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Posted 4/10/08 , edited 1/3/11
Since most of the feedback we got on what ideas you members wanted for the group was postive about this idea, it was decided to be made.

You will draw the bankai/shika you have always thought of. And describe it, what its powers are and what conditions, ect., it will be judged by the creator but other members ARE allowed to comment. Please Remember my vote will not be based ON DRAWING ALONE!! I also care about the creativity of your bankai and how different it is

It MUST be drawn.
You must have a detailed description about what your bankai/shika is capable of.
You must have a NAME for your bankai/shika.
It can also be your dream shika too.
You MUST tell about its powers.(pretty much the same thing as the second rule)
It has to be appropiate!!
It does not have to an actual character. It can be fictional!!!!
There is no deadline for turning it in. In the day the contest ends is the day I judge them.
And PLEASE try not to enter your same bankai again. When the contest is a few monthes old, that will be fine, but lets keep it fresh these first few times!!

This contest will end January 31st ~~~~ the winner will be announced and recongized at that time!!

note~~~ rules are subject to change throughout the duration of the contest. Mods and the creator are NOT responsible for YOU not checking this forum.
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Posted 1/4/11 , edited 1/5/11
Feel a little odd being the first to enter here, but here goes nothing.

Just the shikai for now, if I have the time before this is judged then I'll draw/write up the bankai as well ^^;

Wielder: Reito Byakuren

Shikai Name: Shibura Mure (Silver Swarm)

Abilities: Upon the call 'Rise and dance,' Shibura Mure allows for the creation of a thick, dull-silver liquid from the blade, literally a physical manifestation of the wielder's reiatsu. The amount of liquid produced is directly proportional to the reiatsu of the wielder, and while it can prove to be a massive drain on that person's spiritual energy should it be created and used in large quantities, that same energy can be reclaimed by absorbing the liquid back into the blade.

The liquid itself can be used for a large number of diverse uses. It can solidify in an instant, becoming as tough a material as the Zanpakuto's actual blade, and can so be used as anything from a shield, a lengthened sword, makeshift shackles, or even as bullets if launched/thrown at high enough speeds. The wielder directs this liquid with the Zanpakuto as though it were a conductor's baton, and although the high spiritual strain involved in controlling this ability renders him unable to utilise Kido, he is able to engage all manner of opponent over varied distances and terrains. Suffice to say, becoming submerged in a wave of this liquid could easily prove fatal.

The biggest downfall of this Shikai is the sheer concentration required to control it effectively. The wielder is unable to coordinate anything more than small diversionary attacks unless he remains relatively still, and completely focussed. It is incredibly difficult to fight several opponents at once with this ability, especially at close range. Large, slow moving targets at a distance, however, are little more than fodder for this Zanpakuto.

On a lighter note, Shibura Mure can be used to transfer reiatsu from the wielder to other people, and can easily be fashioned into hard-wearing bandages or braces, making it a surprisingly effective medical tool.
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Posted 1/17/11 , edited 1/17/11
Zanapkuto: Kogane Tsume (Golden Talon)

Owner: Jed - Imaginary character

Description: As the picture shows, Kogane Tsume is a lightning-element based long sword. The sword is around 5 feet 7 inches long. Its grip is quite short, indicating that it is still a one-hand sword despite its length. Additionally, its weight was greatly reduce in its shikai form making it easier for the wielder to use.

Abilities: Kogane Tsume specializes in speed. In Shikai form, the wielder's speed and agility greatly increases. The Kogane Tsume can also produce a huge amount of electricity that can either toast or paralyze anything that it cuts.

- Raikou Hashi (Lightning Edge) - The most basic of all its abilities. It's basically a lightning-element based attack from each swing of the zanpakuto.

- Hadou Tenshu (Godly Surge) - For around 5 minutes, the wielder uses his own electricity to power-up his speed. Pretty much an upgraded version shunpo (lightning/flash step). The time is limited due to the strain that the electricity is producing inside the wielder's body.

- Ikazuchi Ame (Thunder Rain) - One of its strongest attack in shikai form. As the wielder plunges Kogane Tsume on the ground, around a hundred meter radius, with him as the center, lightning strikes will suddenly fall from the sky striking down enemies within the said area.

Disadvantage: The wielder has pretty much low defense. Though he can at least block some attacks, speed isn't something you use to defend attacks, especially the heavy ones. Basically in order to compliment its lack of defense, he increases his speed in order to dodge/avoid attacks rather than blocking the attack itself. Another downfall is that electricity can be easily countered by certain elements/material, making it half effective when countered properly in battle.
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