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Posted 4/10/08
I of course LOVE Ruki! Cuz he's just a turn on and just sooo amazing in every way possible.

Then I like Kenichi Matsuyama! Absolutely, utterly, wonderfully INNOCENT, HOTT, and totally UKELICIOUS! *to me at least!*

And my favorite Korean actor would have to be....LEE JUN-KI! YAY! I like him since he's not afraid to do something different and do a yaoi flick like King and the Clown, which I OWN! HAHA and it's an autographed one too! LOL

NOW! It's your turn! Tell me and everybody else who's your favorite and best!
Posted 8/26/08
Well there are soooooooooo many and so few.....

At the moment, there are these on my top bishie list:

NishiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiDO RYO!!!
i luff him...
So much character and talent in such a beautiful package.... yumm...

and there is....

haha! model and actor. Played in one of my favourite kdramas " The 1st shop of coffeeprince". watched it on

and the last one i'll honour today...

do U - KNOW YUNHO U-KNOW??? ahhhh......
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Posted 8/26/08

Modona wrote:

do U - KNOW YUNHO U-KNOW??? ahhhh......

U know i know U-know Yunho xD lol i still dont get why they named him "U-Know" xD

Lol well my fave bishies are:

Ikuta Toma!!!

Miura Haruma!!

Akanishi Jin!

Hero JaeJoong

Shirota Yuu
Posted 8/26/08
yunho sounds like u-know, that's why!
I watched KOIZORA a few days ago!! ahhh, I almost cried!!!!!!
WHY?!?!? WHY?!?!?! HARUMA!!!!! :tears:
Posted 2/9/09
Ahaa, bumping thread ;]

I like.. afew xD!

{Ordered by love >P}






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Posted 2/13/10
at the moment its kim hyun joong

hes sooo pretty XD
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