Do you know any famous chinese (or asian) actors which wear glasses? if so please give a name or a picture?
Posted 4/10/08
If he wears contact lens, provide a picture of him, with glasses. Thank you ^_^
Posted 4/10/08
This sounds familiar, look in the drama section. I remember a thread like this not too long ago.
Hope you find what you're looking for.
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Posted 4/10/08

XxyoroshikuxX wrote:

of course!! aMi Tokito does, yep yep!^^ (she is Japanese! )


she won a glasses award!! (megane idol)

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Posted 4/10/08
Wu zhun from Farenheit. .. he wore glasses.
Posted 4/10/08

you can use this thread. tons of pictures of actors w/ glasses.
Posted 11/1/08
Duplicate as reported

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