Post Reply What's the worst thing that could go wrong on a date?
Posted 4/15/08
lolz - hmm that's taking a while back *for me*

there's a lot that cud go wrong.. like hmm belatedly realizing u wore [part of] your outfit inside out [?] or wrong way around..

you are like super late... [and find out he's chatting to mates or even an 'old flame']

you spill food/drink on your date [vice versa]...

forgetting to switch off your/his phone [or maybe atleast putting it on silent] then answering it in between the convo..

you guys run into "old flames"... [yours or his, still very awkward either ways]..

or the worst one [in my opinion] is ... you and your date go to some random place but still manage to run into people [close friends/relatives] who just can't help themselves from talking about embarassing childhood "antics"

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Posted 4/16/08
On my last date my ex-bf left me in Toronto and I had to wait 4 hours until the next train
Posted 4/16/08

mefidys wrote:

no no no! as soon as he's introducing you to his friends, and the wind blows your skirt up
... awkward silence...
and then they all burst out laughing!
ouch! haha xD

I have to agree on this one ^_^ but this hadn't happened to me [plus i love wearing pants so this is likely to never happen to me]
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Posted 4/17/08
yur bf doesnt show up and u see him with another girl....

or..... u get sick and u have to go home in the middle of ur date.. X3
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Posted 4/19/08

1 He introduces you to his imaginary friend called billybob the hillbilly.
2 He says that sometimes he hears voices in his head.
3 He tells you that the voices are telling him to kill you(see above).
4 Things are going really well but then you run into his ex boyfriend (yes boyfriend).
5 He exclaims omg!!!... then you get it by a flying toilet.Splat.

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Posted 4/20/08
i never went on a real date b4... i never had a bf b4...
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