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Posted 4/11/08
What do you think would be nice names for the babies?? Anything would do! Be creative ^^

For example, Ashley and Mary Kate.. haha.. jk
Well, maybe, Eleanor and Heather.. something like that ^^
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Posted 4/11/08
Hmm...oh I know!
How about Diva jr the 1st nd Diva jr the 2nd!
Meg and Nicole!
But I think a japanese name would be better!
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Posted 5/17/08
Diva and Riku's children (who are twin sisters). They are the next generation of queens. Saya and Kai's nieces. The matter of the story of the Otonashi twins is a bright one. Kanade is the older sister, who has brownish eyes identical to Saya's, and Hibiki, the younger sister, resembles her mother, Diva, with blue eyes. After Diva's death, Kai accepts the responsibity of raising the twins. The two call Kai by his first name without honorifics which Kai often scolds them for, telling them to call him "otousan" (father).

Kanade and Hibiki-- well, that's what i read about... ^^
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