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31 / F
Posted 5/14/08
Name: Alexandra
Age: 21
Fave VK character: deciding between Zero and Kaname
About me:
2 words: yaoi otaku... Mostly, I began watching VK because of the abundance of cute guys
Also... I write yaoi under the penname Scarlet Hyacinth and am not afraid to advertise :D - me - me and my best friend Frolic Horror.
If you like bishies and yaoi, feel free to read and drop as a line... *winks
Posted 5/14/08
Name: Dessa Joy
Age: 15
Blood Type: O
Favorite "Vampire Knight" Character: Kaname Kuran and Zero
About me: i am a simple person who luvs anime a lot.......and also vampire knight
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35 / F / Vampire City
Posted 5/16/08 , edited 5/16/08
Name: Maria

Age: 25

Blood Type: Red.... :ph34r:

Fav. Character: Zero(Luv the strong,slient type)

About Me: Let's seeee...Im a Virgo (chinese zodiac Yr of the Dog) Im Outgoing, Funny, Flirty,Serious when i have to be, a little evil thats my Vamp side,Love chatting with anyone that wants to I have a lot of buddies from around the world. I started watchin anime when i was 20 so im a "Newbie" . I like all types of Anime from Bubblegum to Serious vmpires has always been my passion since i was little thought male vampires are the most sexiest things.

Well, thats a lil bit about me...if ya wanna chat or add me u can...Ciao
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24 / F / philippines
Posted 5/17/08
name: mayang

age: 14

bl0od type: i dnt knw..^^

fav vk character/s: zero kiryuu and takuma ichijou..^^

about me: i'm currently addicted to vk and saiunkoku.. what i love about anime is that there are a lot of bishies and cute char/s! ahehe...
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27 / F / 48.858093 2.294694
Posted 5/17/08

AGE: 17

BLOOD TYPE: confused between O or B


ABOUT ME: one word: UNPREDICTABLE! i might be good and sweet now but next thing you know i can be as vicious a monster.. hahahahaha! (i don't eat people, so feel free to add me..)
Posted 5/17/08
Name : Pauline<3[but you can call me pauie].

Age : 13 going to 14[this june]

Blood type : O

Favorite "Vampire Knight" character : Kaname Kuran, Yuuki Kuran.

About me : Im a joyful girl who is sometimes childish && crazy.
I love shoujo Manga ' s.
I love singing, aim is to be a singer.
Posted 5/18/08
Name: Ai(Thai/Japanese name)/Angkarina(European name)
Age: 14^-^
Favorite "Vampire Knight" Character : Yuki & Zero xDD

About Me: I'm a crazy girl & I live in the Netherlands xDD I love Horror movies ^-^ I'm Japanese & Thai xDD But my Japanese is poor xDD Languages I can speak are Thai, Japanese(poor),Dutch,English,German,French & Spanish xDD I like Animes & Mangas *-*, Ice Cream *o*, Candy & Piano ^-^
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25 / F / Under your bed! R...
Posted 5/18/08
Name: Flo
Blood Type: AB
Favorite "Vampire Knight" character: Zero and Shiki
About me: Likes anime/manga, singing, playing piano, listening to music, talking to friends, and making stories. I don't mind helping people feel better or giving advice. I' am happy person most of the time.
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26 / M / somewhere in the US
Posted 5/19/08
blood type:O
favorite character: yukki
about me: kinda of a nerd but loves to fool around
Posted 5/21/08
Name: nikki


Blood Type: O

Favorite "Vampire Knight" character: zero

About me: i'm kind of nerdy but at the same time i can be fun. i love anime.. as you can see from my name.. hahah!!!
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32 / F / underworld
Posted 5/21/08
Name: Irene a.k.a vayne

Age: 22 y/o

Blood Type: B

Favorite "Vampire Knight" character: Kuran Kaname, Zero and Kaien Cross

Posted 5/21/08
Name: Stella~!!


Blood Type: A~!!

Favorite "Vampire Knight" character: Zero and Yuuki~!!

About me: well....I'm friendly, and I *S2* Vampire Knight~!! ;** (don't know waat say...)

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In my house...on...
Posted 5/21/08


Blood Type:*Thinks*...umm i duno & dont really care

Favorite "Vampire Knight" character:Zero and The Chairman

About Me:Im Way to lazy to say,but if u wanna know check out my pro.
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26 / F / ..Lving in tHe w0...
Posted 5/23/08
Name: april

Age: 16

Blood Type: ab+

Favorite "Vampire Knight" character: Zero [he's cool and cute.. i like him 'coz he's kinda villain]

About me: well, i'm cute?? hahaha... i'm simple yet mysterious!!!
Posted 5/23/08 , edited 5/28/08
hello there guys!^^

I just joined this group a few seconds ago...

Name: Michiyo
Age: 19
Favorite 'Vampire Knight' Character: Kiryuu Zero!!!
About Me: I'm a Zero fan... definitely and an Ouran High School Host Club fan... I especially love Hikaru...
I'm a girl, by the way, and I'm from Philippines... yeah... I'm a Filipino...

nice to meet you guys!^^

I'm rooting for a Zero x Yuuki!^^
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