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Post Reply would u teach a penguin how 2 use a shotgun
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08

xNorix wrote:

They woud have to to complete there world domination plan ^-^
step 1: steal drugs and stash them in the socks they steal to pass security
step2; sell the drugs to ppls to gain money for there weapons
step3: kill mankind (well besides we peguin ppl, me gonna help with the killing! my dad has a gun ^-^ buahahaha)
step 4: send atomic chemicals around the world to destroy all planets and freeze the sun so they can live on a planet of snow and full of ice cream xD

lol wierd. youl'l end up killing the penguins to lmao xD.
Posted 7/18/10 , edited 7/18/10
Of course i would. I mean if people want to kill penguins they need to protect themselves, dont they
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