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29 / M / USA-California
Posted 4/16/08

Junzo wrote:

-about me-
I'm Mark, 24, and I'm gay lol.... I'm Filipino, born in the Philippines, lived in Japan and now currently living in Texas, USA. My life I lived happily and yet deep down I was depressed. My childhood was weird let's just say I may have been molested one from my aunt (still kinda angry at her, yet she kinda got me where I am being gay), and my friends (guys by the way) also did the naughty with me. I thought it was a game so I went with it crazy me.... I was only 6 when that happened so I had my first gay experience at that age My school life was okay nothing happened never dated anyone I never been kissed yet so yeah sad huh I had the courage to tell all my friends that I am gay this year and told my two sisters that I am too love seeing there reaction it was awesome. I like to play with everyone and flirt.. yes I'm a big flirt ahahahah. I fell in love with a guy here in CR not gonna give you his name I still care for him.. my first love hehehehe I still have not decided what to do with my life but I really want to have love in it... I just enjoy having fun and live everyday just to enjoy it. I made wonderful friends here in CR and I hope to make more

hey Junzo as always doing bad things ^_^ well im so happy that you came to talk about you a little more im so happy for your relationship that you have and i wish you guys the best. and just so you know there havent been any other couple of the month lol you guys may become the couple of the year lol.
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25 / F / Lowell,MA
Posted 4/17/08

darklegna4 wrote:

Chrustie wrote:

Uhmmm... when i was five i was burnt very badly. I recovered from it so you cant tell that i was burnt. I was a naughty little girl when i was little and got into alot of fights with ppl. I have one brother who is younger than me by two years. uhmm... when i went to middle school i got all honoroll and high honoroll. Now i'm in highschool and i got one C so far by my b**** a** teacher who's madd old and needs to retire after 30 years. I such at math and is very good at physics. I'm a freshmen. I live in Massachusetts. I'm cambodian and like half chinese. One time me and my best buddy khinny pulled a prank on one of my other friend (chrustine) making her think that khinny's brother had a overly obsessed crush on her. So went we went somewhere together we made her sit next to him. Her facial expressions are priceless. Some of her facial expressions looked like this Lmao!!! you had to be there...

WOw thats i pretty funny story. thank you so much for letting us know more about you and your adventures. please feel free to ask me anything i will be glad to help you out in anything . ^_^ have a great day.

oh thanx i like your story too its very intresting
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Posted 4/18/08
ah, my life is so humdrum compared to y'all. Anyway, I'm 23 years old, full time student and part time nurse. I'm working on my associate's in nursing here in California paying 60G for 18 months... (I know, the tuition is ridiculous but what the hell, community colleges would make me wait years to get in the program ).

My family and I moved here in the US when I was 18. I did not have language difficulties though, because English is widely spoken, and is the language used in academic setting in the Philippines. I still have family left behind there, and in Bahrain. My first job was in McDonald's part time, at the same time I also held part time positions as a dishwasher in a nursing home and a caregiver in an assisted living. Afterwards, I worked as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) for three months 16 hours a day four to five times a week. Then I went to Nursing School and so here I am.

The first few months in America, I cried a lot. I missed my family and friends. There were other factors, of course, and I would not bore you with those, but suffice it to say that... I was lonely. I laugh about it now, but at the time... it was devastating.

I've been blessed so much in my life (and I'm not nearly thankful enough!) . I am satisfied with my life (I do want advancement though), I have no complaints.

I joined crunchy for the videos. The buddies and forums are just added bonus (then). Now though, it's fun to share and talk about stuff that are interesting to me and some select individuals (yaoi fandom, of course). I am, well... mocked a bit for my love of yaoi (in my family). None of my friends or colleagues know what the heck yaoi is... although I suppose my Sociology teacher does now!

It's nice knowing bout you guys and... live well.
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 4/18/08
I'm Jem and I'm 15 y.o. soon to be 16 this 21st of May. Filipina. Chinese and Spanish decent. currently here in the Philippines. I love and so many other things. Sometimes I get so random but I'm serious with my studies. I grew up with my cousins and grandmother. Both parents are currently living somewhere in the states. They left me when I was 4 y.o. and I never saw them 'til now, but me and my mother talk over the phone or send emails. *still waiting for my papers and visa* hmmmmm... I love horror movies, music and some asian dramas. eheh... I want to be a nurse or a doctor. I don't have any time for relationships beyond friendship. I'm not talkative.wahaha... hmm... so yeah.that's all. take care !!! ♥
Posted 4/19/08
M name is SuperNovaGurl......but you can call me Yumi.......well i'm not going to tell you
every thing but some i go.......I was born in Tokyo Japan 17 years ago i lived with my mom and her boy friend (cause my dad is in jail) my mom was very abusive.....and lets just say i didn't live a very happy life.....until 13 years later when i finally got out of the house and into a foster home and now i'm am ok.......but the memories of my childhood will never go away.....i have to live with it for ever but i'm ok...........^_^
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26 / M / Washington
Posted 4/22/08
Hi everyone =] my name's Caleb.
I spent my first 6 years in the Philippines (I'm half filipino & half white). Then when I was almost 7 I moved to California w/ my parents, and then Oregon, and then Louisiana, and I spent 8 years in Louisiana. When I was 14 like 2 years ago we moved to Washington, which is where I live now =] In Louisiana I came out at 14 and discover I was a gay, and I had 2 boyfriends in a short timespan. I moved here and I had a fling that lasted a while but he ended it and I'm still not over it. (longlonglong story) Ohhh and I'm pro at the violin and play in 4 different orchestras.
Haha, not much more to say about me..unless you wana get to know me =] you guys should add me! I love making new friend ^^
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Posted 5/2/08
lemme try.

i'm miko, 25yo. i had sexual experiences since the third grade. i had my first and only fubu (fcuk buddy, pardon the language) when i was 14. it lasted for seven years. he got his girlfriend, i got. we don't particularly care about each other's lives, we just regularly fool around in bed.

i was engaged to my 5 year girlfriend. we we're supposed to get married last 2006. but she broke up with me coz i don't wanna have a child. she said she wouldn't waste her genes on me. lolz.

from then on, i started to exclusively date guys and closed my doors to gals. my last date was with a very goodlooking and kind guy. we were great together. he was even accepted by my straight friends and some relatives (in our super conservative country, that counts a lot). i found out he lied to me though, numerous times. and i can't tolerate lying so i split up with him.

right now i'm single again, and enjoying myself so far.

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27 / M
Posted 5/19/08
Hello there my name is Ronald Aka Ronny. I am 17, and aspiring Aries whom has many a goal he wants to accomplish in the near future. I was raised by both my parents, and though my father never gave me much advise, my mother always to me to except people as they are and never place judgment upon them. I myself do not believe in the labeling of sexuality for the fact that if you fall in love with someone it should not matter if they are of the same sex as you are not as long as you know there is a love between you that you couldnt find anywhere is then, it really should not matter. I middle school I made friends the with people whom labeled themselves gay/lesbian and to me they were the sweetest people ever, and goofy which is always a plus in my book, but a lot people did not see it that way, they always had something crude to say, and me being protective, I would always end up fighting, but I figured hey what were friend for, if not to help you out when things were looking as if they were going a bit on the ruff side. Though fighting had become a part of my daily routine, I digressed....I found myself staying out of violence and finding way to solve people problems with those whom label themselves gay without having to use my fist, which worked out well for the most part. I Myself have always felt that if I think you are a hottie or a cuttie then that is that, I will tell you whether you are male or female...and if you cant accept that then oh well cause I am not going to change myself just to satisfy one stubborn person who cant be open minded enough to accept people whether they are different or alike
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26 / F / dreaming it was J...
Posted 6/25/08
Hi, My name is Alexandra. I'm 16. And was born in New York. So far my life has been moving to one place or another every oh, 6 months. O well, I have learned the art of un-attachment. "/
Umm, I'm pretty stubborn and hard to reach, But when you do..I'm pretty random and wild. >;D
Right now I'm in Miami, Fl. and hoping that one day I get to Japan, and follow my dreams. ^___^"
I have become a follower of Yaoi, Gay drama/movies since O, almost since I was born. I have my uncle, who was a transvestite[he died from AIDs], to thank for it! I'm not gay. But I'm really interested and have supported like a crazy mad women!
Go Darklegna! For your awesome group!
I wish to learn all I can. Arigatuo! For reading this *bow*
I wish to make friends! Message me or whatever.
Thanks again!
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29 / F / on tour w/ GazettE
Posted 9/13/08

darklegna4 wrote:

Jrockerlust26 wrote:

My life story.... let's begin...

Will I was born in a small town in Arizona, although I still live in Arizona. Growing up I didn't have much friends. The reason being, was that I wasn't physically fit or pretty. But, every year I had one friend, then the following year I lost them and got another. When my father passed away, my family made the decision on living with my grandmother. That was however a mistake, at the beginning my family thought that it was a good idea. But, as time passed it turned out to be the opposite. She turned into a harsh person, we lived without electricity and water. Once in awhile if we were lucky we were able to steal water from her. Even though we had to deal with that pain, there was also the pain that I endured upon myself. My mind was shattered and so was my body. I became unable to rely on others and became more of loner then I already was, sometimes my lonliness would result to an attempt of suicide.

When my family decided to move again, I thought that everything would be fine. Until my cousin came into the picture, she wasn't a pleasant person to be around. In Elementry and Junior High School, she tormented me endlessly. Picking on me, telling boys that I liked them just to make me afraid to be around them, even trying to get into my more personal life. She made me cry and even when I tried to tell my mom or brothers, they thought I was the one starting everything. Since they believed her more then me, I thought that I would take matters into my own hands. By the time I was in 8th grade, I decided to change myself. I became less afraid and stuck up for myself. By that time I also had gotten 4 best friends, who I always thought were like sisters. Sadly, I had ruined my friendship with them by betraying them. I live with that regret everyday, but everday I thank them because without them coming into my life I'd probably still be afraid.

When high school came, I began to speak my mind. I became myself and didn't care what people thought of me. It was still hard, people picked on me because of how I looked. But, I didn't let that keep me down. I tried my best to block out the mean thoughts and rude remarks that kids pushed on me. During my Junior year, I had a life changing experience. I found something to help me become more unafraid to be myself. I found music (Japanese Rock), I found inspiration and power within that music. And also with that music came love. I developed a friendship with someone on the internet, because of him I smile more and am full of laughter. As our friendship grew, I began to develop feelings for him. Now we are very in love and talk everyday. I'm also happy that he might be able to see me in the summer. Which makes me very nervous, but unbelievably excited. Also I've developed a strong bond with a couple friends at my school. My friend Su is my most biggest supporter of me and my love. Without her I don't know what I would do.

I'm glad to say that I'm more happier and now have a more clearer mind. All thanks to Jrock, My boyfriend, and my best friend.

im so glad that you came and wrote something about you on this forum. i want you to know that i admire people like you that have fight the life and have had a happy ending. i wish you the best and thanks again for letting us know more about the human behind the screen. you can count with me on anything, i will do my best to keep the promise . Have a nice day

:D thank you love. I will be here for you if you need any help or just want to talk.
Posted 12/17/08 , edited 12/18/08
cool stories everyone, its great to know everone better

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Posted 2/5/09
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29 / F / deeply missing al...
Posted 5/17/09 , edited 5/17/09
*sigh* the confessions of a drama princess.... hahaha jk jk. although i must admit... maybe i shouldn't have waited so long to post in this forum seeing as to how i'm a mod and all... so sorry Darklegna sweetie.

well, anyways, my name's Sarah. im turning 21 yrs. old this June 7th (YESSSH!! finally legal...) haha (don't mind my mindless bantering.... sometimes i tend to get more and more off topic as i speak... um typye)

yeah..... well, im multiracial *black, white, french, japanese, jew... the list continues... even though i just look black* and i've never been in a physical fight before... ever... cuz i'm always the middle person *im everyone's friend*. i don't like choosing sides... so i don't. in a typical crowd, i would be the quiet bookworm in the corner with a romance novel while i discretely observe the people around me. but i'm a very friendly person. im just usually never the one to initiate a conversation.

i LOVE to draw. i've had one year of college *i plan to continue... somewhere else* and i'm... *sigh* there's no easy way to say this but.... i'm... a christian. yes, i said it. but don't get me wrong cuz im not THAT type of christian. you know, the ones that bash homosexuals and bisexuals. i believe that everyone should be loved and treated equally. also, the bible says to love you're neighbors. it does NOT say "unless they're gay" or something. i hate it when "christians" act like they're soo much better than other ppl. cuz it makes the rest of us look bad. *and still i ramble on*

anyways, im not a lesbian or bisexual... i think. but i do find it to be very hot when two *or more* sexy, scrumptious looking guys start making out with each other. *the ultimate turn-on*

i have gone on long enough sweeties... i must leave you now. if you have questions just message me okay sweeties.
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25 / F / Denmark
Posted 6/17/09
Hi there, everyone~
Guess it's my turn to tell abit about myself

My name is Christina, and I'm 16, soon 17 years old - born in the summer '92, making me a Lion/Monkey [<-- how random ] Anyway~ I'm a proud Dane, living in Denmark - a small country in Europe. Denmark is very open-minded and easy-going, which is one of the things I like about DK. We are also pretty impolite here; I have never 'met' a country that is more impolite than us. Not that we are rude or things like that; we just don't speak formally to each other, not even strangers - we rarely use 'Mr./Mrs./Miss' and surnames; we just use our given names/first name and such [the only persons I probably would be formal to are the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family].
I'm the oldest daughter of my parents, having a little sister. My parents aren't married, so I have both my parents' last names [whoot, 3 names! 1 given name + 2 last names~] Since my parents aren't married, I don't want/expect that I get married either.
Though I'm a Dane, I'm also part German thanks to my dad's family - which is also why I'm able to speak Danish, English and German. Official I'm a Protstant Christian, like the rest of my family, but actually I'm an Atheist - as most of my family are too [Denmark isn't very religious]
In real life I'm very shy and have a hard time trusting people - one of the reasons is 'cause I've been hurt very deeply by my [ex]boyfriend and best friend [we still talk with each other, but our relationship isn't as easy as it used to be....] But once I see you as a friend, a person I can trust, I will be your friend forever~ And you will find out that I'm a crazy person who likes messing around and does pranks and such
Hmm, I'm beginning to feel lonely and abandonded right now, since many of my friends are leaving town to achieve their dreams... I hope we are able to hold contact strong...
I got into Asia thanks to my 2 Vietnamese friends. And because Denmark is so open, I'm also very open about the fact that I like Asia and sexual[ity] stuff - my parents are completely okay, and even joke about that I'm interested in homosexuals, and that I'm planning on going on a trip to Asia with some of friends.

Hmm, what more? Just ask me, and I'll answer~
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