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Posted 4/10/08
I tried out a game called Mabinogi a week ago, and it turned out really good.
It's not like any other mmorpg where you just hack and slash, spam skills
and pots, being piled up with quests you cant do, and the like...*cough*
maple story...*cough*

You actually need some technique to battle or you can get pwned by
anything if you just keep attacking. Quests give you lots of exp and they're
not that hard. You could also do other stuff besides fighting like: cooking,
fishing, making clothes, farming, and even compose music!

you could even compose anime songs. you just get the codes online,
and you could play them on an instrument in-game, so its pretty cool.

Mabinogi English Website

Songs played in Mabinogi

Hare Hare Yukai (Haruhi Suzumiya)

Linkin Park (Numb)
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Posted 4/10/08

n_n303 wrote:

duplicate?? and if not then wrong section, this is suppose to be in the game section

Mabinogi in North America

You didnt report it this time =O
Posted 4/10/08
ya it should be game section.. since he type cool GAME
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Posted 4/10/08
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