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26 / F / Hyuga Clan Household
Posted 10/4/08
Well, i can't copy the picture so that's why i put this:

You are very faithful and devoted to the one you love. Wolfram really loves you for this reason and trusts you a lot! ^-^ Wolfram is very over-protective over you and he gets jealous whenever someone becomes very close to you. He may seem a bit snobby, but he is actually really nice and cares for you deeply. He also isn't afraid to say what he thinks or what is on his mind. ^-^
Your KKM! Guy: Wolfram
Your Rival: Unknown
~What They Think~
Yuuri: She's perfect for Wolfram! Finally, I can sleep in my own bed in peace! YES!!!

Wolfram: I love her with all my heart! She's faithful and she's very beautiful too. I'll hurt anyone that tries to hurt her!

Conrad: She and Wolfram are cute together.

Gwendal: She seems to have calmed Wolfram's temper down a little. He's less of a brat now.

Gunter: Agrees with Gwendal

Josak: Who...?

Ken Murata: She's so beautiful! If only I had met her first... Yuri seems to be happy for Wolfram though... ^^;

Cecilie: Ooooooh my~! My Little Wolfy has found such a wonderful and beautiful girl! My Little Wolfy is so pleased with her! It's a pitty though, I was kind of hoping Wolfy and His Highness would land up together though. Oh well! ^.^

Anissina: I'm surprised that Little Lord Brat was able to find such a nice girl like her! He better treat her right or I just might have to test out my latest invention on him.

Gretta: I'm very glad for Wolfram! Although, I'm also sad too. I really liked having two daddies. :(

~The Maids~
Sangria: I saw her and Lord Wolfram together during dinner time! They were talking about something, and then I noticed Lord Wolfram smile and blush a little!!!

Doria: Really? How cute! I knew they'd land up together! *Pumps fist into the air*

Lasagna: Darn! I lost the bet! >.< I thought His Highness and Lord Wolfram would land up together!

Posted 10/20/08
i've got wolfram for the 4th times in the row
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F / Earth/Shin Makoku
Posted 11/9/08

You are nice and a good-natured and fair person, and Yuuri seems to like you a LOT! ^.^ Yuuri Is nice and has a strong sense of justice. Although he can be stubborn and "wimpy" as Wolfram likes to put it, he's really sweet and he's adorable and strong-willed! He loves baseball and he has a big heart!

Your KKM! Guy: Yuuri
Your Rival: Wolfram, Gunter

~What They Think~

Yuuri: She's so adorable, and sweet, and nice, and cheerful... I'm falling more and more in love with her every second!

Wolfram: I hate her! Sure, she seems nice, but she's a no-good dirty theif! She stole Yuuri away from me! *Jealous*

Conrad: I'm so happy for Yuuri! He's been wanting a girlfriend for a while now, and he finally has found a wonderful one! I will always be there to protect the both of them.

Gwendal: They're... too cute together...*Blush*

Gunter: I cannot bear the awfulness of this situation! Sure, she's adorable and sweet, but I just do not think she is the best choice for His Highness. *Jealous*

Josak: Woo! Go Yuuri! You're such a stud!

Ken Murata: Alright! Shibuya's finally got himself a girl! And she's not bad, if I do say so myself!

Cecilie: She reminds me of Yuuri! I like her! Too bad Wolfy doesn't agree... He's just so depressed...

Anissina: She's so nice. She's like a girl version of King Yuuri himself! More power to her! We need more girls like her around here!

Gretta: I absolutely love her! I'm so glad to have her as my new mommy! She's so nice to me! But, I feel bad for Wolfram....

~The Maids~

Sangria: She has a heart of gold!

Doria: Yeah, she does! ^-^ With her by Yuuri's side, I'm sure that all humans and demons could live together in peace and harmony!

Lasagna: Definitely!

I was hoping to get Wolfram or Murata but somehow I ended up with Yuuri... oh well...not that bad anyway...
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21 / Candyland
Posted 12/7/08 , edited 12/7/08
You are a very loyal, kind, and protective person. You care deeply about the ones who are closest to you, Like Conrad (Conrart)! Conrart loves you so much because of your personality. He's very devoted to you and will do anything to keep you safe and happy. He's also extremely good looking! ^.^ He's pretty much perfect, you know, except for the fact that he can't tell a joke to save his life... ^^;
Your KKM! Guy: Conrad (Conrart)
Your rival: Yuuri

~What They Think~
Yuuri: I'm happy that Conrad was able to find such a pretty girl, but I can't help but feel sad too. It feels like the person I was closest to and trusted most is leaving me...

Wolfram: I don't have any complaints about her really. I just don't like the fact that Yuuri's getting all depressed about her's and Conrart's relationship.

Conrad: I truly love her and I am happy to have been lucky enough to meet someone so wonderful as her. I want to remain by her side forever. :)

Gwendal: I like her. She is one of the only people that Conrart can open up to.
Gunter: She's such a marvelous girl!

Josak: She's a good person. My only wish is that she remains with Conrart.

Ken Murata: Lord Weller is lucky to find a girl he can open up to. He looks alot happier now. ^-^

Cecilie: My dear son has grown up into such a wonderful man. I'm positive that he'll be able to make her happy and vice versa.

Anissina: She's great! She thinks all of my inventions are amazing!

Gretta: I like her, but everytime Yuuri sees her, he looks sad...

~The Maids~
Sangria: Both her and Conrad look so good together.

Doria: Yes, but poor King Yuuri. He looks awfully saddened by it.

Lasagna: But he should be happier for both her and Lord Weller, I think. It's been a long time since he had fallen in love.

supposingly,,,,,I was REEEEEEALY hoping 4 wolfram(mostly him) or murata....but,conrad's awesome too^^
Posted 12/11/08
I ady try.I get Yuri.Sorry but I lazy to post the result but honestly I get Yuri.

I can only post Yuri's pic.Really sorry.I'm very happy 2 get Yuri.I love him very much!!
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