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23 / M / california
Posted 4/10/08
hi ppl
just write sumthing about urself in this forum
no nid to b shy. just write about urself so the group can know about u

my name is scott. im 13 years old. im korean and living in california
Posted 4/12/08
nick name : shiro
age : 15
about me : I'm diligent because I'm lazy XD
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24 / M / Philippines
Posted 4/13/08
Name: Wyxlan_Lonestar
Nick: L.S.
Age: 13
ABout me: My 3 Cs: Cool, collected and creative. Always does my work but I procrastinate or does it in the last minute.
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F / behind you =)
Posted 5/7/08
me is sovietstar!!
about me?? haha...the word "lazy,, is too light for discribing me!!
my world is wat i want it to be...not wat others want it to the "bochap,, type(means every thing also heck care)...but for something that i really care..i will do wat ever it takes to get...haha...even if it requires me to exercise(which i hated most!) rite?!...haha
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F / Everywhere
Posted 5/10/08
Nickname: Ayumi
Age: 13
About me: crazy,lazy,funny,lazy again... =.="
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27 / F / somewhere over th...
Posted 5/11/08
callmeprincess but if u dont wanna then sarah's fine too
age: 17
about me: i have plans to rule the world, but im too lazy and procrastinate too much
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28 / F / シャドーモセス島
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
Hey, there. B]
I'm AutumnWolf...Wolf...Autumn...uh, AW? :p

About Meh:
I'm 18, turning 19 in a few days and I am a classic example of the "lazy gamer." Well, sort of.
I procrastinate, of course, but I happen to think I work fairly well under pressure, thank you very much. XD
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21 / F / Find me~
Posted 5/14/08
Name: Lakue Clynilla

Nickname: Lakue

About me: I ♥ Anime
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26 / M / in my own little...
Posted 5/14/08
rea; name: kevin
nickname: negimafan312648,iloveanime312648,star tark,negimafan3126,and master3126(call me any one you want)
fav saying: Genius by birth, slacker by choice(it really suits me)
the only time I'm not lazy is when I play video games or do math(I luv Math)
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23 / F / philippines
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/14/08
nickname: please call me kimi-chan or ly-chan (ly=lee not lie)
age: 13
abt me: i am lazy.. at times, i become hyperactive.. i dont study properly or do my hw at home (i do dem in school) but i am an honor student... i am filipino.. i like anime.. i like koreans boy bands.. and my dog just died T^T
Posted 5/15/08
Nickname:Creed..not Warriors...Creed...No Creedy or Creedy-chan(Yes..this girl called me this before...)..and I don't mind Creed-kun at all...but I prefer Creed....CREED!
Age...You can read below my Avi..unless*Gasp* Your too lazy!
About: I am...Creed...I bring giant cookies for all
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26 / F / Australia!!!
Posted 6/2/08
Name: Diana
Nickname: Bunnii (I name doesn't
relate to my nickname... )
Age: 16
About me: emotional, happy, drawer, singer...
that's all for now i guess...
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25 / F / Singapore (but I'...
Posted 6/11/08
Name: Felicia
Nickname: Tare
Age: 15 (16 this year)
Gender: Girl~

people always called me lazy... but i dun mind coz it's true... i am.... erm.... friendly, i guess... i dun like people that is 'fake' means they are not true friends and just cheating u.
well, one of the lazy character i like so much is shikamaru from naruto, he's lazy yet genius~

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29 / F / over the rainbow
Posted 6/11/08
NAME: eli
AGE: 18, turning 19 by next month
Gender: girl

i am when it comes to having fun, i'm ^__^
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