way to other people's happiness.

My aunt, who has tortured herself over love more than any human being apparently, got this advice from my grandfather: "All's fair in love and war." By her measure, Takeru should have made a big play for Ruka regardless of any Michirus (nothing ventured, nothing gained). His initial confession doesn't count, considering as it was ill-timed and ill-informed.
I don't like to think things are so black and white, but is sacrificing yourself always the best thing to do?
Posted 6/29/08
It depends on the person's values, right? If the person thinks it's worth it, 'outsiders' can't do much about it (maybe it's possible especially for underaged ppl). Anyway, it's very hard for ppl not involved in the relationship itself to comment meaningfully most of the time. Eh, does that mean this discussion is 'self-defeating'?
Posted 6/29/08
I don't believe that (people not involved can't comment meaningfully), people involved in a relationship can't see how ridiculous they look because they are too caught up in it.
Think about Michiru and Sousuke, everyone but her and Sousuke could see that relationship was poison. That's an extreme case, but you get the point.

The only other point I want to make is one that pretty much goes out the window because this is a drama and not real life: there are no real 'opponents for love' affecting these three characters (at least once Sousuke is gone).
Michiru was just a high school crush that Ruka never let go of, if Ruka wanted romance she could have found a million other girls a lot more appreciative (I read on another board after episode 2, "Why doesn't Ruka drop that Michiru and find some girls who will actually accept her? The straight girl crush is a dead end...")
Same for Takeru, I don't doubt that he felt Ruka was one in a million, but he wasn't exactly looking very hard. Either that or love and romance is overrated. I mean, what were they, late-20s? If you have to settle down and have a family by that age, I'm done for hahaha.
Posted 6/30/08
I do agree with how 'blind' the 'insiders' could be, like they couldn't find their way out and somehow kept digging deeper into the trenches. I probably have to put it this way instead. The 'outsiders' can keep making meaningful comments but the people involved may not listen until they decided to make up their mind themselves.

LF Spoilers bombing!
This is a fictional drama, thus those 'opponents' have been conveniently erased, particularly, Ruka's very supportive family members and friends are almost blessings from the sky, too neatly done in order to cram into 11 EPs. I find it a bit fairytale that she has unwavering support from all the important people around her (with the exception of Sousuke, haha and the inquisitive press who are shown just doing their job). Yes, she have faced

people contesting the genderqueer or genderconfused (or whatever term you want to use) side of her personality, either psychologically, verbally, or physically.
. But that's a given in this present world and society as long as she's considered 'different'. It's not to undermine her suffering, in fact, her suffering will always continue because the world won't change just for her.

The show never depicts how Michiru dealt specificially with Ruka's feelings for her after Michiru has ran away is a really glaring point, other than 'I have betrayed Ruka and let's raise the child together regardless of friends, lovers, husband and wife, family', full stop. Besides, if another guy enters the picture, meaning he's willing to take care of Rumi and Michiru, Ruka will have to start the vicious cycle of being on the sidelines again?!

As for Takeru, he has the sloppiest ending regarding his trauma and its resolution. I can't believe his sister who has been persistently creepy (she's like the 2nd Sousuke) decided to end her obsession with her younger brother over a phone conversation. Suddenly she sees the light... And Takeru has cured himself by his own will?! What happened to him and Ruka in the tent?

it seems like Takeru's past of being abused by his sister was almost pointless, plot-wise. At least not enough to mark his character with 'agony' from having a secret past. I want to know where the writer's referent for that whole scenario came from.
Specifically, I want to know what it has to do with his relationship towards Ruka, other than them both having a sort of problem lurking inside of them that they can't let out.

Ending Article 2 kind of answer your queries regarding Takeru and his 'agony' and how his role contributed to the plotline and such.

The 'happy ending' is designed to 'please' viewers as all the real unpleasantness are swept under the carpet. Maybe, the characters are all very big-hearted whereas the viewer herself is nitpicking.

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